Warfare Prayers To Revoke Evil Decrees


Isaiah 8:10 Take counsel together, and it shall come to nought; speak the word, and it shall not stand: for God is with us.

Evil decrees are satanic arrows sent to destroy Gods children. With the mouth, blessings are released, and with the same mouth, curses are released. Evil decrees are curses, released from demons and there agents, upon Gods children. These curses if not revoked, becomes a stronghold in the life of many believers. The good news today is this, every evil decree can be revoked, every curses, can be returned back to the sender and tonight every evil decree upon your life shall be revoked by fire in the name of Jesus. We shall be engaging in warfare prayers to revoke evil decrees. This warfare prayers will empower you to overturn every evil declaration sent to your life and destiny in Jesus name. This prayers should be prayed aggressively and violently in order to see desired results. The devil must know that you mean business, your heart must be in the prayers. Every evil decree against your life today shall be revoked by fire in the name of Jesus!!!.

When King Balak wanted to destroy the children of Israel, He sent prophet Balaam to curse them, (See Numbers 22,23). He knew the power of evil decrees, the king knew that if only he could place a curse on them, he will successfully destroy them. But anytime balaam opened his mouth to curse the Israelites, the curse was instantly revoked to a blessing, because the hand of God was upon the Children of Israel, in the same way today, as you engage in this warfare prayers to revoke evil decrees, the Hand of God shall rest upon you and every evil decree sent upon your life and destiny shall be revoked by fire in the name of Jesus. Every evil decree sent in your direction shall be revoked and sent back to the sender in the name of Jesus. I see you overcoming the devil and claiming your victory today in Jesus name.

Prayer Points

1. I reject every evil manipulation in all areas of my life in Jesus name

2. I reject every demonic family control over my destiny in Jesus name

3. Let every evil decree or curse issued against me bounce back to the enemy now in Jesus name

4. Let every impossibilty fashioned against me receive permanent failure in the name of Jesus.

5. Let every evil plantation of the devil in my life be roasted in the name of Jesus Christ.

6. I refuse to be diverted from the path of blessings to curses in the name of Jesus Christ

7. Let every satanic agent deflecting my blessings, stumble and fall to rise no more in the name of Jesus Christ

8. I command every evil power drinking the milk and honey of my life to begin to vomit them now, in the name of Jesus.

9. Let every satanic prayer against my life be reversed, in the name of Jesus Christ

10. Let every access satan has to my life be withdrawn permanently in Jesus name

11. I curse every satanic mountain problem in my life in the name of Jesus

12. Let all fake friends be exposed and disgraced in the name of Jesus

13. Let all evil conspirators in disguise be exposed and disgraced, in the name of Jesus

14. Let all Spiritual vultures in any area of my life be destroyed in the name of Jesus Christ

15. Evil family river, do not touch me, in the name of Jesus

16. Holy Spirit, help me to really discover myself in the name of Jesus

17. I release my hand from every form of bewitchment, in the name of Jesus

18. I forbid regrouping and reinforcements, of any evil decree against my life in Jesus name

19. Let every vow of the enemy against my life be nullified in the name of Jesus

20. Oh Lord, reverse all curses issued against me, in the name of Jesus

21. Let every satanic decision and judgement against me be rendered null and void, in the name of Jesus.

22. Every astral projection against me, I frustrate you, in Jesus’ name.

23. I disentangle myself and my family from every witchcraft cage and pot, in the name of Jesus.

24. Every enemy that will not let go easily, I bring the judgment of death against you, in Jesus’ name.

25. I prophesy that this year, my blessings will not sink, in the name of Jesus.

26. O Lord, let the spirit of salvation fall upon my family, in the name of Jesus.

27. Every grip of the evil consequences, of the ancestral worship of my forefathers’ gods over my life and ministry, break by fire, in Jesus’ name.

28. Every covenant with water spirits, desert spirits, witchcraft spirits, spirits in evil sacred trees,spirits inside / under sacred rocks / hills, family gods, evil family guardian spirits, family /village serpentine spirits, masquerade spirits, inherited spirit husbands / wives, break by the blood of Jesus.

29. Every unconscious evil soul-tie and covenant with the spirits of my dead grandfather, grandmother, occultic uncles, aunties, custodian of family gods/oracles/shrines, break by the blood of Jesus.

30. Every decision, vow or promise made by my forefathers contrary to my divine destiny, loose your hold by fire, in the name of Jesus.

31. Every legal ground, that ancestral/guardian spirits have in my life, be destroyed by the blood of Jesus.

32. Any ancestral bloodshed of animals or human beings affected me, loose your hold by the blood of Jesus

33. Every generational curse of God, resulting from the sin of idolatry of my forefathers, loose your hold, in Jesus’ name

34. Any curse, placed on my ancestral line by anybody cheated, maltreated or at the point of death, break now, in Jesus’ name.

35. Every ancestral evil altar, prospering against me, be dashed against the Rock of Ages, in the name of Jesus.

36. Every garment of ancestral infirmity, disease, sickness, untimely death, poverty, disfavour, dishonour, shame and failure at the edge of miracle, passed down to my generation, roast fire, in the name of Jesus.

37. Every ancestral placenta manipulation of my life, be reserved, in Jesus’ name.

38. Every evil ancestral river, flowing down to my generation, dry up, in the name Jesus.

39. Every evil ancestral life pattern, designed for me through vows, promises and covenants, be reserved, in Jesus’ name.

40. Every evil ancestral habit and weakness of moral failures, manifesting in my life, loose your grip and release me now, in Jesus’ name.

41. Every hold of any sacrifice ever offered in my family or on my behalf, I break your power in my life, in the name Jesus.

42. Any power, from my family background, seeking to make a shipwreck of my life and ministry, be destroyed by the power of God, in the name Jesus.

43. Every rage and rampage of ancestral and family spirits, resulting from my being born again, be quenched by the liquid fire of God, in Jesus’ name.

44. Any ancestral power frustrating any area of my life, in order to discourage me from following Christ, receive multiple destruction, in the name Jesus.

45. Every ancestral chain of slavery, binding my people from prospering in life, break in my life by the hammer of God, in the name Jesus.

46. I prophesy that I will reach the height nobody has attained in my generation, in Jesus’ name.

47. I recover every good thing, stolen my ancestral evil spirits from my forefathers, my immediate family and myself, in the name Jesus.

48. Every ancestral embargo, be lifted; good things, begin to break forth in my life and in my family, in Jesus’ name.

49. I release myself from any inherited bondage, in Jesus’ name.

50. O lord, send Your axe of fire to the foundation of my life and destroy every evil plantation therein.



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