How To Pray Effectively For Miracles


There are times that all that we need in our life is nothing short of a Miracle. God is not a magician, but that doesn’t mean God doesn’t work wonders. There are moments in our lives that things happen and we will know that this can only be God.

Prayer is a means of communicating with God, it is a means of getting returns from God too. Effective prayer for miracle demands an extra effort from believers. When the situation becomes tensed and all hope was gone, the only thing that we expect is Miracle. God will always do wonders even at the last minute when it seems all hope has been lost. The will of God for man is that we ask and He will answer us.

A miracle could mean a perfect expression to show how much God loves you. That is why they don’t happen all the time and to everyone. There are so many people who have died from an event that others survived. Events that are beyond the comprehension of even the best medical practitioners in the world, perfect healing that will cause them to be greatly overwhelmed.

God’s miracle goes beyond human understanding. It destroys the protocol of man. The only question people will be able to ask is how did it happen? but no one will be able to give concrete explanations as to what and how it happened.
However, in the realm of the spirit, there are rules and guidelines for doing things. There is a need for believers to follow certain principles when praying for a miracle.

Pray With Faith

The book of Hebrews 11: 6 explained that without faith it is impossible to please, anyone who will come to God must believe that He exists and He is a rewarder of those that diligently seek Him. Before anyone can demand something from God, he or she must first believe that God exists.

It is apparently impossible to ask something from someone who does not believe in it. Prayers that are rendered to a God or object that one does not believe in will not be answered. The first thing someone must do in the process of praying effectively for a miracle is to believe that God exists. Faith comes by hearing, also, many at times our faith builds up when we have nowhere to turn to. When life hits us so hard that we fall on our feet, it is not a time to wail or be sorrowful, that is the best time to talk to God.

The scripture also says God is a rewarder of those that diligently seek Him. This means that one must be a consistent prayerist. We pray to the extent that God Himself recognize our voice when we cry, that is the power of being diligent. Faith is a veritable tool in causing a miracle to happen. Abraham might not have had a child despite God’s promise, Abraham’s faith was the catalyst that births the coming of Isaac.

Pray For Things That Only God Can Do

God alone is the one that can do the impossible. There are times we pray to God to help us solve situations that He has given us the grace and ability to do by ourselves. We miss it the moment we start praying for things that God has given us the ability to do by ourselves, God will just sit and watch us. It is during those moments that we think God doesn’t listen to prayer anymore. During those periods, we might even doubt the existence of God.

We must understand when to pray for a miracle. A student that has not read anything praying hard to God that he should know answers to the questions in the examination that he will write in a little while, this is just an instance of how quite a number of Christians pray wrongly. They evoke the spirit of God for the wrong course, and at that time, even God will be silent. The scripture says in the book of Proverbs 5:23 He dies for lack of discipline, and because of his great folly, he has led astray.

This explains why many people think God doesn’t exist and they are drift away into the bottomless pit of the unsaved simply because they lack wisdom. The same book of Proverbs says Wisdom is profitable to direct. We as a believer must understand when to pray to God for Miracles.

In the book of Ezekiel 37:3, God asked prophet Ezekiel that if the dry bones will rise again, Ezekiel answered that only God knows. He is the God of possibilities there is nothing that he can’t do. In our minds, we know the situations that only God can solve. For instance, a person who has been confirmed to die by a veteran medical practitioner, when all medical efforts proved abortive and the medical practitioners have lost hope in the revival of such a person, God can do his wonders. He is the only one that makes a dry bone to receive life again.

Pray With Word Of God

The scripture says your word is a lamp unto my feet, we light to my part. The word of God is a powerful weapon, the Bible makes us understand that God honors His words even more than his name.
Though the heavens and earth will pass over, none of my words will go unless it has fulfilled the purpose for which it has been sent. Whenever we want to pray, we must learn to use the word of God in prayers.

Even Christ study the scripture, and that moment he was tempted by the devil that he should turn stone into bread because he was hungry. Christ said it has been written that man must not live by bread alone but by every word that comes from the mouth of God. Moreso, when he was tempted to bow to the devil, Christ said it has been written that thou shall not tempt thy Lord your God.


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