10 Powerful Catholic prayer for healing stomach pain


Catholic here means the universal body of Christ. We have compiled powerful catholic prayer for healing stomach pain.This prayers are powerful and most be prayed with faith. We serve a God that heals and he heals everyday those who call on him in prayers. If you are suffering from stomach problems such as ulcers, abdominal pains, severe mentrual pains, stomach infections etc. This prayers can healing you today.

Here at prayerguide, we don’t discourage people from taking medications, but we encourage them to put there trust in God more than medicine. We have seen from experience that many afflictions of our health are spiritual, so why you may take your medications, see to it that you also pray this prayer to destroy the sicknesses from the root in order to avoid recurrence. Keep praying this prayers untill you see results in your life. My prayer for you is as you engage this powerful catholic prayer for healing stomach pain, that pain will dissapear from your life forever in Jesus name.

10 Powerful catholic prayer for healing stomach pain

1). Father in the name of Jesus , I declare that by your stripes I am healed, therefore I command this stomach pain to come out!! Of my body in Jesus name.

2). Father, I command every pain in my upper and lower abdomen to cease now in Jesus name

3). Father, I command that sore in my intestines that causes me unbearable pains to heal permanently now in Jesus name.

4). Father I declare that I am totally healed from ulcers in Jesus name.

5). Father, I rebuke any stomach upset in my belly, I command it to stop forever in Jesus name.

6). Father, every stomach related infection that is causing this pains, I command it to dissapear in Jesus name.

7). Father I declare that every pain in my stomach as a result of food poisoning is totally healed in Jesus name

8). Oh pains, here the word of the lord, get out of my stomach now in Jesus name.

9). Oh Lord, let your healing power overwhelm me and heal me totally in Jesus name.

10). Father thank you for healing me of this stomach pain in Jesus name.



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