10 Prayer points for healing joint pains


This prayer points for healing joint pains should be prayed while taking the required medication. The reason for this prayers is to create an atmosphere for instant healing and also to destroy the hand of the devil should it be a spiritual attack from the devil. Pray this prayer with faith believing that the God we serve is a healer God. Trust God to heal your joints and relief you from all pains in Jesus holy name.

10 Prayer points for healing joint pains

1). Father in the name of Jesus I command All sickness and pains in my bones that makes me uncomfortable to receive the powerful touching of healing in Jesus name.
2). Oh Lord, all pains that cause grief in my bones has been nailed to the cross. I declare that My bones receives healing in Jesus name.

3). Oh Lord, You are my healer, Heal my joints in Jesus name.

4). I rebuke every pain in my joints today. I command you pains to run out of my joints in Jesus name.

5). Oh Lord, let my bones leap for joy when it receive healing in Jesus name.

6). Whatever that is loosed in my hips and joints are repaired by Jesus the greatest Physician in Jesus name.

7). I speak to my bones now that they will respond to each other and work perfectly together in Jesus name.

8). I rescue my body from all bone parasites in Jesus name.

9). Oh Lord, knit together my joints and strengthens my joints in Jesus name.

10). Father I thank you for healing me of this joint pains forever in Jesus name.



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