20 Prayer Points For Inner Peace In Turmoil


John 14:27: Peace I leave with you, my peace I give unto you: not as the world giveth, give I unto you. Let not your heart be troubled, neither let it be afraid.

What do you do when the storm of life comes with full rage at you? The peace of God Almighty is enough to calm every tension and every turmoil. However, many people do not know this, instead, they run Helter-skelter even to places where they will never get help from.

The world is filled with so many troubles, from economy breakdown to societal constitutional problems, to family problems and so many more. It seems the peace of the world has been taken away by an unknown force. Even the rich and wealthy also run around or because they lack peace. If there was any prayer a man should say it must be a prayer of peace. It is God alone that can give peace to a man. Even the rich and wealthy cannot buy it with material wealth. Little wonder they say the rich also cry.

Peace comes from the inner part of the mind, a feeling of contentment, satisfaction, and security. Remember in the scripture while Christ and his disciples were sailing on a boat. Christ went asleep for some minutes and the peace of the ocean was threatened by a wild storm. His disciples despite having Christ in the boat with them became so terrified that they began to do everything possible to keep the boat from capsizing, however, their best seems not to be enough. And all the while they struggled to keep the boat together, Christ was in a corner of the boat sleeping peacefully like there was no harm or danger at all.

When they went to wake Christ from his sleep, he stood up and spoke to the storm and immediately peace and tranquility were restored. There are some lessons to learn from the incident. The first lesson is that there is no knowledge forged by a mortal man that can bring peace. Apostle Peter was on the boat with them, and he was a professional fisherman. If there was a degree for Fishing, Apostle Peter should have a Doctorate degree. And one of the prerequisites to becoming a successful fisherman is the ability to sail professionally and understand the lay of the ocean well enough. However, when the storm came, even Apostle Peter was as helpless as the remaining Apostles.

This lesson has established the fact that only God can give peace to a man. Even to the extent of speaking words that will bring peace instead of a sword, only God can grant a man such Wisdom. So instead of sitting back and cry in that situation of great turmoil that has sent peace packing out of your life, the best thing you should rather do is take it to God in prayers.

Just maybe you want to pray but you do not know the words to say, this article of 20 prayer points for inner peace in turmoil should help.

Prayer Points

• Dear God, I come to you this day, my heart is troubled, I ask that you will stretch your hands of peace to my life today in Jesus name.

• I ask for the grace to be strong even in my moment of trouble, even when it seems like solutions are not coming, grant me the grace to be strong in Jesus name.
• Lord God, though I’m not a poor man, I have almost everything that I needed, however, my mind still knows no peace, I pray thee that you will give an inner peace in the name of Jesus.
• Lord I speak to every situation in my life that is hell-bent on destroying my peace of mind, I destroy them by the power in the name of Jesus.
• Lord God, I know that I’m nothing without your power, I’m nothing without your presence, I hereby seek your power, Lord grants me your power in Jesus name.
• Heavenly King of Glory, I invite you to come to take the wheel of my life, I grant you the undeniable access to be the sailor of my life, Father Lord take control of my life in Jesus name.
• The scripture says, declare a thing and it shall be established, Lord I decree peace to every turmoil of my life in the name of Jesus.
• Lord, I pray for Grace that will lift me above my challenges, grace that will lift me above all my problems, Lord give it to me.
• I destroy the agenda of the enemy to take away my peace of mind in the name of Jesus.
• The scripture says surely they shall gather, but our sake they shall fall and be scattered, I destroy all their plans to end my peace of mind by the power in the name of Jesus.
• Heavenly Lord, I ask that you will restore unto me the joy of thy salvation and uphold me with a free spirit in the name of Jesus.
• I come against every trouble or pain that has been designed by the Kingdom of darkness over my life by the blood of Christ. For it has been written, my peace have I given unto to you not like the world give unto you, I ask that the prince of peace will continually dwell in my house in Jesus name.
• I pray for the grace to be contented with the little that I have and the spirit to wait upon you until you supply more in the name of Jesus.
• I decree the peace of God Almighty into my marriage, I decree peace into my finance.
• I decree peace into my health and I decree peace of God into my career by the power in the name of Jesus.
• I pray for every man and woman who needs his prayer dearly, I speak peace into their situation in the name of Jesus.
• Every situation in their lives that need to be touched, I ask that you will begin to touch them right now in the name of Jesus.
• For the Bible says, lift up your heads oh ye gates and be lifted up ye everlasting doors that the King of Glory may come in.
• I invite the king of Glory and peace into the situation of their lives right now in the name of Jesus.
• Thank you blessed Redeemer for answer prayer, thank you because things have been touched and situations will turn around for good. For in Jesus name I have prayed



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