50 Warfare Prayer points against sicknesses and diseases


Warfare prayer points against sicknesses and diseases. Every sickness is an oppression of the devil. Acts10:38. Jesus came to destroy the works of the devil and that includes sicknesses and diseases. This warfare prayer points against sicknesses and diseases is going to guide you as you engage in spiritual warfare. No part of your body is meant for sickness, so you must arise and take spiritual responsibility. Any sickness you don’t cast out, remains in your body. Until you begin to reject, rebuke, cast out all manner of sicknesses in your body you may never be free.

This warfare prayer points will open our eyes to our spiritual advantage over sicknesses. And as we pray these prayers, we shall be from from the devil in Jesus name.I encourage you to take this prayers seriously, pray them with a 3 day fast, also study the bible verses on healing as you pray. I see you delivered from all forms of sicknesses and diseases forever. Amen.

50 Warfare Prayer points against sicknesses and diseases


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1). Oh Lord, You breath into adam and he became a living being, breath the breath of life into me Lord and cause me the be lively again in Jesus name.

2). Oh Lord! I cover my entire house hold with the blood of Jesus, none of the diseases of egypt will find its way to my house in Jesus name.

3). Father, You said in your word that when i serve you, You will take all sicknesses away from me, I am your son, and i serve you my God, take this sickness out of my life in Jesus name.

4). Just as the children of isreal looked unto the bronze serpent and they where healed from snake poison, as I look unto Jesus Christ today, every spiritual poison killing me gradually dissapears from my body forever in Jesus name.

5). I prophesy to my dry sickness ridden body right now, hear the word of the lord, Be full of flesh now!!! in Jesus name.

6). I prophesied to my life that it is well with my body, soul and spirit in Jesus name.

8). Hear the word of the Lord all sicknesses in my body, I give you a new name today. You are a stranger in my body and I drive you away today and forever in Jesus name.

9). I believe that this sickness in my body will not kill me, the power of God in Christ Jesus has delivered me from this sickness in Jesus name.
10). I confess today that my redeemer lives and because He lives, I shall live to share my testimonies of divine healing in Jesus name.

11). Oh Lord, heal me from this sickness and relieve me of every pain all over my body in Jesus name.

12). Oh Lord, the dead cannot praise you, only the living can, i declare that i shall live to see the end of this sickness in Jesus name.

13). The name of Jesus is my strong tower, I am covered by that name, I declare that no sickness shall overcome me in Jesus name.

14). Oh Lord, remove every sicknesses and diseases that lead to death from my life. Let your healing be permanent in my life in Jesus name.

15). I give all sickness in my life a new name, I hereby name them “foreigners”. Therefore the Bible says: the foreigners shall fade away, And come frightened from their hideouts. I command every foreigner hiding in my body to dissappear now, pack your belongings out of my body in Jesus name.

16). Oh Lord, deliver me from this sickness that is gradually eating me up, save me now oh Lord in Jesus name.

17). All sicknesses and diseases that bring dryness to my body and expose my bones are rebuked today. I drink the blood of Jesus with faith and I receive back my health in Jesus name.

18). Oh Lord, heal me today so that I will share my testimonies in the congregation of the children of God in Jesus name

19). Oh Lord, your word said that you hear the cry of the afflicted. Hear my crybof faith oh Lord and send for me for my instant healing in Jesus name.
20). Oh Lord, bring peace and healing to my life and take away the weight of sickness from my life in Jesus name.

21). Oh Lord, I cry a cry of faith to you today, send my instant healing in Jesus name

22). Oh Lord, you conquered the power of death and the grave for me, i declare that i shall not die but live to declare your good works in Jesus name.

23). Oh Lord God of host, You are the God that is fearful in praise, as I praise you today let every sickness in my life drop off forever in Jesus name.
24).Jesus Christ the son of David, have mercy on me, heal me instantly from this sickness in Jesus name.

25).Oh Lord, turn this sickness to healing today in Jesus name.

26). Oh Lord, pull me out of these circle of sicknesses and diseases in Jesus name.

27). Oh Lord, do not judge me by the measure of my faith over my sickness. Let the rain of healing, deliverance and restoration fall on me today in Jesus name.

28). All sickness that leads to death hear the word of the Lord. Loose your hold from my life in Jesus name.

29). Oh Lord, You are the giver of the breath of life, give me a new breadth of life today so that I will receive a permanent healing and restoration in Jesus name.

30). Oh Lord, bring me out from the pit of sickness and death and let me sing your praises again and again in Jesus name.

31). Oh Lord, redeem my soul from the power of death and the grave. Heal me completely from my sickness (mention) in Jesus name.

32). Oh Lord, heal my body of all pains and remove death from me in Jesus name.

33). Oh Lord, keep my soul among the living and don’t let my feet slip in Jesus name.

34). Heal me, Oh Lord my God and save me according to your mercy, let this sickness dissapear from my body forever in Jesus name.

35). I prophesy speedy recovery of my body from this sickness in Jesus name.

36). I receive forgiveness today from every of my sins that led to this sicknesses, forgive me and heal me now in Jesus name.

37). You evil sickness, hear the word of the Lord!!! I shall be delivered from you permanently in Jesus name.

38). Oh Lord, send your healing word to me today, your word that will heal me of all my sicknesses and deliver my life from destruction in Jesus name.

39).Oh Lord! According to your word, restore back to me my lost health and strenghten me by your mighty hand in Jesus name.

40). I shall arise and recover from this sickness because I have several businesses of the King of kings that I must do here on earth in Jesus name.
41). Because I have received forgiveness on Calvary, every sickness arises from my sins are washed by the blood of the Lamb in Jesus name.
42). Oh God Almighty, I return this tormenting sickness backbto the sender in Jesus name.

43). Oh Lord! You said in your word, that none who dwell in zion shall say “I am sick”. Have mercy on me and heal me today in Jesus name.

44). Oh Lord, I declare that I am totally healed from every sickness in my body which arise from eating in the dream or in the physical in Jesus name.

45). Oh Lord, have mercy on me. Have mercy on my family and heal me in Jesus name.

46). Oh Lord, I set myself loose from every ancestral sickness in Jesus name.

47). Oh Lord, I set myself loose from every hereditary or genetic sickness in Jesus name

48). Oh Lord, I set myself free from every blood diseases in the name of Jesus

49). Oh Lord, I set myself free from every self inflicted sickness in Jesus name.

50). Father I thank you for restoring my health in Jesus name.




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