Warfare Prayers To Destroy The Plans Of The Enemy


Today we will be dealing with warfare prayers to destroy the plans of the enemy. The enemy never rests, mostly when a man has decided to go on and pursue the purpose of his existence. Jacob never had issues in life until he started aspiring to become great like he has been destined to be. Joseph never has any problems in life until he began having dreams where God showed him a revelation of who he is to become.
It is worthy to note that just as God has plans for our lives, the enemies also have a plan for our lives. It is now our doing or undoing that will destroy the works of the enemy over our lives.

The enemy succeeded in the life of Samson. The strength of Samson became useless after the enemy got him. He has been warned not to marry from a strange land, a community of people that don’t serve the holy one of Isreal, he took Delilah from their midst, and that led to his fall. I decree that whoever the enemy has staged to enter your life at one point in time to destroy you, I decree that the fire of most high will burn such person in the name of Jesus. Every wrong man or woman that the enemy has planned for you, may God cause a divine separation between you and that person.

Similarly, as God has designed his plans for Joseph, so also did the enemy design his plans too. Joseph was destined to become great. He was destined to lead the children of Isreal out of. Meanwhile, the enemy also has his plans for Joseph. His brothers fell into the perfect image of the enemy, and they were used against him to ensure that the plans of God concerning him were defeated. I pray that by the mercies of the most high, every agenda of the enemies to destroy the purpose of God for your life shall be destroyed today in the name of Jesus.

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The enemy planned that Joseph should the killed, but God saved him. The enemy also made provision for how Joseph would sacrifice his destiny on the altar of immoralities with his master’s wife. Still, God also helped Joseph overcome the plan of the enemy, by the mercies of the most high, may God destroy the plans of the enemies concerning your life.
Ensure that you study this prayer guide and say all the prayers in it. As you begin to use this guide, may God reveal the plans of the enemy to you in the name of Jesus.

Prayer Points:

Father Lord, I come before you this day, I need your help Lord Jesus, I need your power over my enemies. The ones that have vowed that I will never amount to something in life, the one whose plans and agenda for my life is for destruction, I pray that you will destroy their plans over my life in the name of Jesus.

Lord God, I pray that by your mercies, your counsel alone will stand in my life. Every other and agenda of the evil ones over my is scattered by fire. I call on the fire of the most high to descend into the camp of the enemies and burn them to ashes in the name of Jesus.

Father Lord, I pray that the archangels of glory will descend mightily into the territory of enemies and destroy their agenda for my life in the name of Jesus. Lord, I want you to scatter the language of my enemies. I pray that you will cause mighty disunity to erupt in their midst, and you will cause them to destroy themselves in the name of Jesus.

I decree that from now on, the spirit of truth, the spirit of divinity from the throne of the holy of Isreal will descend upon me in the name of Jesus. I pray that the holy spirit of God will begin to guide me in all my ways. I pray that you will not cover the secret of the enemies over my life. I pray that you will always reveal their plans over my life in the name of Jesus.

Lord Jesus, I pray that by your death and resurrection, you will not let my enemy triumph over me. I pray that in all ways and all ramifications, you will grant me victory over my enemies. Do not let them rejoice in victory over me. Every of their plans is revealed to me in the name of Jesus. For the scripture says the secret of the Lord is with those that fear him, I pray that you will reveal the secret of dark places to me in the name of Jesus.

Lord God, just like you helped Joseph escape all the traps and craftiness of the enemies over his life, just like you take him from the point of zero to the point of hero, I pray that you will help me overcome the trap of my enemies in the name of Jesus.

I pray that the fire of the most high will go right now, because the scripture says, the fire will go before the army of the Lord and consume his enemies. I pray that the fire of the most high God before and destroy all my enemies. All the evil seer that sees the destiny of a man even before the time of manifestation, I pray that you will remove their sights in the name of Jesus.

I decree by the power of the most high, every sense of consciousness of my enemies is taken away in the name of Jesus. I pray that you will cause my enemies to go blind for my sake, I decree by the power in the name of Jesus, you will cause my enemies to go deaf over my matter in the name of Jesus. Each of their plans and agenda over my life is canceled in the name of Jesus.



  1. Oro para que mis enemigos complotados en destruirme para que no se cumpla el diseño que Dios tiene para mi vida y que quieren despojarme de mi herencia, dejarme en la calle sean alejados y consumidos por el fuego de Dios. Que el Señor Jesús me de victoria sobre ellos destruyendo todo complot robador de herencia y de destrucción de mi carrera profesional y de mi persona. Amen

  2. Lord help me destroy all of my enemies from this reality by the power of the most high God let them be destroyed before me and let them shake with fear before me and my eyes let my strength and skills always be ten times greater than there’s send me beautiful woman that serve you serve me and please me forever in Jesus name i ask and in Jesus name it shall be done. Amen i thank you now knowing it is done. Amen AMEN AMEN PRAISE God in the highest thank you God

  3. Good morning
    i wish to make a prayer request. was a school principal in Pretoria. I’m currently unemployed because I went into trucking business and Covid destroyed our business. A man named Yamkela Kiviet hired my super-link truck contracted to pay R140 000 per month with R140 000 to be deposited upfront. We signed a contract and he took my truck. A week passed and every time I called him he said I’m paying you today. on Saturday I used tracker and followed the truck to Pretoria. I met the driver who seemed shaken. He said he was waiting for payment from Yamkela also. I realized that the second trailer was missing. I asked him where my trailer was and he said it caught fire. I was devastated. I phoned Yamkela and he promised to pay me and fix my trailer also. I still haven’t been paid today. All attempts to litigate him are fruitless because he is nowhere to be found. He left me and my family destitute. I need your intercession prayers for a way out of this situation. I realize that the devil is working through him and others like him in my life and business. I want to show them the power of God and Jesus Christ in my life today. Help me to do this please.

  4. Dear God I come before you with a heavy heart. I’m so stressed out and financially unstable. I struggled to go to school and I graduated in 2008 , since then no good job. The only man I’ve suffered for all my life treats me like trash. Arise from your throne and fight my battle. Lord please accept this offer and bless me with a testimony that will silence my mockers forever.

  5. Lord I work with a co-operative for long now, now progress, no salary increment but money kept in care keeps missing and I don’t know how or what to do. Father expose the whereabout of the missing money and restore it in Jesus name


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