30 Warfare Prayer Points Against Destiny Killers


Psalm 62:2
2 He only is my rock and my salvation; he is my defence; I shall not be greatly moved.

Every child of God has a glorious destiny. No child of God was created a mediocre in life. You are a child of destiny, your future is bright, because God Himself made it so. We must understand that the devil is the arch enemy of mankind and he will do everything possible to destroy your destiny. A destiny can be defined as your God ordained destination in life. In Jeremiah 29:11 God promised us a glorious and expected end. Your glorious destiny will not materialize just by you folding your hands and doing nothing, you must possess your dream physically by pursuing it and spiritually by engage warfare prayer points. I have compiled 30 warfare prayer points against destiny killers , these destiny killers are spiritual and human agents of darkness sent by the devil to stop you from actualizing your dreams. You must resist them in prayers.

Life is a warfare, you must fight the fight of faith in order to succeed in life. Nothing can stop a prayerful Christian. No devil can stand on your way successfully. You must rise up and fight for your glorious destiny. Your destiny is not in the hands of man, its not even in the hands of God, its in your hand. Until you take steps, nothing happens. For you to overcome destiny killers you must physically rise up and go for your dreams, do not be moved by your mockers, do not let the Tobias and sanballats of these world discourage you, like Nehemiah in the bible never give up on your dreams. Also engage these warfare prayer points against destiny killers to silence them spiritually and physically. Do not be overcome by evil, rather overcome evil by good, and when you engage in this warfare prayers, you are doing good by God. I see God humiating all the destiny killers on your ways in Jesus name.


30 Warfare Prayer Points Against Destiny Killers

1. Oh God arise and scatter all my enemies in Jesus name

2. Father, I decree total humiliation upon all destiny killers on my way in Jesus name

3. No weapon of discouragement fashioned against me shall prosper in Jesus name.

4. I condemn every tongue speaking against my destiny in Jesus name

5. May all those who seek my shame be put to pepertual public shame in Jesus name

6. May all those who rejoice at my downfall be baptized with sorrow in the name of Jesus

7. May all those who are after my life fall for my sake in Jesus name

8. Let your mighty hand break the backbones of the enemies of my destiny in Jesus name

9. Let all those who attack me be attacked by angels of war in Jesus name

10. Let every man that poses as God in my life be dethroned in Jesus name.

11. I decree that I shall get to the top in life in Jesus name

12. I decree that no land shall be too difficult for me to conquer in Jesus name

13. I decree that my enemies will serve me in this life in Jesus name

14. I decree that no weapon formed against me and my destiny shall prosper in Jesus name

15. I decree that failure cannot stop me in Jesus name

16. I decree that I am unstoppable in life in Jesus name

17. I decree that I am unkillable in Jesus name

18. I decree that I am uncursable in Jesus name

19. I decree that no man can stand against me successfully all the days of my life in Jesus name.

20. I decree that I shall dominate and rule in the midst of my enemies in Jesus name.

21. I declare that as it was in the days of Joseph, all my destiny killers will come and bow to me in Jesus name

22. I stand against every force of resistance to my breakthrough in Jesus name

23. I stand against every satanic strongman from my foundation in Jesus name

24. I decree a stop to any wasteful habits fighting against my destiny in Jesus name

25. I soak myself wet with the blood of Jesus

26. By the blood of Jesus, I wash myself!f clean from every ancestral connections in Jesus name

27. By the blood of Jesus, I overcome every force of resistance against my destiny in Jesus name

28. I fortify myself with the holy ghost in Jesus name

29. I fortify my household with the holy ghost in Jesus name

30. I decree that my future is bright in Jesus name.

Thank you Jesus.



  1. Man of God please back me up in prayers. Please pray for me against destiny killers, foundational problems, dream destroyers,strong men&women in my family.God bless you as you do.


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