Powerful Prayer Points To Crush Serpents And Scorpions.


Luke 10:19 Behold, I give unto you power to tread on serpents and scorpions, and over all the power of the enemy: and nothing shall by any means hurt you.

Every believer has been given divine authority over all devils. As a child of God you must understand that the devil is not your problem in life. You are born of God, therefore you are superior to the devil and all his kingdom of darkness. Today we shall be engaging in powerful prayer points to crush serpents and Scorpions. This prayer points will open your eyes to the authority that God has given us in Christ Jesus. By the time you finish reading this article, you will stop running away from the devil and start pursuing the devil. Fear will disappear from your life permanently. Your era of dominion over satan and all his human agents will begin. I encourage you to open your heart as you go through this piece, you shall conquer in Jesus Christ name.

What Are Serpents And Scorpions?

Serpents and scorpions are the devil and his demonic human agents. In Luke 10:19, Jesus Christ referred to demons as serpents and scorpions. The devil is called the great serpents, no wonder his demons are also referred to as serpents and scorpions. Also every evil man or woman that seeks your downfall is also a serrpent and a scorpion. Every evil human agent fighting you in your family, work place, business place is also a serpent or scorpion. The good news is that God has given you the authority to crush them all. To place them where the belong, which is under your feet. But why did Jesus Christ use serpents and scorpions to refer to devils? We know that the scriptures are inspired by the Holy Spirit, and God does not make ordinary comparisons in the bible. For Jesus to use serpents and scorpions, to refer to demons, there must be some features and characterictics of these creatures that can be found in demons. Let us look at some of them.

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Characteristics Of Serpents And Scorpions

1. Poisonous: Both serpents and scorpions alike are poisonous creatures.A poison is a deadly liquid that can kill its victim. In the spirit realm poison symbolises evil deposits. Demons are also poisonous, they have the capacity to deposit evil spiritual poison in the lives of their victims. A lot of people today, even believers are suffering from evil deposits or spiritual poison, some have even died as a result of this demonic affliction. But as a child of God, you are unkillable, Jesus Christ said, you shall pick up serpents, and even if the devil plants any spiritual poison in your life, it shall not harm you. Mark 16:17-18.

2. Subtle: Serpents and scorpions are subtle and cunning creatures. If you are not spiritually sensitive, you wont see them coming. The devil is a seducer and deceiver and so are his demons. The devil deceived Adam and Eve in the garden and took authority over mankind as a result, When Jesus came to restore that authority back to man, he tried to deceive Jesus too but he failed, because Jesus was spiritually sensitive and alert. As believers, we must be watchful, not all that glitters are gold, we must never let our guard down, give no place to the devil and he will be helpless against you.

3. Violent and Offensive: Snakes and scorpions are violent and offensive creatures. Demons also are violent in nature, they are not smiling, they are out to steal, kill and destroy. If you must overcome them you too must be a violent Christian. ts only the violent that takes it by force. Life does not favour the gentle and harmless, it only favours the bold and violent. The lion in you must come alive. as long as you remain defensive, the devil will continue to attack you, but the moment you become offensive and attack the devil, he will flee from you. James 4:7.

4. They Can Be Crushed: Serpents and scorpions can be crushed, also demons can be crushed. Jesus has given us the authority to crush every demon that comes against us. The devil is no longer a factor, you as a christian , you are superior to the devil. Whenever the devil comes against you, you crush him in the name of Jesus Christ. One may ask, how do i crush serpents and scorpions as a believer. we shall be examining that shortly.

How To Crush Serpents And Scorpions

There are three ways to crush serpents and scorpions, they are the word, faith and prayer. Let us look at them one after the other:

1. The Word: The word of God is the will of God, and the will of God is the mind of God. The word of God is backed up with the integrity of God. That means whatever the word says, no devil can resist it. If you want to command authority over the devil and his agents, you must be a student of the word. You must study the word of God and allow it to dwell in you richly. Jesus was full of the word, in fact He is the Word of God personified. When the devil came to tempt him in the wilderness, He resisted the devil through the word of God, Matthew 4:10. Every believer that is full of the word of God, cannot be a victim of satan.

2. Faith: Without faith, you cannot manifest the power of God. Without faith, you cannot subdue the powers of darkness.Faith is absolute trust and dependency on God through His word. When you trust and depend on God, no devil can overcome you. Jesus Christ was full of faith, that is why He overcame every devil that came His way. As long as your faith is in place, you will subdue every devil that comes your way.

3. Prayer:Through Prayers we execute judgement over the kingdom of darkness. The power in the word of God and our faith are both manifested through the altar of prayers. Through prayers, you can command the forces of hell to bow at your feet. You dethrone every resistant force fighting your destiny. A prayerless christian will always be a victim of the devil. Only christians who dont pray, end up as prey to the devil. I have compiled some powerful prayer points to crush serpents and scorpions for you today. Now that you are informed, engage this prayers in faith and recieve your instant miracles in Jesus Christ name.

Prayer Points

1. Father, i thank You for all powers belong to you in Jesus Christ Name

2. Father, i come boldly to your throne of grace to recieve mercies and grace in Jesus Christ Name

3. You evil eyes monitoring my destiny, i command you to go blind in Jesus Christ Name

4. Every territorial demon standing against me be struck down in Jesus Christ Name

5. I release sufficient plagues upon every pharoah fighting against my breakthrough in Jesus Christ Name

6. Every demon oppossing the word of God in my life, be destroyed in Jesus Christ Name

7. I scatter the plans of every demonic gangup against me in Jesus Christ Name

8. I command every arrow of affliction targeted against my life to return back to the sender in Jesus Christ Name

9. Every tree of affliction growing in my destiny be uprooted and consumed by fire in Jesus Christ Name

10. Every demon that comes to kill to steal and to destroy in my life be destroyed now in Jesus Christ Name

11. Every demonic human agent hired to pull me down, fall down and die in Jesus Christ Name

12. Every covenant of hardlife be destroyed in Jesus Christ Name

13. Every serpentine spirit working against my life, be destroyed in Jesus Christ Name

14. Every evil deposit in my life be flushed out now by the blood of Jesus Christ.

15. Every affliction targetting my breakthroughs be erased in Jesus Christ Name

16. Every demon causing sickness and diseases in my life, be destroyed in Jesus Christ Name

17. Every demon of poverty in my life, be destroyed in Jesus Christ Name

18. Every evil voice speaking against my life, be destroyed in Jesus Christ Name

19. Every actvity of witches and wizards in my life be destroyed now in Jesus Christ Name

20. I crush every serpent and scorpions coming against me now in Jesus Christ Name

21. I release warring angels to destroy the plans of the enemy against my life in Jesus Christ Name

22. I declare that i am unstoppable in Jesus Christ Name

23. I declare that i am unkillable in Jesus Christ Name

24. I declare my all round authority over all devils in Jesus Christ Name

25. I reject spiritual blindness in Jesus Christ Name

26. From this day, i shall walk in favour on every sde in Jesus Christ Name

27. All those that will fight against me this year shall be destroyed in Jesus Christ Name

28. I unseat every demonic human agent sitting on my destiny in Jesus Christ Name

29. I declare that i am blessed in Jesus Christ Name

30. Thank You Jesus.




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