Prayer Points To Prepare For An Exam

Prayer Points To Prepare For An Exam

Ecclessiastics 9:11: I returned, and saw under the sun, that the race is not to the swift, nor the battle to the strong, neither yet bread to the wise, nor yet riches to men of understanding, nor yet favour to men of skill; but time and chance happeneth to them all.

I remember my student days, I had a conversation with some of my classmates and something struck my mind during the course of our conversation. One of the most brilliant students in my class a Christian who everyone respected to be a very devoted one. He was telling a lady in my class that he does not pray before sitting for any examination.

Whereas, he’s one of the best scholars in the entire department. During the conversation, the other protested that it is important to pray before writing an examination, he turned to me and ask if I also pray before writing examination. I told him point-blank that of cause I pray before writing examination. Then he made a compelling statement that struck my mind, while his statements may seem like pride, he made some apt points that were true. He said God has given unto us the grace to read and understand, and many times we dont need to pray for it, it is a gift of nature to mankind.

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However, how we use our brain is dependent on us, God is not responsible for it. He went further to say that most Christians fail examination because they pray so hard and yet they refuse to read in the same proportion that they have prayed. Now, in this article, we are not encouraging students to pray without reading. Remember that the scripture says to study to show yourself approved.

Meanwhile, it is also important to pray before and after writing examination for God mercy and favor to accompany our script, when the favor of God follows your script, it will find favor in the sight of the examiner. As much as you have prepared well by studying hard, it is also important that you pray hard too. The simple gimmick is praying as if you have never read and read as if you have not prayed.

Therefore, after reading and you need to settle things in the realm of the spirit and you will need to speak to God. We have compiled a list of prayer points to say to prepare for an examination. I encourage you to engage this prayers by faith, knowing that it is not by power, nor by might, but by the spirit of the Lord. You shall succeed in your exams in Jesus Christ Name.

Prayer Points.

• Lord, I thank you for the grace that you have bestowed unto me to study, I thank you for the privilege to assimilate things, Lord magnify you in the name of Jesus.

• I pray that as I continue reading that you will give the grace to grab things correctly and fundamentally in the name of Jesus.
• I ask for the spirit of understanding, Knowledge, and Wisdom, that will enable me to write correctly in the examination, I pray that you will release it upon me in Jesus name.
• Father Lord, as I get prepared for my examination I ask that you will favor me in the name of Jesus.
• The Bible says if anyone of you lacks wisdom let him ask from God that gives liberally. Loving Father I ask that you will give me the wisdom to assimilate in the name of Jesus.
• I come against every spirit of fear that may want to dominate my heart, I destroy it by the blood of Christ.
• The Bible says fear not for I’m your God, do not be dismay because I’m with you, I ask for the spiritual courage to express myself thoroughly in the examination hall.
• Righteous King, you are the creator of all things through a source of light and wisdom, I ask that your light will illuminate the darkness of my understanding, I ask that your holy spirit the comforter will be with me and wipe away every form of fear that may want to arise.
• Loving Father, you are. the origin of all being, I ask that you will endow upon me the grace and ability to interpret all the questions that I will come across in the examination hall.
• I pray for the power of your Holy spirit that interprets the misery locked in the word of God, I ask that it will help me interpret all the questions that I will be asked in Jesus name.

• Lord God, I ask for the spirit of God that will bring everything that I have read to my remembrance, that I will not forget all of the points that I read.
• I seek your grace that will always ignite and bring to my remembrance all of the things that I have read.
• Heavenly Lord, I come against every power of implications by the precious blood of Jesus. Every power that wants to frustrate my effort, I destroy them by the power in the name of Jesus.
• I seek the power that will give the auction to know the mind of the examiner. The power that will make me know exactly how the examiner wants the questions to be answered, Lord I ask that you will give it to me.
• Lord Jesus, I come against every power of failure by the blood of the lamb. Jesus never fails, it has become impossible for me to fail, every iota of failure that the enemy has planned, I destroy it in the name of Jesus.
• Father Lord, I pray that you will give me the grace to be exact in all of my explanations, I seek the grace to express myself with thoroughness and charm, Lord release upon me in the mighty name of Jesus.
• I ask for the spirit of excellence, one of such that you gave unto Daniel that separated him from others, the spirit of excellence that will set me apart for success, I pray that you will release unto me in Jesus name.
• Lord I commit the examination day into your able hands, I ask that you will sanctify that day in the name of Jesus.
• I come against every scheme and agenda of the devil to destroy that day or make it a mess by the power in the name of Jesus.
• Thank you blessed king for answered prayers, thank you for the recorded examination success, thank you become you have marked that day for excellence, I appreciate you, Heavenly King, let your mighty name be exalted.




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