Prayer Points For Financial Help From God


Today we will be dealing with Prayer Points For Financial Help From God.

Praying for financial breakthrough, help and prosperity has become important for christians because our Father in Heaven is not poor and also christians have to survive, some are also engulfed in debt and are waiting for a praying for divine help from God. Those who are in debt are looking for open doors from God to rain down blessings financially upon them so that they can settle their debts. It equally becomes important to write about this powerful prayer points for financial favour and breakthrough because God himself is the author of wealth and wants every believer or Christian to live in financial abundance. The bible also said that it is “God that giveth the power to make wealth” and so, the need to offer prayers for financial breakthroughs.Financial breakthrough simply means having abundance materially and financially.

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Many other people see it as being able to acquire material things and live a comfortable life. It is when God opens the windows of heavens and blessed is an individual beyond human calculation or what he expects. Basically, it is God that open heaven on a person’s finances so much so that he lacks nothing in that aspect.These prayers is to be prayed from 12midnight your local time. After the prayers Your financial life will change as your about to enter the Ember month in Jesus name.

BIBLE CONFESSION: Isaiah 60:1-22, Ephesians 3:20, Jeremiah 29:11, Phillipines 4:19.


  • I cover myself with the blood of Jesus. 
  • Oh Lord, let the resources required to fulfill my dream in the custody of my enemies relocate into the custody of my friends and helpers in Jesus name.
  • Oh Lord, let money forever remains my loyal messenger in Jesus name. Pray aggressively. 
  • Both the help from above and abroad will combine and compete to settle my bills and fulfill my dreams this year in Jesus name.
  • From now on all my investments and labour since the beginning of my career and ministry will begin to yield their full profit in Jesus name.
  • In every tight situation, let my tithe provoke heavenly solution in Jesus name.
  • This week my past generosity will spring forth a pleasant surprise in Jesus name.
  • Throughout this year, none of my resources shall be wasted on medical bills or any form of profitless venture in Jesus name.
  • Satan will not receive the backing of heaven to wipe out my financial resources with evil erosion in Jesus name.
  • Whosoever looks up to me for help this year will not be disappointed. I shall have enough to satisfy my needs and plenty to give to others in need in Jesus name.
  • I receive deliverance from the bondage of doubt and fear that past failures and misfortune has introduced into my life in Jesus name.
  • I receive the required courage to step into the greatness God has ordained for me in Jesus name.
  • I submit to the leadership of God’s Spirit and I receive the backing of heaven to breakthrough and succeed in all my undertakings in Jesus name.
  • I receive the favourable countenance of God, therefore Heaven will agree with all my steps of faith and God’s will shall prosper in my hands in Jesus name. 
  • I refuse to submit my courage to frustration. God will send me encouragement today; I will be energized to continue the race in Jesus name.
  • The sun is rising today announcing my season of success and fulfilling my purpose in Jesus name.
  • Those that believe in me and have invested in my dream, encouraging and supporting me will not be disappointed in Jesus name.
  •  The Lord will allow something better to come out of every bad situation that baffles me in Jesus name.
  •  Let the prophetic power that operated in the valley of dry bones re-unite me with my lost (glory, helper, husband, wife, children, joy etc) in Jesus name.
  • Every carnal attitude of disobedience and demonic spirits that are promoting barrenness in my life are terminated today in Jesus name.
  • Those doubting my ability to succeed will soon become my subjects in Jesus name.
  • And Lord, at every given time, let my eyes be open to opportunities; I shall not be blind when opportunities come in the name of Jesus.
  • Father even as I make the wealth, I receive the grace to multiply and make it and stay way beyond my time on Earth. 
  • Oh lord, I will not be a prisoner of debt. 
  • I receive empowerment and break free from every yoke of debt in the name of Jesus.
  • Whatever I set my hands to do and whatever project I embark on, Lord I will have financial surplus to carry it out in the name of Jesus.
  •  Sickness will not gulp my finances in the name of Jesus.
  • I shall be a lender and not a borrower.
  • I will not be a financial burden to my friends, families, neighbours and colleagues in the name of Jesus.
  • Lord, whenever there is a need around me, I receive the grace and the capacity to readily meet them in the mighty name of Jesus.
  • Any bad habit draining my finances, I ask Lord for deliverance in the name of Jesus.
  • I free myself from the affliction of poverty in my family and lineage. My wealth shall be transgenerational.
  • As you empower me to make wealth, give me the grace to also sustain it and grow it in the name of Jesus.
  • My eyes are open to opportunities to grow wealth and I will not plant my seed in infertile grounds in the name of Jesus.
  • Lord, every resource needed to fulfil my destiny but in the custody of my enemies, I decree a relocation in Jesus name.
  • And as I make the wealth, it shall be a messenger to me; I will not be controlled by my money in the name of Jesus.
  • All of my investments both in career and every area of my life shall begin to yield fruit and multiply in fullness.
  •  Lord, I pray for the strength to not be a disappointment to anybody that looks upon me or financial help in the name of Jesus.
  • I receive the grace to step into the financial favour and open doors that God has ordained for me this year and in my life in the name of Jesus.
  • I have the backing of Heaven to succeed financially and enjoy open doors in the name of Jesus.
  • I will not be financially stranded at any point in my life and whatsoever I need, Lord you will provide for me in the name of Jesus.
  • Every character in me promoting financial barrenness, I receive grace to breakthrough from such in the name of Jesus.
  • Give me a measure of prosperity that will swallow my history of poverty in Jesus name.
  • Lack of money will not make me abandon You in the name of Jesus.
  • At any time I’m experiencing financial stress, give me the spirit of endurance, to wait on you for my prosperity in Jesus name. 
  • My finances will not sink; my business and career – they shall continue to blossom and flourish in Jesus name.
  • When there is an economic recession, Father, bless me and cause me to enjoy abundance in Jesus name.
  • Every economic policy by the government and other relevant bodies will favour me and everything that concerns me in the name of Jesus.
  • Begin to thank God for answered prayers.


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