30 Prayer For Success In Business in 2020


Genesis 26:12-14:
12 Then Isaac sowed in that land, and received in the same year an hundredfold: and the Lord blessed him. 13 And the man waxed great, and went forward, and grew until he became very great: 14 For he had possession of flocks, and possession of herds, and great store of servants: and the Philistines envied him.

God wants all His children to succeed. According to Jeremiah 29:11, and Joshua 1:8, Gods grand plan for us is to have a successful end or good success. This success also includes the works of our hands or our businesses. Today we are going to be looking at 30 prayer for success in business 2020. This prayer for success will bring God into your business, and when God is in your boat, the storms of life cannot sink you. For you to succeed in business, you must prepare both mentally and spiritually. Spiritual preparations is very vital because apart from natural forces, there are also spiritual forces that are fighting your success in business. I have heard stories of occultic men and women who use diabolical means to ensure that only them succeed in there line of business. When you don’t commit your businesses to Gods hand, your business becomes vulnerable to all manner of satanic manipulations.

But today you must arise and take your dominion in business. This powerful prayer for success in business in 2020 will supernaturally catapult your business from low level to high level success. As you hand over you businesses to God through prayers, no devil shall be able to resist your success. When God is the one leading your business, you have no choice but to experience the Isaac order of blessings. This prayer for success in business will take your business from the realm of pity, to the realm of envy in Jesus name.

Please note that God will only prosper, genuine and legal businesses. If you are a child of God, you must engage in only godly businesses, businesses that are approved by your Government. Avoid businesses like internet fraud, prostitution, drug trafficking, sex trafficking, cyber crimes, stealing, kidnappings etc. You may make money from this businesses, but it will cost you your soul. Do not lose your soul in the quest to make money. No money in this life can pay for the value of your soul. Please, let heaven be your number one goal. I see your businesses growing to the realms of billions by the hand of God in Jesus name. See you at the topmost top.

Prayer Points.

1. Father, I thank you for your greatest wish for me is all round prosperity in Jesus name

2. Father, thank you for not allowing my mistakes destroy my businesses in Jesus name

3. Father, I enter into your throne of grace to receive mercies and grace to live and do right by my business in Jesus name.

4. Father, I ask for supernatural wisdom as I go about my business in Jesus name

5. Father, give me great wisdom for strategy so as to succeed in my business in Jesus name.

6. Father, connect me to the right people to help me succeed in business in Jesus name.

7. Father, lead me to the right environment where my business shall flourish in Jesus name.

8. Father, open my eyes, to see the solutions to every pending issues in my businesses in Jesus name.

9. I declare that my business shall flourish after the order of Isaac in Jesus name.

10. I declare that no weapon fashioned against my business shall prosper in Jesus name amen

11. I declare that through this business, I shall loan to nations and not borrow from anyone in Jesus name.

12. I declare that through my business, I shall be the envy to my world in Jesus name

13. I declare the utter destruction of every plan of witches and wizards to frustrate my business in Jesus name

14. I declare null and void every evil utterances speaking against my life and destiny in Jesus

15. I declare the total destruction of every generational curses speaking against my life in Jesus name

16. I condemn every evil utterances speaking judgment over my life in Jesus name.

17. By the power in the name of Jesus, I disarm every strongman speaking against my success in Jesus name.

18. I cancel every evil pattern trying to repeat itself in my life in Jesus name

19. I separate myself from the sins of my father’s in Jesus name

20. I separate myself from every evil foundation in my father’s house in Jesus name.

21. I declare the permanent blindness of every monitoring demon monitoring my success in business in Jesus name.

22. I reject the spirit of poverty in Jesus name

23. I reject the spirit of lack and want in Jesus name.

24. I reject the spirit of ups and downs in Jesus name.

25. I reject the spirit of financial set backs in Jesus name

26. I reject the spirit of waste and liabilities in Jesus name.

27. I declare that I shall succeed in this business in Jesus name

28. Father, thank you for giving me supernatural victory in my business innjesus name.

29. I declare that through these businesses, the kingdom of God shall be greatly financed and expanded in Jesus name.

30. Thank you father for answering my prayers in Jesus name.





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