50 Warfare Prayer Points against forces of darkness. [2022 Updated]


Let the wickedness of the wicked fall on them. Today I have compiled 50 warfare prayer points against forces of darkness. We must take the spiritual battle to the camp of the enemy. The devil is wicked and his life’s mission is to steal, kill and destroy, we must not

let him, we must arise and resist him in warfare prayers. We must release the fire of God to consume all the activities of agents of darkness in our lives.

When you don’t pray, you become a prey to the devil. This warfare prayers points against forces of darkness will bring to an end every endless circle of demonic activities in your life. I encourage you to declare a fast as you pray this prayers and pray them in faith to get maximum results. All your enemies must bow today in Jesus name.


50 Warfare Prayer Points against forces of darkness.

1). I speak light over every demonic darkness hovering in my life today in Jesus name.

2). Oh Lord! I command every demonic agent of darkness fighting against me to fall and die in Jesus name.

3).Oh Lord, i seperate myself from every darkness or dark objects i may have entangled with knowingly or unknowingly in Jesus name.

4). Every household idol worshipped by my ancestors, and is still fighting with my destiny, i command them to be consumed by the holy ghost fire in Jesus name.

5). I come against every demonic deities militating against me and my household, be consumed by the Holy Spirit fire in Jesus name.

6).I command all spiritual kings of Egypt (spiritual slave masters), to loose there hold in my life today by the blood of Jesus in Jesus name.

7). Oh Lord! Fight against those that fight against me, arise oh Lord and strike my tormentors with diverse plagues like the days of moses and pharoah in Jesus name.

8). All witches, wizard and familiar sprits operating in my territory are located and destroyed by the fire of the Holy Spirit in Jesus name.

9).All the giants of my life, pulling me down and sitting on my destiny should fall and die in Jesus name.

10). Hear the word of the Lord all the giants of my life, fall never to rise again in Jesus name.

11). Oh Lord, let the wickedness of the wicked over my life be turned against them now in Jesus name.

12). I decree that in the name of Jesus, that my household shall be too hot for the devil and his demonic agent to stay in Jesus name.

13). I cancel all satanic verdict over my life and destiny in Jesus name.

14). Lord! By the blood of the everlasting covenant Silence every evil tongue of demonic agents of darkness speaking over my life in Jesus name.

15). Every guard in the kingdom of darkness set against my life, I release angels of destruction to scatter them in Jesus name.

16). Oh Lord, I release the fire of the Holy ghost to consume and destroy every activities of the kingdom of darkness in my life in Jesus name.

17). Oh Lord, Let those who seek after my life be destroyed for my sake in Jesus name.

18). Every evil plot over my destiny shall be rendered null and void in Jesus name.

19). All witches and rulers of darkness shall be visited by the fire of the Holy Spirit in Jesus name.

20). Oh Lord, let your divine judgment rest upon every evil man or woman fighting against my destiny in Jesus name.

21). I decree that all the agents used by the powers of darkness against me shall fall into the pit they dug for me including them and there household in Jesus name.

22). Oh Lord! Trouble all those who are troubling my life from today in Jesus name.

23). All wicked people that lie low in ambush for me shall be crushed by the angel of the lord in Jesus name.

24). Lord, break the strong arm of every strong man in my life today, render them paralyzed in Jesus name.

25). Every wicked man or woman that has placed a cures or curses on me shall be cursed by My God today, and whom my God curse no man can bless in Jesus name.

26). Oh Lord, every pit that have been dug for me by witches and agents of darkness, i declare that all of them shall fall into it in Jesus name.

27). I decree today that I am totally free from the power of darkness. I proclaim that it is a taboo for them to share and consume my flesh in Jesus name.

28). Oh Lord, I prophesied that all those who runs to the witch doctors or false prophets for my sake shall have their troubles multiplied in Jesus name.

29). I pronounce boldly that I am in the light, darkness no longer have any portion in me,therefore I am untouchable to the kingdom of darkness in Jesus name.

30). Oh Lord God of host, examine me thoroughly and identify all darkness that hide in my life. Expose them and destroy them in Jesus name.

31). Oh Lord, deliver me from hands of evil men and unreasonable in Jesus name.

32). I declare that any coven of witches where my names have been taken shall consume by fire in Jesus name.

33). All violent man or woman that is suppressing me shall be totally consumed by the fire of God in Jesus name.

34). Lord, every evil shrine working against my life and destiny shall be consumed by fire in Jesus.

35). Everyone who has said, as long as the live, I shall not prosper will continue to live in perpetual shame as I prosper before there eyes in Jesus name.

36). Oh Lord, I command the eyes of every familiar spirit monitoring my destiny to be blind in Jesus name.

37). Oh Lord, consume with fire all works of witchcraft in my life in Jesus name.

38). Every spiritual arrows that are sent to me by the kingdom of darkness shall go back to the sender in Jesus name.

39).Oh Lord, come and reign in my life henceforth so the power of darkness will not dominate me again in Jesus name.

40). Oh Lord, empower me today so that I can stand against the power of darkness fighting against me in Jesus name.

41). Oh Lord, pull me out of the web of the power of darkness in Jesus name.

42). Oh Lord, let your light arise and shine in my life, consuming every darkness of the enemies in my life in Jesus name.

43). Oh Lord, let the wicked man or woman of my life go to the grave suddenly in Jesus name.

44). Every counsel and plans of nations (kingdom of darkness) on my life shall come to naught in Jesus name.

45). Oh Lord, every evil counselor giving evil counsel against my life shall be destroyed in Jesus name.

46). Oh Lord, appoint with me your angels that are terrible to the power of darkness in Jesus name.

47). Oh Lord, set the host of heaven against those that fight against me in Jesus name.

48). All those who claim to be mighty that lie in wait for me shall be suddenly ambushed and destroyed by the host of heaven in Jesus name.

49). I declare today that every man that poses as God in my life shall be struck down by the angel of the lord in Jesus name.

50). Father let the desires of my enemies concerning me be there portion 7 times in Jesus name.


  1. Mathew 24 vs. 10
    At that time many
    will turn away from the faith and will betray and hate each other, and many false prophets will.

    my brothers. and sisters lets be careful of these demons of corona-virus

  2. Thank you for these prayers. I was wondering if someone could pray for my mother and I. We live in a community and I feel like these people are targeting single people. I have been staying with my mother for a week as I am scared to leave her as these people do magic and scared they do something to her can someone please pray for me. Thank you ever so much.

  3. Please let me know when you’re ready to do a 3-day fast and prayer around 3 in the morning a powerful prayer we all need fasting and prayer to come against the powers of Darkness my name is Jeanette

  4. Dear Pastor Please Please!
    Dear sir Slam in Holy name of Jesus Christ!
    Prayer request for spiritual blessing and healing and everything which is mentioned in this application and even which is not mentioned.
    Please it’s so humble request to you that pray for my all requests and application whenever you pray my name Simon. Please remember me in your all regular prayers.
    It’s so humble request to you that please pray for me that Lord Jesus Christ heal me from all my body diseases soon in his holy name and please pray that Jesus Christ remove all my mistakes and faults which is taking me so far me from Lord almighty.
    Lord use me for his work as he done when he were in this world for preaching, with miracles and healing and free the people who were bond/prison in evil spirits and he free them and change their life’s and make me as he want I be. Please pray that Lord Jesus Christ give me spiritual blessing. I want to do work for Lord Jesus Christ please pray for me that Lord Jesus Christ Bless me as he blessed his servants, prophets and disciples with your holy spirit gifts and fill me with your holy spirit and give me his authorities as he gave his disciples like peter, Paul and Moses and Elijah and Elisha and many others and open my heart eyes as he opened the eyes and mouth of donkey. So I can use these authorities and holy spirit gifts to change the life’s of the people and help them in his holy name of Jesus .Please pray that Lord Jesus Christ give me the authority to fight and win against the Satan which fall from heaven as he have. God also give the all gifts of holy spirit which is mentioned in holy bible and even not mention in bible it’s so humble request and furthermore please pray that lord Jesus Christ give me blessing of call like Samuel and time came Soon as Soon when time came Jesus arouse me like he arouse the Samuel and his disciples not only arouse but this time Lord give me authority and everything which is mentioned in holy bible and not mentioned and please pray that Jesus give me his sword of spirit which he give to Elijah and Samson please it’s so humble request to you and finally I want to see the Lord Jesus Christ as Daniel, and Ezekiel and Isiah look him and Peter, Jakub, and John look him in glory with open eyes on mountain please pray I also want to see Jesus Christ it’s my wish and purpose of my life to look Jesus as Zakies look the Jesus please prayer that Jesus show me himself in glory with open eyes as his disciples look on mountain and Lord Jesus Christ also give which is requested and asked by my teacher haroon and elder teacher younas and others, and give the all the holy spirit gifts which is mentioned or not mentioned in his bible and give me the eyes and blessing that I can see the bible on golden slate with my open and close eyes every time everywhere it’s my humble request in his holy Jesus name. Amen Sum Amen.


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