30 Prayers Against Vision Killers


2 Corinthians 6:14 Be ye not unequally yoked together with unbelievers: for what fellowship hath righteousness with unrighteousness? and what communion hath light with darkness?

Vision killers are real, and we must be careful of them. Today we shall be engaging in 30 prayers against vision killers. Vision killers are those who discourage you from fulfilling your vision. They don’t only discourage you, they go as far as trying to sabotage your efforts and frustrate your dreams. Vision killers can be dangerous to you, they will stop at nothing to stop you from fulfilling your dreams and vision. These prayers against vision killers will enable you and empower you to overcome the vision killers fighting against your vision in Jesus name.

Your vision in life is the picture of your glorious future as painted by you and inspired by God. Just as God knows your future, the devil also knows your future. The wise men from the east where astrologers, they where not believers and astrology was prohibited by God himself Isaiah 47:13-17, yet they saw the star of Jesus and knew that he is the Son of God. In the same way, the devil and his agents can see your vision from there dark kingdom, and they shall attempt to destroy it and if you are not prayerful, they will end up killing your vision and tieing you down forever. But that cannot happen, if you are a man or woman of prayer. This prayers against vision killers will set you free from every powers of darkness trying to put you down or destroy your vision. As you engage these prayers, every plan of vision kllers in your life shall be destroyed in Jesus name.


Prayer Points

1. Father, I thank you for empowering me with great faith to overcome my enemies.

2. I command every expanding problems in my life to come to an end now!!! In Jesus name

3. I reject every vagabond anointing operating in my life in Jesus name

4. I reject backward progress in my life, and I decree forward and upward movement in my life in Jesus name.

5. Every demon of rocks making my life so hard I decree your instant destruction in Jesus name

6. Every star gazer monitoring my future, go blind now!!! In Jesus name

7. Every forest spirits fighting against my dreams be consumed by the first of Godnin Jesus name

8. I reject counterfeit blessings in my life in Jesus name

9. I command the total elimination of all evil spies fighting against my progress in Jesus name

10. I deliver myself now from the spirit of destruction and hell in Jesus name.

11. Let the rain of affliction fall upon every enemy of my destiny in Jesus name.

12. I stand against every manipulation of heal against my God ordained dreams in Jesus name

13. I command every evil observer observing my destiny to be humiliated in Jesus name

14. Every power arresting my progress be destroyed now in Jesus name

15. Every strange money giving to me by evil men/women I flush youbout of my money bag by the blood of jesus , in Jesus name.

16. Every satanic ministers ministering evil in my life, be silenced forever in Jesus name

17. I erase by the blood of jesus every witchcraft handwriting against me and my family in Jesus name

18. I reject the spirit of poverty, lack and want in my life in Jesus name

19. I return to the sender every satanic arrows fired to my direction in Jesus name.

20. I deliver my dreams from any satanic coffin in Jesus name

21. I return to the sender every evil bullets targeted to my dreams in Jesus name.

22. I reject the spirit of round about movement and no progress in Jesus name

23. I reject every desert spirit ( Dryness) in my life in Jesus name

24. In declare that no force of darkness shall amputate my breakthroughs in Jesus name

25. I wash myself with the blood of Jesus from every evil marks of the devil in Jesus name

26. I release the fire of God upon every progress diverter in the name of Jesus

27. I shut the mouth of every evil reporter of my blessings in Jesus name

28. I shut the mouth of every evil broadcaster of my blessings in Jesus name

29. I destroy every dark agent of the devil fighting my progress in Jesus name

30. Every evil spirit contending with the angel of my blessings, be arrested and put to eternal chains in Jesus name.



  1. merci.je découvre votre cite svp une prière pour ma vies spirituel et la compréhension de la parole de Dieu le reste j’espère en christ.Dieu vous béni


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