Prayer To Save A Failing Relationship

Prayer To Save A Failing Relationship
Prayer To Save A Failing Relationship

There are so many failed marriages today. Many frustrating elements set into marriage and destroy a happy union. Some couple of days ago, a news was published on all national dailies and broadcasted on all the broadcasting stations about a Hausa lady simply identified as Sanda Maryam who allegedly killed her husband because of infidelity.

Reasonably, many people have opined that when a union is not working out, the best thing the two partners can do is to go their separate ways. Whereas, that is not the will of God for a union. So, what do you do when a relationship is not working well? When you try all, you could and they are not working, do you just sit back and watch things got worse? or you just walk away quietly without contesting and let another person take the man or woman away. Anyways, if you ask me, I will tell you that is the best time to go to God in prayers. There is no other time to raise an altar for that relationship than now. Should you leave things in their crumbling state now, then you are sure to fall out of marriage soon. Why not settle all in the place of prayers.

Today we are going to be looking at some personal prayers for a failing relationship, these prayers is a personal supplication between you and God. You are going to be lifting your relationship to God in Prayers, you are going to engage your heart and faith for the salvation of your relationship. A heartfelt prayer will always get Gods attention. I have compiled below some powerful prayers for a failing relationship, engage them in faith and receive your own miracles.


Personal Supplication Prayers For A Failing Relationship:

Prayer 1

Dear Father in heaven, my relationship is currently heading towards the rock and if nothing is done about it, it might spell an inexplicable disaster soon. I don’t want my home to crumble, I don’t want my marriage to be a failure, I ask that by your mercy you mend the broken parts in my relationship in Jesus name.

Prayer 2

Father Lord, as I understand that in every relationship there are people involved. And the Bible makes us understand that two cannot move unless they agree. Whereas, how can we agree when we barely even understand each other? Lord, I ask that you give us the grace to always understand one another. I come against every power of misunderstanding between us, grant us the grace to always understand ourselves. Lord help me as a man/woman to always be sensitive to the needs of my wife, give me the grace to always understand her when she speaks and when she doesn’t even utter a word. I want to be a loving husband/wife to my wife/husband and a responsible father to my children. I rebuke Satan in my home, I come against every one of his vices that he has stationed to destroy the peace in my home, I invite the Prince of Peace into my home, I ask that the Prince of peace makes my home His dwelling place in Jesus Christ name.

Prayer 3

Lord God, I seek the grace to always respect my wife/Husband, I don’t want to be a man/woman that will always flex his muscular strength against his woman/man, grant me the privilege to always come to terms with him/her. I ask that you grant him/her the grace to always respect me as well, that he/she will accord me the respect that I deserve in Jesus Christ name.

Prayer 4

Lord God, your word says the fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom. I ask that you will create your fear in our hearts. Give us the grace to fear you, that when we both fear you; we won’t do anything negative against one another. Create in our hearts and undiluted love, the love that looks beyond criticism, a love that looks beyond naysayers, I ask that you grant it in our heart. Lord please, teach us how to love ourselves that there won’t be enmity between us in Jesus Christ name.

Prayer 5

Lord God, we sink out the relationship in your word, we sink it grounded in your Will that no power, principality or gathering will be able to put asunder between us. Let your love reign in our heart, let your love dwell in our home. I strengthen the bond of love that exists between us by your precious blood. Your word says what the Lord has joined together, let no man put asunder, I speak against whatever thing that wants to create asunder in our midst, I destroy it with your power, I come against it with your blood in Jesus Christ name.

Prayer 6

Lord it prays concerning the raging storm in my relationship presently, I ask that you speak peace into it in Jesus name. I ask for your hands of healing to be upon every wounded part in my relationship. Lord God, don’t let this temporary storm put a permanent asunder in our midst, give us the grace to act maturely and most importantly spiritually that we may not sin against you in Jesus Christ name.

Prayer 7

Lord, I pray that this present storm in my relationship will not cause me to sin against. You are the only one that can mend a broken heart. I ask that you take the wheel of my relationship, I ask that you will be the sailor of my marriage ship. For I know that when you sail and when you grab the wheel, the ship is assured of safety sail, Lord I give the ship of my relationship to you, I ask that you will sail it to a purposeful destination. Lord I’m stepping aside from that you may take charge fully, every of my knowledge and ego have I put aside, I ask that you will teach us yourself, the way to relate with ourselves, the right way to respond, Lord I ask that you will teach us in Jesus Christ name.

Prayer 8

Lord at the end of this storm, give us the grace to still be standing strong in you. Do not let us be a drift away by the present heat of the moment, give us the grace to strong in you, though, we are not seeing any solution presently, but grant us the grace to always hope in you. We know this is a trying moment, I ask that when this phase fades away, give us the grace not to lose our faith with it. In Jesus Christ Name.



  1. Thank God for this powerful prayers n I know that gradually God will put my marriage on the solid Rock of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, thank you Jesus, God bless you richly.

  2. Ek bid die 8 gebede oor my huwelik ek weet God sal kragtig Ingryp in my huwelik en ons weer as man en vrou kamer en bed sal deel. Ons is Amper 30 Jaar getroud


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