Prayer Points For Newly Converted Christians


One key element of discipleship is nurturing the new believers. In the realm of the spirit, there is a level of growth. When a man of a woman is newly converted, yes they have been saved, however, there is a level of growth that they must attain.

Just like we grow in the natural world, so also do we go in the realm of the spirit. A new convert is nothing but an infant in the realm of the spirit, hence such an individual needs to grow. It is easy for the devil to snatch faith away from new converts because many times, they are vulnerable.

So as Christians, we owe new converts a duty of prayer. We like unto them a spiritual parent, we need to feed and nurture them to grow. The devil has nothing to do with those who are still in the world. He will not wage war against an unbeliever. However, just the heavens rejoice when a sinner repents and turn his ways unto God, so also do the kingdom of darkness wail and mourn the loss of one of their own. And they will do anything and everything within their reach to make sure such a person falls back into his once forsaken sin.


When a man is newly converted, most times what they have is the word. However, they need the Holy Spirit the comforter. The spirit of God will direct their step and caution them whenever they are been tempted by the devil. one of the most important prayers to say for a new convert is the gift of the Holy Spirit.

The gift of the Holy spirit is not just to speak in tongues, but a spirit of God in a man that will direct everything that such a man will do. Find below some of the prayer points to say for new converts

Prayer Points

1.Our heavenly Lord, we appreciate the grace that you have bestowed on these people. They Grace for them to have an encounter with you, a rare privilege for them to know and understand you better, let your name be exalted in Jesus name.

2. Our heavenly Father, we ask for a guiding angel that will minister unto them, that even in their sleep that they may see you when they walk that they may feel your ambiance. Lord, we ask that you send them a guiding angel in Jesus name.

3. Father God, we pray that you will help all these new born again Christians and you will grant unto them the grace to be steadfast in your presence. We ask for your strength upon them, that their faith may not weary in Jesus name.

4. Lord God, we ask that you grant unto them the Grace to always abide in you. Let them know you more, reveal unto them deeper revelations about you, that they may know that you are the one true king. Lord grant unto them this grace in Jesus name.

5. Lord God, we use these blessed people as a point of contact to millions of people still lockdown in darkness, we ask that by your mercy the light of the gospel spread unto them in Jesus name.

6. Heavenly God, we ask that you give them a vision of you, let them not walk in darkness. You said in your word that you will pour your spirit upon all flesh, God we ask that you do not suffer them with vision.

7. Lord God, we pray for encouragement for the new believers, an encouragement that will increase the velocity of their faith, an encouragement that will increase the strength of their trust in you. Give them the grace to trust you and you only in Jesus name.

8. Lord God, these are your people who have been redeemed by your precious blood, we ask that you create in them a clean, a heart that will thirst and hunger after the things of the spirit. A heart that will long to know more of Christ, that I may know him and the power of his resurrection, Lord give them the grace to always thirst and hunger for you in Jesus name.

9. Lord, as you have saved them from the snare of sin, God we seek upon them for Grace to remain in you. Let them not be wearied or troubled in Jesus name.

10. Heavenly Father, we beg you that as you have created the fire of revival in these ones, help the fire not to die in Jesus name.

11. Lord God, we ask that you grant them the grace to overcome every temptation that we may want to arise against them because they gave their life to you. We know that the devil will not give up easily on them, Lord give them victory over every temptation and tribulations of the enemy in Jesus name

12. Lord God, by Your mercy, let the comforter in the person of the holy spirit of God find a different place in the life of these people. Let your holy spirit and power begin to journey with them throughout their life.

13. Lord God, the scripture says let him that thinks he stands to take heed unless he falls, we seek your grace upon our own life too. The grace to walk with you till the very end. The grace for us not to backslide, the grace for us not to be a once up-a-time Christian. We seek your grace to reign with you on that glorious day.


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