100 Prayer points against household enemies


Let God arise and let all his enemies be scattered. This 100 prayer points against household enemies will destroy the enemies of your destiny forever. Its warfare time, the devil must be put in his place. As children of God, we have authority over every devil and demonic human agents, but we exercise those authorities in warfare prayers.

The world is full of evil men and women, evil friends and relatives, they are called household enemies. This is because the tag along with you as your friends and well wishers, but secretly they are looking for ways to destroy your life and make you cry. While they can hide from you, they cannot hide from Your God, therefore you must fish them out by engaging with warfare prayers. This prayer points against household enemies will create the platform for there total destruction. As you pray this prayer, God will expose them and completely humiliate them in Jesus name. I recommend you pray this prayers with fastings and watch the Lord fight your battles.

100 Prayer points against household nemies

1). Oh Lord, arise and scatter all those that gather against me today and beyond in Jesus name.

2). Oh Lord, send great plagues to all those who want to take my portion in Jesus name.

3). Oh Lord, let the angel of destruction pursue all those who pursue after me and overtake them with calamity after calamity in Jesus name.

4). All those who are planning to sell me to strange land will be sold into slavery today in Jesus name.

5). I decree today that those who are secretly planning for my downfall but openly smiling with me be put to open shame and public disgrace in Jesus name.

6). All spiritual archers that shot their weapons shall have their weapons work against them henceforth in Jesus name.

7). Oh Lord! Let every stubborn enemy in my life be destroyed by the mighty hand of God in Jesus name.

8).The Lord is a man of war! Every war waged against my destiny shall meet the war of God in Jesus name.

9). Oh Lord! I declare that every enemy that has come against me in one direction shall flee from me in 7 directions in Jesus name.

10). All those who set themselves as my enemies, shall experience the plagues of Egypt today in Jesus name.

11). Oh lord fight against those who fight against me, let the pits they have dug for me be there grave in Jesus name.

12). Oh Lord! Henceforth, let all my enemies fear the day and the night. Let the mention of my name make their reasoning mad in Jesus name.

13). Oh Lord, you are my Rock, crush every unsuspecting enemy that come against me in Jesus name.

14). Oh Lord! Make this time the due time the foot of my enemies shall slip. Let their day of calamity be at hand, And the things to come hasten upon them in Jesus name.

15). Concerning my enemies, I declare that i shall hold my peace while you fight my spiritual and physical battles in Jesus name.

16). The God of Israel has place all the enemies against me under my feet today in Jesus name.

17). Oh Lord, by this time tomorrow, let all those who seek to kill me be dead bodies in Jesus name

18). Oh Lord, let my enemies receive in full dose all what they have proposed to do to me in Jesus name.

19). I prophesy today that all weapons ( physical and spiritual) that my enemies are using against me, non of them shall prosper in Jesus name.
20). I speak words of authority into the lives of those who establish themselves as my enemies today that their children will turn against them in Jesus name.

21).Oh Lord, by your mercies continue to defend me, do not allow me fall into the hands of my enemies in Jesus name.

22). Oh Lord, let the shame of the enemies of my life be so open that people will see and fear the God whom I serve in Jesus name

23). Oh Lord, expose all unsuspected enemies of my life, publicly humiliate all of them in Jesus name.

24). Every man or woman that plan evil against my family in order to reduce our testimonies shall be stricken by the angel of death before they implement their plans in Jesus name.

25). All enemies that disguised as friends in my life and plan to use what they have known about me against me shall end up hanging themselves like ahitophel in Jesus name.

26). Oh Lord, remember Sennacherib and let his fate become the fate of those who place themselves as my enemies in Jesus name.

27). Oh Lord, let all those who set clever traps for me to fall into, be disgraced today, let their traps work against them in Jesus name.

28). All enemies that taught they have overpowered me shall meet sudden defeat in Jesus name.

28). Oh Lord, bring out all the enemies of my life to the open and silence them forever in Jesus name

29). Oh Lord, send all those who want me to be tried to the utmost to a dry land where there is no light in Jesus name.

30). Every enemies of my life shall be like chaff before the wind, as wax melted before fire, they shall all melt before my presence in Jesus name.
31). All the enemies of my life shall not stand. They shall all fall and die in Jesus name.

32). Let all my enemies perish in Jesus name.

33). I turn all the enemies of my life into a potter’s vessel and I smash them into pieces by the iron rod of God in Jesus name.

34). Lord, keep all those who trouble my life busy with so many troubles than they can handle in Jesus name.

35). Oh Lord, let all those who never give me any chance of making it in life be put to great shame in Jesus name.

36). Father, by the power of the holyspirit with me, i declare that i shall not lose any battle in my life and destiny in Jesus name.

37). I decree that the heavenly hosts will use the instruments my enemies are using against my goodness to wage war against their lives in Jesus name.

38). Lord, consume by fire all the sycophants and evil praise singers that flatter me in order to destroy me in Jesus name.

39). From today henceforth, let all my enemies be greatly troubled and be ashamed over my matter in Jesus name.

40). Oh Lord, give me total victory over all those who seek after my destruction without cause in Jesus name.

41). Oh Lord, arise in your anger against all enemies that will not give me rest of mind in Jesus name.

42). Oh Lord, Let the wickedness of the wicked fall on their heads today, but continue to deliver the righteous in Jesus name.

43). Lord, don’t let your anger come to an end over those who set themselves as my enemies in Jesus name.

44). Lord, I commit all traps, pits, nets and ditches that my enemies has set for me into your hands, let them fall into all these dangers they set for me in Jesus name.

45). Lord, let all my enemies who are running after me begin to run away from me from today and forever in Jesus name.

46). Lord, let my enemies and their agents meet total destruction so that my life can enter into a place of divine pleasure in Jesus name.

47). Oh Lord! Do not allow the will of my enemies to come to pass in Jesus name.

48). Oh Lord! From today onward, don’t allow my enemies to have rest of mind either day or night in Jesus name.

49). Lord, remove peace from the life of all those who will not want me to have peace in Jesus name.

50). Let the Lord cut off all flattering lips around me so that they will not destroy my life in Jesus name.

51). Oh Lord, deliver me from the hand of wicked and unreasonable men in Jesus name.

52). Lord, consume all the wicked people that oppress me and the ones that surrounds me for evil in Jesus name.

53). Oh Lord, Always be steps ahead of my enemies, before the perfect their plan, take them down by surprise in Jesus name.

54). Oh Lord, exhibit your anger over my enemies so that they know that the God I serve is a mighty warrior in Jesus name.

55). Oh Lord, send your arrows and scatter every evil counselor surround my life in Jesus name.

56). I march with faith. I pursue all my enemies, I overtake them and destroy them by the power of resurrection in the name of Jesus.

57). Oh Lord, shake my enemies from there foundation and cause non of them to remain standing in Jesus name.

58). Oh Lord, let your right hand find all my enemies and let your hand destroy all those who hate me without cause in Jesus name.

59). Oh Lord, let your fiery anger overtake all my enemies so that I will serve God with peace of mind in Jesus name.

60). Oh Lord, have mercy upon me today and save me from my adversaries who are too strong for me in Jesus name.

61). Oh Lord, I beseech you, do not keep silent over my matter.Don’t let the stubborn enemy overcome my life in Jesus name.

62). Oh Lord, expose all my enemies that hide under the unbrella of friendship in Jesus name.

63). Oh Lord, give back to my enemies all what they have done against my goodness in Jesus name.

64). Oh Lord, destroy from the foundation every enemy that is fighting to quench my stars in Jesus name.

65). Oh Lord, pull me out of the net of my enemies in Jesus name.

66). Oh Lord I beseech you, do not allow me to be at the mercies of my enemies in Jesus name.

67). Oh Lord, deliver me today from those that persecute me in Jesus name.

68). Oh Lord, protect me from the plots of evil men seeking to ambush me in Jesus name.

69). Oh Lord, I declare that those who wage war against me are godless. Therefore, let the blanket of mercy be removed from them so that they will receive a bitter judgment in Jesus name.

70). Oh Lord, pay back those who do evil to me in Jesus name.

71). I prophesy today that evil shall slay all those who set themselves as my enemies in Jesus name.

72). I decree that the way of my enemies shall be filled with darknessnand slippery with the angel of God pursuing them in Jesus name.

73). Oh Lord, cut off all the wicked people in my life in Jesus name.

74). Oh Lord, bring to shame all the enemies of my life and cause them to reap an hundredfold what they have sowed in Jesus name

75). Those who are close to me yet secretly working against me shall experience the Egyptians plagues in their family in Jesus name.

76). Lord! I claim your powerful word which says, through you I will push down my enemies and through your name I will trample those who rise up against me in Jesus name.

77). Oh Lord, destroy all smooth-talking enemies of my life in Jesus name.

78). Deliver me from my enemies, O my God; Defend me from those who rise up against me in Jesus name.

79). I prophesy that i am a child of the most high God, therefore i shall continue to tread upon serpents and scorpions and to destroy all the powers of the enemies, nothing shall by any means hurt me in Jesus name.

80). I decree that the tongues of dogs shall continuously lick the blood of those who want me dead in Jesus name.

81). The blessings of my life shall mock the lives of those who take counsel against me in Jesus name.

82). Oh Lord, turn your hand against my adversaries and subdue them in Jesus name.

83). My eyes and ears shall see and hear my desires on those who will not let me be in Jesus name.

84). Oh Lord, let your fire go before me and burn up my enemies round about in Jesus name.

85). Oh Lord, increase me greatly and make me stronger than my enemies in Jesus name.

86). Like Pharaoh’s armies, water shall cover my enemies that no one will be left in Jesus name.

87). Oh Lord, make me wiser and smarter than my enemies in Jesus name.

88). Oh Lord, stretch out your right hand and save me from the hands of my enemies in Jesus name.

89). Oh Lord, destroy and cut off those who afflict my soul in Jesus name.

90). Oh Lord, let your voice be heard in this city when you reply all those who are seeking my humiliation in Jesus name.

91). Power has changed hand today as it is my turn to lift my hands against my adversaries and they shall be cut off in Jesus name.

92). The light has shined and all enemies within my family are exposed in Jesus name.

93). Oh Lord, save me from the hands of those who hate me in Jesus name.

94). Father, defeat those who fight against me once and for all in Jesus name

95). Father, defeat every secret opposed in my life in Jesus name

96).Father, defeat every evil secret gang up against me in Jesus name.

97). Father, defeat every ancestral enemies fighting against me in Jesus name.

98). Father defeat every monitoring enemies following me on social media in Jesus name.

99). Father, put to shame every enemy envying my life in Jesus name.

100). Father thank you for answering my prayers in Jesus name.



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