20 Deliverance Prayer To Remove Family Curse


Numbers 23:23:
23 Surely there is no enchantment against Jacob, neither is there any divination against Israel: according to this time it shall be said of Jacob and of Israel, What hath God wrought!

A family curse can be defined as a satanic hold or entrapment over a family. This satanic hold can be in a family for generations, until the hold is broken, the family and her members will remain in perpetual bondage. Today we shall be engaging 20 deliverance prayer to remove family curse. This deliverance prayer is your ticket to freedom from every form of family bondage. A lot of people suffer a lot of setback, and all kinds of calamity simply because of the curse on their families. For instance the generation of gehazi suffered from leprosy as a result of the curse in the family, 2 Kings 5:27. You may be suffering from a curse in your family that you don’t know anything about, it might even be as a result of the sins of your ancestors that your family is in bondage, but today, as you engage this deliverance prayer to remove family curse, I see all curses in your family broken forever in Jesus name.

The greatest form of deliverance is self deliverance, this is deliverance by the word of God and through prayers. Before we go into the deliverance prayers, I want you to know some things about your status in Christ and also about curses. Below are biblical facts that establishes the fact that you cannot be under a curse.

10 Bible Verses That Can Set You Free From Family Curses

1). You cannot Be Cursed. Galatians 3:13.

2). You cannot be Under A Spell. Numbers 23:23

3). You have power over devils. Luke 10:19

4). You are seated with Christ in High Places. Ephesians 2:6

5). We are far above principalities and powers. Ephesians 1:21

6). We have been transferred from darkness to light. Colossians 1:13.

7). We have the Holy Ghost in us. Acts 1:8

8). The greater one lives inside us. 1 John 4:4

9). We can do the impossible. Mark 9:23

10). We are born of God. John 1:13.

The above bible verses and knowledge is what you need to know to be free from family curses. When you prayer with understanding, you get outstanding results. My prayer for you today is this as you engage this deliverance prayer to remove family curse, armed with these understanding, you shall be unstoppable in Jesus name. I declare that as you engage in this deliverance prayer with faith today all the curses of the devil holding your family down shall be destroyed forever in Jesus name.

Prayer Points

1. Father, I thank you for delivering my family by the Blood of your Son Jesus Christ.

2. Father, by your mercy and through the blood of Jesus Christ, wash away every sin in my family in Jesus name.

3. Father, let your mercy overrule every judgment of the devil against my family in Jesus name.

4. I overrule every curse of hell against my life in Jesus name

5. I decree null and void every evil pronouncement upon my family in Jesus name

6. I decree an end to every enchantments working against my family in Jesus name

7. I deliver myself from every form of generational curse and bondage in Jesus name

8. I deliver myself from every consequences of the sins of my fathers in Jesus name

9. The wicked shall die for his wickedness, I declare that myself and my family shall not suffer for the wickedness of our fathers in Jesus name
10. Every tongue that rises against me in judgment today, I condemn it in Jesus name

11. I and my family we rise above curses in Jesus name

12. I declare total family deliverance from the spirit of poverty in Jesus name

13. I declare total family deliverance from the spirit of barrenness in Jesus name

14. I declare total family deliverance from the spirit of stagnation in Jesus name

15. I declare total family deliverance from the spirit of near success syndrome in Jesus name

16. I declare total family deliverance from the spirit of premature death in Jesus name

17. I declare total family deliverance from the spirit of ups and downs in Jesus name

18. I declare total family deliverance from the spirit of sicknesses and diseases in Jesus name

19. I declare total family deliverance from all forms of curses in Jesus name

20. Father, I thank you for my total deliverance and that of my entire family in Jesus name



  1. My family is facing a lot of negative things related to exams , relation, anger , just everything negative is happening. My son i9s in medical school,please pray that he may pass his exams ,eventhough he works very very hard he does pass but that anxiety is still there during the exam.His final exam is o 11th and 14th December and it is his life turning exam,he must pass this semester to get through med school.
    Wife is full of anger all the time, i am helpless,please pray for me and my family.Eventhough we have regular evening Bible study and prayer but everything is bad in our family. so much depression and sadness. Please pray …thanks. Dinesh

  2. My family is trapped in a life of drugs n sinful ways towards themselves and each other. I have prayed with out hesitation for help from God but yet I too am fighting the temptation that plague my sons daughter lo law n wife. My wife has enabled this to go on for years and I stood by participating while she finally turned on me with another man. I dropped to my knees knowing I had so much to pray for. Starting with forgiveness for my part in all that has happened to me and my sons. Helping my own wife to carry out sinful actions against our marriage. I too have done this hideous act and I have always said in prayer I have created my own pains and depressions. My family now has kicked me ou after trying to change drastically exposing we have a 4 year old grandson who is being brought into this life style and abused and altered his child growth. I was forced out by taunts against me and finally I broke b struck back. Taking me out of the home I was trying to help and away from my grandson for which I be,I’ve was his only refuge. Now today I’m being defaced and accused of being the abuser. My family spear headed by my wife has decided to be rid of me as a way of protecting there poisons. My wife has been the enabler and knows no boundaries nor cares too. This has me homeless and scared yet I continue to pray for them and I still love them so much. I feel the devils spirit has grown in that home and rooted there souls.


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