20 prayer points for divine direction and strategy


Jeremiah 33:3:
3 Call unto me, and I will answer thee, and shew thee great and mighty things, which thou knowest not.

God is always leading His children, but not many of us are will to ask for His direction. As a child of God, these 20 prayer points for divine direction and strategy is what you need for excellence in life and ministry. That live your life on trials and error. Ask for God’s direction today. Do not take steps on your own or make important decisions without consulting your maker. Always strive to know Gods will concerning everything you are doing in your life.

This prayer points will guide you as you journey in life. Always pray them before you make any decisions, and expect God to speak to you while you pray. God speaks to us in different ways,according to our spiritual capacity. God can speak through the following ways:


1) His word. Psalm 107:20

2). Audible Voice. Genesis 12:1-5

3). In Dreams. Judges 7:13-15

4). In Visions. Genesis 46:2.

5). Through Pastors/prophets.Ezra 9:11, 2Kings 21:10, Acts 3:18.

As you pray this prayer points for divine direction and strategy expect to hear God speak to you through one of the above me today. You shall not be confused in life again.God bless you.

20 prayer points for divine direction and strategy

1. Father, i thank you for the revelation power of the Holy Spirit in my life in Jesus name

2. O God, of divine direction, make known unto me whether . . . (mention the reason for your asking for His direction).

3. O Lord, remove from me every form of distractions that has blocked my spiritual eyes and ears from visions and divine instructions concerning my life in Jesus name..
4. Let every alternative present, consciously or unconsciously,in my heart concerning this issue be terminated in the name of Jesus.

5. O Lord, give unto me the spirit of revelation and wisdom in the knowledge of You.

6. O Lord, open my spiritual eyes to see visions concerning my life and ministry in Jesus name.

7. O Lord, by your mercy, save me from every wrong decision I have made that is affecting me negatively in Jesus name.

8. O Lord, have mercy on me for placing my confidence in man concerning my life and destiny

9. O Lord, open up my spiritual understanding today and forever in Jesus name

10. O Lord, teach me deep and secret things.

11. O Lord, reveal to me your will in this particular issue, whether beneficial or not.

12. I reject every manipulation of the spirits of confusion, in the name of Jesus.

13. O Lord, teach me to know that which is worth knowing and love that which is worth loving, and to dislike whatsoever is not pleasing unto You.
14. Oh lord, guard me from making foundational mistakes in my decision￾making, in the name of Jesus.

15. Father Lord, guide and direct me in knowing Your mind on this particular issue.

16. I stand against all satanic attachments that may seek to confuse my decision, in the name of Jesus.

17. If this . . . (mention the name of the thing) is not for me, O Lord, re-direct my steps.

18. I bind the activities of the spirit of disobedience in my life in Jesus name

19. Lord, make Your way plain before my face.

20. O God, You who reveals secret things, make known unto me Your choice for me on this issue in Jesus name.

Thank you father in Jesus name.



  1. I thank d Holy spirit for inspiration for these prayers. Pastor I need you to join Faith with me I want to venture into a biz I need DIVINE director, revelation, instruction wisdom n guidance.


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