20 Spiritual Warfare Prayers For Marriage Problems


Mark 3:27:
27 No man can enter into a strong man’s house, and spoil his goods, except he will first bind the strong man; and then he will spoil his house.

There is no marriage in this life that you cannot find disagreements every once in a while. As long as the couples are sincere with each other, they will disagree on a thing or two from time to time. But the devil being subtle often turns little issues to big issues in marriage, he stirs up big troubles from irrelevant issues and this results into major conflict in the hone. The devil is a subtle spirit, therefore we must be wise not to let him enter our homes. Today we are going to resist the devil in our marriages by engaging 20 spiritual warfare prayers for marriage problems.

This spiritual warfare prayers is targeted at the following:

1. Marriages with unresolved issues. For instance, husband and wife not speaking to each other

2. Marriages with issues of childlessness

3. Marriages with issues of strange lover man/woman

4. Marriages with money issues

5. Marriages on the brink of divorce

6. Marriages with issues of runaway husband/wife

7. Marriages with issues of wayward children

The above issues are worth praying about, these is the work of the enemy and we must engage in warfare prayers to get our marriages back. This spiritual warfare prayers for marriage problems will set the pace for the total restoration of your marriage. You will not suffer emotional break down in your marriages anymore. God will settle you as you call unto Him in faith today. As you travail before the Lord, I see him bringing your salvation to you.

20 Spiritual Warfare Prayers For Marriage Problems

1. Father, thank you for your intervention in my marriage in Jesus name.

2. Father, I thank you because you are the God of all flesh and there is nothing too difficult for you to do.

3. Let the spirit of peace reign within the heart of my husband/wife in the name of Jesus.

4. I command every strange hand of the devil to be taken off my marriage, in the name of Jesus.

5. I disconnect the hand of evil manipulators from my home, in the name of Jesus.

6. Every spirit of rebellion and strife in my marriage be put to shame, in Jesus’ name.

7. Let every satanic force or demonic human agents causing deadlocks in the settlement of my marriage issues be melted away, in the name of Jesus.
8. Lord, re-write my name in the heart of my husband/wife in the name of jesus

9. I paralyse all the enemies of peace in my home, in Jesus’ name.

10. By the anointing of the holy spirit, I destroy every yoke of disagreement, in my marriage, in Jesus’ name.

11. Let all sycophants in my marriage be put to shame, in the name of Jesus.

12. Holy Spirit, take the control over all subsequent meetings and dialogues to resolve my marriage issues in Jesus name

13. Holy Spirit, put the right words in my mouth to help me resolve my marriage issues in Jesus name

14. I arrest every creator of deadlocks and paralyse them, in the name of Jesus.

15. Let every negative contributions to settlement, discussions be dissolved, in the name of Jesus.

16. Let every demonic storm rising against my home be redirected back to the sender in the name of Jesus.

17. I bind the spirit of hatred and lack of compromise, in Jesus’ name.

18. Lord, let the hedge of thorns go into operation in every area where it is needed in my marriage.

19. Let all the activities of strange man/woman fueling the strife be rendered null and void, in the name of Jesus.

20. O God, let Your face shine upon our marital relationship, in the name of Jesus.
Thank you Lord for taking charge of my marriage in Jesus name.




  1. Please pray for my husband,
    He is living in sin. He claims to be born again, but his works and fruits are contrary.. We are ever in conflict because if so many things he does. Cheating, pornography, lying, not taking responsibility as a husband and father. He is ever borrowing people for money because he is lazy to get a job and support the family. I have become the bread winner of the house, do all myself. Please pray with me. Am finding myself loosing love and hope

  2. Praise Jesus please pray for my husband to stop cheating on me and stop taking alcohol but come back to do the work of God like before. To come back to salvation so that we can have peace and happiness at home in Jesus name.

  3. Please pray for my marriage for the Lord to intervene in all areas from our financial to us not lying .A week ago I found out my husband has been lying doing his up and downs and not being honest during this time of lockdown . Everyday when I would be upset it will look like I am wrong he would lie using the names of his boss to get out of the house when I got angry he started moving out of the bedroom sleeping on the couch after he heard me speaking to a friend crying out how much it hurts he say he needs to think about this marriage and for now I need to let him be and be matured not to argue in front of the kids because he is no longer happy in this marriage . So I am praying that the enemy will bow down and remove the stubbornness for him to see what God is doing in his life .


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