Warfare Prayers Against Terrorism In The World

Warfare Prayers Against Terrorism In The World

 Ephesians 6:12, KJV: “For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.”

We are in the last days, and the devil is desperate now more than ever to steal, kill and destroy more and more lives. The Church of Jesus Christ, the body of believers all around the world must arise and resist the devil and all his demonic agents. As long as we keep quiet, evil will continue to increase in our nations, we must roar at the devil and chase him and his demons out of our nations through the power of warfare prayers.

In these end times, one of the major ways the devil is fighting the world today, especially the church is through terrorism.  Everyday in the news, we hear or see killings of innocent people, mostly Christians by these satanic terrorists. Many people all over the world have deserted there villages to flee from these demonic agents.

These terrorist are unrepentant devils, and therefore we must arise and pray against them. They are everywhere, in the Arab countries, in Africa and all over Europe, Asia and America. We must arise and call on the God of heaven to destroy all there plans and purposes, we must rain down the fire of God to consume them and restore peace to our land. All these can be achieved through the power of warfare prayers. Today, we shall be engaging in warfare prayers against terrorism in the world. For the purpose of these article, we shall be focusing on  terrorism as it relates to the Church. Before we go into the warfare prayers, lets look at some definitions.

What Is Terrorism and Who Is A Terrorist?

Terrorism is the unlawful use of violence and intimidation, especially against civilians, in the pursuit of political or religious aims. A terrorist is one who unlawfully uses violence and intimidation against civilians for political or religious aim. In the world today, we have several terrorist organizations, they are Al-Qaida, boko haram, ISIS etc. These satanic organizations are responsible for the killings of countless innocent lives, many Christians all around the world are victims of these terrorist organizations.

There are many videos online of terrorists killing innocent civilians, many of which are Christians, some are Muslims, the purpose of these videos is to spread fear amongst the people of that nation. The devil draws his strength from the fears of others, but today, all there plans will begin to fail in every nation in Jesus Christ name. The church of Jesus Christ must rise up and say enough is enough, We must stand up and put an end to these violence and killings in our country. We must say “no more” to the devil, we must resist him by force out of our lands.

Are Muslims Terrorists?

The short answer to this question is No. Most terrorists in the world today are  Muslims and from Arab nations, but that doesn’t mean that Islam or Islamic people are terrorists. People who practice Islam as there religion are peace loving and kind people. I have met many of them, they have zero tolerance for violence of any kind.  There are millions of Muslims in the world today, who are actively speaking against terrorism and terrorists. They believe that this terrorist does not represent what Islam stands for (peace).

Saudi Arabia, and the United Arab Emirates are one of the most peaceful places in the world today, they are Islam dominated nations. Also the Muslims where very instrumental in the capture and execution of some terrorists and evil leaders like Osama, Saddam, Gadafi .  These facts shows that terrorists or terrorism should not be connected to Islam or Muslims. This article is not against Muslims or any religion, its just against evil. Terrorists are misguided and ill twisted people and as long as the Lord lives, all there evil plans for the nations of the world shall backfire in the name of Jesus Christ.

The Power Of Warfare Prayers

Prayers is the only weapon a believer has. As Christians our weapons of warfare are not carnal that is they are not physical weapons.  We don’t carry knives, we don’t carry guns, we don’t carry any physical and dangerous weapons to fight but we have one weapon and that is the weapon of warfare prayers. Make no mistakes about it,  prayer is the most Potent Force on the Earth. With prayer we can move mountains, bring evil to an end and destroy the plans of the devil in our Nation.

All through Scriptures we see The power of warfare prayer at work,  Israel as a nation was under the hold of pharaoh the evil king their captivity continued until they began to cry to the Lord and when they began to cry God sent Moses to deliver them by Force, Exodus 2:23,

We also see the story of Hezekiah the King of Judah and the Assyrian King,  The King of Assyria boasted and threatened to destroy Judah, he even went ahead to write letters of blasphemy against the God of Israel but Hezekiah took that letter before the God of Israel and pray to Him, he called the God of Heaven to arise and defend his nation and the Bible made it clear that that night an angel appeared in the camp of assyria and killed over a hundred thousand soldiers instantly that is the power of warfare prayers. 2 Kings 19:14-36.

In Acts chapter 12 we see the story of Peter, the Bible tells us that Herod the King attacked the church arrested James and killed him, when he saw that you please the jews, he arrested Peter but the Bible said the church prayed and ernestly for him, They prayed All Through the Night and the Angel of the Lord showed up,  he rescued Peter from the prison and the Angel didn’t stop there he attacked Herod and killed him. This is the power of warfare prayers

Warfare prayers are prayers you pray when you want to take the battle to the enemy, this are prayers you pray when you are tired of being pushed by the devil, this are prayers you pray when your adversary is unrepentant in nature. This terrorist are unrepentant Devils therefore we must use the force of our God to oppress them, we must let them know  that we serve a living God who is also a God of war we Must Pray against them, against all their plans, against all their strategies we must release the Vengeance of God to visit their camp with calamity after calamity, the devil only responds to power when they see the power of God work against them through our prayers they will have no option but to leave our Nations our cities our communities and our lives.

We must also pray for our government, that God should equip them with the necessary defence mechanism that will overpower the attacks of these terrorists,  we must ask for wisdom on our government officials to know the right strategies to take to control and maintain peace in our nation. We must also pray for our military to be bold and to defend our nations from terrorist attacks. We must pray for their protection and victory over all terrorist they will ever come in contact with.

I have compiled some powerful warfare prayers that will guide us as we pray against this evil in our country. These warfare prayers will bring an end to terrorism in your nation, I encourage you to pray it as an individual, as a group, in your church and in prayer meetings. You may say, my country is safe, why shoiuld i pray this prayers, as long as your fellow Christian brothers and sisters are being killed in other countries, you are not safe. I encourage you to take out time and pray for Christians all round the world who are living in terrorist nations. As we all pray this prayers in faith, we shall see God restore peace to this nation in Jesus Christ Name.

Warfare Prayers

  1. Oh God Arise and Scatter every plan of the enemies against the progress of these nation in Jesus Christ Name.
  2. Father, Let your mighty hand of protection rest upon Christians all over the world in Jesus Christ Name
  3. Father, we release killer Angels to visit the camps of terrorists world wide with calamity after calamity in the name of Jesus Christ
  4. I declare that every suicide bomber sent to bomb any church, mosque or any innocent victims, they shall bomb themselves in the name of Jesus Christ.
  5. Father, expose every secret plans of terrorists against the church in the name of Jesus Christ.
  6. Father silence every terrorist group that wants to silence the church in Jesus Christ name
  7. Father, I declare null and void every satanic agenda that is targeted against the church in Jesus name
  8. I set confusion in the camp of every terrorist world wide, they shall kill themselves in the name of Jesus Christ
  9. Father, defend every defenceless communities from the hands of these evil terrorists in Jesus Christ name
  10. Father, continue to frustrate the devices terrorists world wide in the name of Jesus Christ.
  11. My Father and My God, I release vengeance upon every sponsor of terrorism in the world today in Jesus Christ name
  12. Every sponsor of terrorism shall never know peace in the name of Jesus Christ.
  13. Just as they have made many families cry, there own crying shall know no end in the name of Jesus Christ.
  14. I declare that the angel of the Lord will afflict them until the day of there destruction in Jesus name.
  15. I command the resources of all sponsors of terrorism in the world to be dried up now in the name of Jesus Christ.
  16. Father, expose and bring to book every Government official, sponsoring terrorism in the world today in Jesus Christ name
  17. Father, disorganize every organization of terrorism in our nation today in Jesus Christ name.
  18. Father, release your billions of Angels to protect every Christian living in a terrorist infested country in the name of Jesus Christ.
  19. Father, protect all our Christian brothers in the middle east in the name of Jesus Christ.
  20. Father, I thank you for answering my prayers in Jesus Christ name.




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