30 Prayer Points For Babies In The Womb


Luke 1:41:
41 And it came to pass, that, when Elisabeth heard the salutation of Mary, the babe leaped in her womb; and Elisabeth was filled with the Holy Ghost:

Every expectant mother must pray for their unborn children. This is very important because we must recognize that every living thing responds to the power of prayers, and no prayer can be more powerful than the prayer of a mother to her baby in the womb. Today I have compiled 30 prayer points for babies in the womb. As a child of God, we must understand that the devil is after us and anything that will bring us joy, we must resist him steadfastly in prayers. Why must every mother or father pray for their babies in the womb? The reasons are as follows:

A). Safe Delivery: Some babies die before, during and after delivery, this is not the will of God, every parent must pray for the safe delivery of their babies in the womb. They must take charge of the atmosphere in the realm of the spirit, they must pray against every form of complications in the womb and ask the holy spirit to continually protect their babies till the day of conception and even beyond. Also every expectant mother must always speak faith filled words to her baby in the womb, you must always make positive confessions concerning your child because Mark 11:23-24 tells us that you shall have what you say.


B). Baby illness: Another effective prayer points for babies in the womb is to pray against baby illness. There are some babies that come into this world with one form of sickness or the other. Some babies are born with genetic anomalies, e.g, sickle cell, Siamese twins, disfigured body parts, down syndrome etc all this are not the will of God for your baby. We must pray against all such illness. We must pray that the power of God overshadow our babies in the womb, giving them soundness of health, and protecting them from all forms of diseases that affect children. We must pray this prayers by faith and daily, till the day of delivery.

C) Babies Future: God told Jeremiah, that ” before I formed you in the womb I have chosen you” Jeremiah 1:5 . Every parent must pray for the future and purpose of their child. Every child in this world has a destiny to fulfill. We must dedicate our babies in the womb to the Lord and pray that the fulfill there destinies in life. We must pray that God discover them quickly like he discovered Samuel (1 Samuel 3:6 ), Samson ( Judges 13:16 ) Isaiah ( Isaiah 6:1-8 ), Jeremiah (Jeremiah 1:5 ), Ezekiel ( Ezekiel 1:17 ), John The Baptist ( Luke 1:1-20 ), etc. Its impossible for you to pray like this and not have a successful child.

D). Supernatural Provisions: Every child carries favour, we must pray for financial favour to provide for our babies. We must ask the Lord to open doors of opportunities for us to excel financially so that we can give our babies the kind of future they deserve. When a parent is broke, they cannot take care if there children. Many children have suffered from premature death, teenage pregnancy,child abuse, gangsterism, etc because their parents had no money to give them proper training. We must ask God for supernatural provisions so that our children will not lack proper home training.

E). Wisdom For Parenting: We must pray for divine wisdom for parenting our children properly. Every parent needs wisdom on how to raise there babies, James 1:5, says if we lack wisdom in any areas of our life we should ask the Lord in faith and he will grant us wisdom.As God for the wisdom to be a great parent.
The above listed are the very basic reasons we must pray for our children in the womb, this prayer points for babies in the womb will set the foundation for the success of our babies. Remember they will not be babies forever, we must build a great foundation for them, so that when they become adults, they will choose the right path.

30 Prayer Points For Babies In The Womb

1. Father, I thank you for you are the giver of children in Jesus name

2. Father, I cover my babies in the womb with the blood of Jesus.

3. Father, I declare that no weapon formed against my babies shall prosper in Jesus name

4. Father, I cancel any satanic utterances concerning my babies in my womb in Jesus name

5. Father, I declare that there shall be no complications with my delivery in the name of Jesus

6. Father, I decree that my babies in the womb are well positioned in the name of Jesus

7. Father, I decree that my babies in the womb are developing properly in Jesus name

8. Father, I decree that the babies in my womb are unkillable in Jesus name

9. Father, I decree that the babies in my womb are super healthy in Jesus name

10. Father let your angels in chariots of fire surround my babies in my womb in Jesus name.

11. Fill my babies with the power of the holy ghost in Jesus name

12. I declare that my womb is super conducive for my baby delivery in Jesus name

13. I declare that every strength I need to push my babies successfully I receive it in Jesus name

14. Miscarriage is not my portion in Jesus name

15. Still birth is not my portion in Jesus name

16. Caesarian Section is not my portion in Jesus name

17. Prolonged labour is not my portion in Jesus name

18. Loss of blood during and after delivery is not my portion in Jesus name.

19. Deformed or disabled baby is not my portion in Jesus name

20 . I declare that this baby shall bring me favour in Jesus name

21 . I declare that there will be showers of blessings upon my life because of the arrival of these baby in the name of Jesus.

22. I declare that I shall be visited by important people with great gifts at the arrival of my baby in Jesus name

23. This baby shall bring prosperity to my family in Jesus name

24. All the enemies of my pregnancy shall be put to shame in Jesus name.

25. I declare that this baby/babies in my womb shall have a great future in Jesus name

26. No evil shall befall him/her as she grows up in Jesus name

27. My babies shall not die prematurely in Jesus name

28. My babies will not be a victim of children related sicknesses in Jesus name

29. My babies will grow in the wisdom of God in Jesus name

30. My babies will fulfill there God ordained purpose in life in Jesus name.



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