Prayer Points To Destroy The Activities Of The Enemy

Prayer Points To Destroy The Activities Of The Enemy

Job 5:12: He disappointed the devices of the crafty, so that their hands cannot perform their enterprise

The Bible says the enemy rest, not day and night, going about looking for whom to destroy. It is, therefore, pertinent that prayer against the activities of the enemy is taken seriously. The scripture made us understand that the devil doesn’t come unless to steal, kill and destroy, John 10:10. This verse of the bible explains in detail the works of the enemies. Today we shall be looking at powerful prayer points to destroy the activities of the enemy. This prayer points will scatter by fire all the evil activities of darkness in your household. Pray them in faith today and see the hand of God prevail in your life.

While men sleep at night, it would interest you to know that hundreds of people are not sleeping, they are doing one thing or the other in order to hinder or destroy the destiny of other people. One might begin to wonder what does the enemy gain in doing evil? or one might begin to wonder why the Earth is filled with so much evil, can’t people just live together in love and peace? Well, it is just like expecting a lion not to eat man because man doesn’t eat lion. It is in the nature of the enemy to do evil, they are naturally designed to come up with evil plans to destroy people. Hence, it will be our own undoing as Christians to let them get away with their evil activities.

The life of Mordecai and Haman is a good example of a failed attempt of the enemy over an individual. Haman had made plans to have Mordecai executed for no reason. It was not that Mordecai did any evil to Haman to warrant such hatred, he just hated Mordecai for no reason. So, he mapped out his plans to get Mordecai killed by the king, however, the scripture says the prayer of the righteous avail much. Through prayers and supplications, Haman died in place of Mordecai, he was killed by the same poisonous venom he designed for Mordecai. As you engage in this prayer points today, all the evil plans of your enemies will backfire back on their faces in Jesus Christ name.

Also, it is important to know that a non-entity will not have an enemy. A man who is destined for doom and calamity will have no enemy. However, any man that is destined for greatness will surely have enemies. This is one reason why we should always be of good faith when tribulations and problems arise against us, we should know that we are going to be great. Jesus Christ, the author and finisher of our faith, despite his humility, despite is a free spirit and righteous nature, he still had a lot of enemies. Devil is one of the biggest enemies that antagonized the works of Christ because the devil knows that Christ has come for the salvation of people and for the doom of him the devil. So, enemies will always arise especially when we are on way to breakthrough.

We have compiled a list of prayer points to destroy the activities of the enemy in our lives. These prayer points will destroy every evil plans of the devil targeted against your life and destiny. As the gather against you, these prayers will scatter them. As you engage these prayer points, the Angels of the Lord will be dispatched in your direction to deliver you from all the evil plans of your enemies. Every pit the have dug for you, they all shall fall into it in Jesus Christ name.

Prayer Points

• Heavenly Father, I come before you today, there is a legion of the enemy making several attempts to take me down, I pray thee oh Lord that you will destroy their counsel over me in the name of Jesus.

• Lord, your word says the eyes of the Lord is always upon the righteous, and his ears are always attentive to their prayers, I deep myself into your protection in the name of Jesus.

• Heavenly God, those who want my life increases by the day, but I take refuge in your words that says no weapon fashion against me shall prosper, I decree fire of God upon the camp of my enemies.

• Lord, I pray that every tongue that rises against me in judgment shall be condemned in the name of Jesus. The Bible says for I carry the mark of Christ, let no man trouble me, I send the fire of God Almighty upon all my enemies in the name of Jesus.

• Lord by your mercy, I pray that you will disrupt all the attacks of the enemy over me and you will put them to shame in the name of Jesus.

• Lord God of Heaven, the scripture made us understand that you are the God of vengeance, I ask that you arise in your wrath and take your vengeance against all my enemies in the name of Jesus.

• Oh! who says what when the holy one of Israel has not spoken? I come against every tongue that is waggling against me, my family and friends in the name of Jesus.

• You have made a promise in your word that with my eye shall I see and behold the reward of the wicked but no evil shall befall me or come near my dwelling place, Lord in this year, I come against each of their activities over me in the name of Jesus.

• Arise Lord and let your enemies be scattered, let those who envy and hate your people perish, just like the sword melt in the face of a furnace, let the wicked be destroyed in the name of Jesus.

• I ask that you will descend the seraphim with the sword of flames and they will take charge of my security, the seraphim that carries the vengeance sword of God Almighty, I ask that you will send them forth in the name of Jesus.

• For it has been written, I know the thoughts I have towards you, they are the thoughts of good and not of evil to give you an expected end. Lord, I pray that as from today, only your counsel. Will stand in my life in the mighty name of Jesus.

• Lord God, I understand that you do want the death of sinners but their repentance through Christ Jesus. I pray that by your mercies you will change the heart of those seeking my downfall, I ask that you change their thoughts towards me in the name of Jesus.

• You said in your word that you will curse those who curse me and bless those who bless me. And your word also has made me understand that you alone can change evil to good. In the name of Jesus, I change each of their bad plans and agenda over my life to good success in the name of Jesus.

• Thank you blesses Redeemer for the answered prayers, thank you because only you are God, there no other God except you, thank you for answer, thank you because you have caused a great turmoil in the camp of my enemies, than you because you have caused a great distress to all who wish me evil, thank you blessed Redeemer for your protection, in Jesus name I pray.




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