Prayers To Say Before Holy Communion

Prayers To Say Before Holy Communion

1 Coprinthians 10:16: The cup of blessing which we bless, is it not the communion of the blood of Christ? The bread which we break, is it not the communion of the body of Christ?

The observation of the Holy Communion has been greatly abused by most Christians and religious scholars. One of the few things that Jesus commanded that we should always do in his remembrance is taking the Lord’s Supper as explained in the book of Corinthians 11:24-26. It is a spiritual initiation into the body of Christ.

When we take the Holy Communion, we remind ourselves how Christ laid down his life for our sake, a heavy debt that we can never repay. We must always come to the consciousness that we are nothing on or by ourselves, Christ made us who we are and what we are, and he did that by laying down his life. Today we shall be looking at prayers to say before holy communion.

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Also, we must understand that the creation of heaven and earth cost God nothing because God literally spoke everything into being. However, our salvation and redemption cost God almost everything, He had to lay down the life of his begotten son for man to be saved.

Christ demonstrated this in the book of 1st Corinthians 11 after he gave thanks, he broke the bread which was a physical object to represent his body that was to be broken, he shared it to his disciples and in the same vein, he took the wine a physical object that represents his blood and shared it among his disciples to drink. Thereafter, he urged them to always do it in his remembrance.

This signifies that we carry the body of Christ and the blood of Christ flows in our veins, hence, we must represent Christ well. It would interest you to know that as great the blessings of the Holy Communion is, so also the curse if it is not done rightly.

Jesus, however, gave some conditions to the participation of individuals in the Holy Communion. In 1Corinthians 11:27 Christ said, whoever will eat of this bread and drink this cup of the Lord, unworthily, shall be guilty of the body and blood of the Lord. So it is important that everyone that will partake in the Holy Communion must be in the right frame of mind void of evil thoughts and imagination.

More so, there are some benefits of the Holy Communion that will not be made manifest if it is taken unworthily, healings come with the communion, breakthrough, and freedom from evil oppressor.
When you are about to take the Holy Communion these are the following prayers to take;


• Lord God, we magnify your holy name for allowing Christ to lay down his life for our sake, we recognize that by the virtue of the Holy Communion, we are covenanted with Christ Jesus and he has bear all of our infirmities, sin, and reproach on the cross of Calvary. We pray thee that by the virtue of the Holy Communion, you will draw us nearer unto you in the name of Jesus.

• Father in heaven, for the carry the flesh and blood of Christ and the scripture says let no man trouble me because I carry the mark of Christ, Lord, we decree our freedom from the oppressor in the name of Jesus.

• Father in Heaven, we ask that by the virtue of the Holy Communion you will touch every part of our lives that needs your touch. We pray that this will make us stronger spiritually and you will help do only things that will please God in the name of Jesus.

• Lord Jesus, the scripture says any man in Christ is a new creature and old things are passed away. We recognize that our redemption has been bought with a price, Christ paid for it dearly on the cross and we gained our liberty from sin. Lord Jesus, by the virtue of this Holy Communion, grant us the spiritual alertness that we are no longer a slave to sin and iniquity. Give us the power never to return into them in the name of Jesus.

• Heavenly Lord, we ask that we should always do this in your remembrance and when we do that, we always remember everything that you have taught us. We pray that we won’t take it for damnation, we will not be condemned by it, but you will give us the liberty and freedom that we deserve in the name of Jesus.

• Jehovah Lord, the Holy Communion is a physical object used to represent your body and blood. When we break the blood and drink the wine, in the spirit we have taken your blood, how can your blood flow in our veins and we will still be tormented by sickness? The Bible says for he has bear upon himself all our infirmities and he has healed all our diseases. Lord, let there be healings by the virtue of the Holy Communion in the name of Jesus.

• How can I carry the blood of Christ in my veins and I will still be tormented of devil, sin, and iniquity. Lord Jesus, by the virtue of the Holy Communion, I announce my deliverance from sin and demon in the name of Jesus.

• Lord Jesus, we pray that by the reason of the Holy Communion you will give me a revelation of the things that are not pleasing to you about me. God, with a heart of humility I pray that you will reveal to me that which doesn’t interest you about me. Cause the Holy Communion to become an eye-opener and give the insight to be able to serve you better in the name of Jesus.

• Lord Jesus, the time of Holy Communion is another great opportunity to reflect on my life and how I have crossed you. I’m rededicating my life to you, I’m releasing myself to you in totality, Lord Jesus take full control of my life. Let my whole life become an expression of you, I want to carry the real image of the father in all my doings, find expression through me and let people see you through me in the name of Jesus.

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