Prayer For A Broken Relationship

Prayer For A Broken Relationship

Proverb 27:6: Faithful are the wounds of a friend; but the kisses of an enemy are deceitful.

How do you feel when your heart is being broken by the one you love dearly? especially when all your mind already centered around marriage and all of a sudden, the person walked out of your life without saying goodbye. Do you feel happy about it? The nature of a man is characterized by a lot of uncertainty that is why man is unpredictable.

How that someone you share your heart with, someone you can die for will just wake up one morning and decide to walk away leaving you heartbroken. There is no drug or antidote that can cure that pain from going away only the grace of God can. Today we shall be looking at prayer for a broken relationship.  Many men and women have fallen into depression due to heartbreak, there are some people who have built a deviant behavior just because someone they trusted so much broke their hearts.


When heartbreaks happen, society expects that the two parties should move on with life. Many times, the feelings of the one whose heart was broken are not always put into consideration. Meanwhile, there are so many people who have given up on love, hence, they vowed never to get married because they don’t want to experience such a gory experience again.

Another side of the story is that whenever there is a broken relationship, at times God wants us to learn a lesson or He has a better plan. For instance, if the two partners will not have a happy marriage even after counselling and intercessory prayers, God can allow a disparity between them which will save the duo from the pending doom coming in future. So, it is not all broken relationships that are entirely bad, if the only man can see the future.

You all must know that high expectations precede disappointment. When the expectations of a man are high on something, disappointment is not far. The nature of a man is such that it will always cause him to misbehave and disappoint even those that he was not meant to disappoint. For instance, the book of Genesis recorded that God repented in his heart that he created man because of the works of our hands. If a man is capable of causing heartbreak to God Almighty, how much man to man relationship?

Nevertheless, God has a way of healing the deepest of all wounds if only we will give him the undeniable access to work on us. To as many people that suffer heartbreak due to a broken relationship, these are the prayers to help you overcome the feeling of heartbreak.

3 Ways To Avoid A Broken Relationship

1. Ask God For Direction: Before going into a relationship, it is highly important that we seek the face of God before we go into any serious relationship. Whether it is a love relationship or a business relationship. When we seek His face, He saves our face from shame and heart break. Many Christians are suffering from broken relationships today because they did not seek to know the will of God concerning that relationship. Not all that glitters are gold, even the devil can appear like an angel of light, that is why we must watch and pray before we enter any relationship.

2. Pray For The gift Of Discernment: The gift of discernment is one of the gifts of the Spirit. This gifts enables you to smell evil from afar. When this gift is operational in your life, you will recognize a wrong person when they come into your life. In Acts 16, Paul knew that the young girl prophesying behind them was possessed with the spirit of divination, so he was not fooled. Also Jesus Christ knew that the Pharisees where evil, while others where seeing them as the closest to God, Jesus knew who they really were because he could discern them from His Spirit. When you are endured with this Spirit, you will know when you see the right person. I encourage you to pray to be imparted with this gift.

3. Be Faithful: Don’t just look for a faithful partner, be a faithful partner. Be willing to give that which you want to get. The best way to change the world is by changing yourself first. If you want unconditional love, give unconditional love, if you want respect give respect, If you want the best, you must make yourself suitable to deserve the best.


• Lord Jesus, I have come before you with a broken heart, my heart has been shattered by the one whom I had planned to spend the rest of my life with. I have prayed over time about it, I have gone for diverse spiritual counseling but yet, just one day my partner decided to walk away leaving me heartbroken, Lord Jesus, I know you have the touch of healing to all wounds please mend my broken heart.

• Lord God, many times I will wonder why this has to happen to me, I thought we are good together, I thought my love is enough to keep us going, but how wrong I have been all the while. Jesus, I ask that you will give me the grace to move on with life. Grant the power and strength to forge ahead, give the grace to still love God and never give up on all of his promises to me.

• I ask God that you will give me the grace to humbly accept the circumstances that I can not change, this broken relationship has created a huge scar in my heart and every time I remember this occurrence, a fresh blood goose out of my scar, grant me the grace to look beyond my scar in the name of Jesus.

• Lord God, you are my present help in the moment of need, I do not want to be overwhelmed by the pain and trauma of this broken relationship. I do not want to take a senseless decision because someone has broken my heart. Lord Jesus, I ask that you will make me stronger than the pain and trauma that has been caused by his unfortunate incident.

• Lord God, I ask that you will feel my heart with your love and you will make me forget the past. Because anytime I remember, I feel a sharp pain in my heart, Lord Jesus, help me not to think about it anymore. It has become a thing of the past, please help me so that it won’t affect my present life or destroy my future.

• Lord Jesus, more than ever before I need your spirit, your spirit that will draw me nearer unto you, your spirit of great companionship, the spirit that will lead me and guide me. Do not allow me to fall into the wrong hands again, I ask that whenever the door of my heart will be opening to love again, please Lord Jesus, let it be to the right person.

• Lord Jesus, I know this is a phase of life that will still be over soon. Lord I need your guardian, I do not this pain to transient into my future. Do not let me make a decision that will cause you to be disappointed in me. Help me Lord that my broken relationship will not ruin my relationship with you and vice versa, give me the grace to continually be your child.

• Lord, I pray for as many people who have been struck with the same trauma as mine, I ask that you will strengthen them, you will give them to accept that which they can not change and move on with life. Draw them nearer and nearer unto you, that the devil will not take advantage of their current tribulation to gain their soul. Make them see a friend in you, grant them the grace to be able to confide and trust in you. Let them see a better tomorrow that will help them forget the past and move on with life.



  1. This really helped me to be vulnerable before God and allow Him to address and heal a traumatic heartbreak that had been affecting and hurting me for near 18 months.

    Thank you so much! God bless your ministry


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