Prayer Points Against Delay


Today we will be dealing with prayer points against delay. You must have heard the popular parlance that says delay is not denial. Truthfully, delay is not denial, however, there are blessings attached to each time and season of a man on earth. There is a certain time that childbearing is befitting. There is a time that gaining admission into tertiary institution is regarded as a success, and there are time when it won’t be considered as success. Delay can be said to be a slowdown in the pace to achieve a set goal, objectives or fulfill purpose.

Abraham and Sarah experienced delay. They stayed years without a child. It got to a time that their faith were terribly tortured by their delay to have a child of their own. Sarah was forced to tell Abraham to take her maid as a wife just so he can have a child. Meanwhile, God’s promise for Abraham is that he will be the father of many Nations. However, when there was a delay in Abraham having one child, he began to lose hope and his faith became weary. This is one of the things that delay would cause in the life of a man.

When we expect a thing for too long, we begin to lose hope that the thing will come. The scripture says God is not a man to lie and He is not a son of man to repent. This means that whatever thing that God says He will, He will do it. Nevertheless, when we get a promise from God, our hope that it will be done is intensified. This further strengthen our faith in God. However, when delay set in, sometimes we begin to doubt if that promise is truly from God and if the delay tarry, our hope and faith in the Lord begins to reduce. And this is exactly what the devil wants that is why he often uses delay to fight the faith of a man in God.

Negative Effects of Delay in Life of Christian

Some of the things that delay causes in the life of a Christian include:

It Creates Doubt

Delay can make a believer doubt the existence of God. It can make a believer doubt if God truly exist and speak to people. When we get promises from God, the natural instinct of man begins to expect. At that stage, the faith in God is high, because God has just promised us something great. Unfortunately, when delay set in, a time will come when we begin to doubt if it was God that truly spoke to us.

It is bad that some people doubt the existence of God. That is what delay will do.

It Causes The Faith of A Man Reduce

Abraham was a very faithful man. However, his inability to make baby with his wife Sarah began to have a negative effect on his faith in the promises of God.

Abraham was forced to bow to the pressure mounted on him by his wife Sarah when they could not have a child of their own. Abraham had to take Sarah’s maid as a wife and impregnate her. The inability of Abraham and Sarah played an integral role in their decision to forget the promise of God and look for another means of having a child.

When a promise stay too long before it becomes manifest, our faith in God will be swindled by our expectations.

It Create Room For Satan to Penetrate

Delay create doubt in the mind of a believer. It causes the faith of a believer to reduce drastically. When the faith of a man or troubled, Satan is not far from there to strike.

Sometimes when we are in great tribulation, and we are looking up to God for breakthrough. Yet, solution failed to arrive. The devil begin to bring different temptation. It was because Prophet Samuel delayed in coming back in time that was why King Saul made a sacrifice and went to battle. Whereas, he has been warned by the prophet to refrain from going to the battle in the absence of the prophet.

For our faith not to be tested, we will pray against every form of delay of good things in our lives.

Prayer Points:

  • Lord Jesus, I come against every arrow of delay that has been shot into my life from the kingdom of darkness. I break such arrows with the fire of the Holy Ghost in the name of Jesus.
  • Father Lord, I come against every agent of delay in my life that the enemy has sent to frustrate me. I rebuke you today in the name of Jesus. I decree by the authority of heaven that you lose your place in my life today in the name of Jesus.
  • Lord, I receive a spiritual acceleration of blessing. Every long age promise that is due for the fulfillment, I decree by the authority of heaven, the power of manifestation come upon them in the name of Jesus.
  • For it has been written that by the anointing, every yoke shall be destroyed. Lord, I break every yoke of stagnation in my life by the blood that was shed on the cross of Calvary.
  • Father, every vices of the devil in my life that is hindering the manifestation of God’s promises and covenants over my life, I destroy you today by the authority of heaven. Father Lord, I rebuke every spirit of disappointment in my life by the fire of the holy ghost in the name of Jesus.
  • Lord God, every demonic agent of darkness that has been sent into my life to cause a setback catch fire today in the name of Jesus. I make the ground of my life unbearable for every evil spirit in my life, working against my growth in life in the name of Jesus.
  • Lord Jesus, every form of unstable blessing that rises and falls at intervals, get out of my life today in the name of Jesus. From today, I command the long-lasting blessings of Jehovah to locate me today in the name of Jesus.
  • Lord, I decree that every hall of Jericho in my way to success, every prince of Persia delaying my blessing, die today in the name of Jesus.

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