30 Beautiful Morning Prayer Points


Psalm 63:1:
1 O God, thou art my God; early will I seek thee: my soul thirsteth for thee, my flesh longeth for thee in a dry and thirsty land, where no water is;

Glory be to God!!!, We are in a new year. Seeking God early is the only way to command the affairs of your day. Only those who go on there knees before God early, enjoy early victories in the day. If you want to succeed as a Christian, you must always start your day with prayers. Today I have compiled 30 beautiful morning prayer points to kick start you on a platform of victory. This morning prayer will set the platform for divine intervention as you go about your fail activities.

Everyday is full of good and bad things, we must pray that the bad things stay far from us and that the good come to us. The devil is always attacking Gods children daily, that is why this beautiful morning prayer points is timely. You must fortify yourself everyday before you go out. You must ask the Holy spirit to guide you and order your steps to the right places. You must pray for divine favour before everyone you meet on a daily basis, also you must ask for supernatural protection from all the attacks of the enemies. When you pray like this every morning, you have no choice but to walk in dominion over the devil.

I encourage you this day, never go out without fortifying yourself spiritually, the devil is not joking, he is out to destroy Gods children at any slight opportunity, this beautiful morning prayer points will serve as your daily spiritual fortification, as you pray it in faith, I see God crowning your days with His goodness and mercies. As you start your morning with Jesus, you shall always end your day with testimonies. God bless you.

Prayer Points

1. Father , I thank you for this beautiful morning, I slept and I woke up, because you preserved me. Thank you Jesus.

2. Father, I thank you for all the benefits that you have loaded for me this day in Jesus name.

3. Father, I thank you for your mercies that is new every morning in my life in Jesus name.

4. Father, I commit all my activities in your able hand today in Jesus name.

5. Father, grant me supernatural speed to achieve all my targets today in Jesus name.

6. Father, order my steps by the help of your Holy Spirit this morning in the name of Jesus.

7. Shield me oh Lord, from the arrows that flies by day in Jesus name

8. I declare that no weapon fashioned against me this day shall prosper in Jesus name

9. I declare that I shall be favoured by all who set there eyes on me today in Jesus name.

10. The hand of God is upon my life, therefore I declare that I shall succeed today in Jesus name.

11. All the plans of the enemy to frustrate my day today is hereby rendered null and void in Jesus name

12. I declare that I shall never have a better yesterday in my life in Jesus name

13. I declare that I am blessed in my going out this morning in Jesus name.

14. I release the angels of the Lord to Go ahead of me this day and make all the crooked paths straight in Jesus name.

15. Jesus is the captain of my ship, therefore I shall not sink in Jesus name

16. Every satanic resistance on my path to greatness, be destroyed in Jesus name

17. Every mountain standing between me and my breakthroughs be destroyed by fire in Jesus name.

18. Every plans of household enemies to frustrate me in life in render their plans useless in Jesus name

19. I declare that I am walking in favour in Jesus name

20. I declare that I am walking in miracles in Jesus name

21. I declare that my life is surrounded with signs and wonders in Jesus name

22. I declare that I am far above principalities and powers in Jesus name.

23. Every witchcraft power trying to stop me is destroyed forever in Jesus name

24. Everyone that bless me is blessed by the Lord in Jesus name

25. Everyone that curses me I cursed by God in Jesus name

26. All those who have dug pits for me to fall into this day, they shall all be buried in that pit in Jesus name.

27. Father, fight all my battles this morning in Jesus name.

28. Father, I declare that my morning is blessed in Jesus name

29. I declare that my entire day is blessed in Jesus name.

30. Father, I thank you for answering my prayers in Jesus name.



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