30 Prayers For Pregnancy Blessings


Deuteronomy 28:4 Blessed shall be the fruit of thy body, and the fruit of thy ground, and the fruit of thy cattle, the increase of thy kine, and the flocks of thy sheep.

Every pregnant mother must learn to declare blessings upon her pregnancy. What you do not bless, the devil can curse. Declaring blessings and praying continually for your baby/babies in the womb will ensure that the devil will have no place in the delivery of your Children. Today, i have compiled 30 prayers for pregnancy blessings. This prayers will empower your faith to pray effectively as you carry your pregnancy to the point of delivery.

Whatever the Lord has blessed, no man or devil can curse it, God has declared in His Word that the fruit of your body is blessed, therefore you too must declare the same on the alter of prayers. This prayers for pregnancy blessings is all about declaring blessings over your pregnancy. I see you deliver effortlessly in Jesus name.


Prayer Points

1. Father, i thank you for the success of this pregnancy in Jesus name.

2. I thank you for your mercies that have kept me and my baby/babies safe upto this day in Jesus name

3. I thank you for your blessings in Jesus name

4. I declare my baby/babies blessed in Jesus name

5. I declare my womb blessed in Jesus name

6. I declare my body blessed in Jesus name

7. I declare my day of delivery blessed in Jesus name

8. NO weapon fashioned against me and my babies shall prosper in Jesus name

9. I decree that no complications will resist these pregnancy in Jesus name

10. I receive supernatural strength to carry this pregnancy successfully till delivery in Jesus name

11.Where there is mercy, judgement is of no effect. Oh Lord, re￾move pain and bitterness from my pregnancy and delivery in Jesus name

12. Oh Lord, make my body like the body of the Hebrew women. Let my delivery be a surprise to midwives in Jesus name.

13. I reject any occurence that will cause me to give birth pre￾maturely in Jesus name.

14. I bound every negative news during my pregnancy and child birth in Jesus name.

15. I prophesied concerning my life that I am empowered to deliver safely in Jesus name.

16. Oh Lord, make the day and time of my baby delivery a mystery to all adversaries of my pregnancy in Jesus name.

17. Oh Lord, I know that You can do everything. Let me deliver safely without operation in Jesus name.

18. Oh Lord, I dedicate my baby to you today. Let my baby be yours even from my womb in Jesus name.

19. Oh Lord, through your word the deer gave birth, therefore, I shall also give birth safely and there will be a shout of “glory” in the church because of me in Jesus name

20. I prophesied into my life that before I labor, I will give birth and before my pain comes, I will deliver in Jesus name.

21. I speak a word of faith to my baby in the womb today that you will have joy and gladness and many will rejoice at your birth in Jesus name.

22. I prophesied that I shall not deliver a defective baby in Jesus name.

23. Oh Lord, there shall be no complications during and after delivery. Let joy quickly replace delivery pains in Jesus name.

24. Place a wall of fire around yourself.

25. Pray that ministering angels will surround you.

26. I render myself impenetrable to any occasional or regular anti-pregnancy spirit, in the name of Jesus. (Put one hand on your head, the other one on your womb.)

27. Let the fire of God purge the whole of my body system and remove -impurities, in the name of Jesus.

28. I break every covenant of late child-bearing with the fire of God and blood of Jesus.

29. I renounce and denounce every bad spirit using my imaginations against me, in the name of Jesus.

30. Breathe in the fire of God and breathe out negative things.
Thank You Jesus.

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