Prayer For Strenght And Comfort

prayer for strenght

Today’s prayers is prayer for strength and comfort. Many times, we always need a source of strength to carry on with life because the battle of life will come raging at us with a fierce force. Things will not get easier in life, we ourselves need to go tougher. Little wonder, quite several people resort to committing suicide just to escape the hardship and untold suffering in the world. Also, there are so many promises of God concerning our lives, whereas, it is always like none of them is coming to fulfillment.

It is worthy for us to know that when we are in the hardship of life when the storm of life comes raging at us, it is important that we keep looking at the cross, it is expedient that we do not lose our gaze on Calvary where our salvation and deliverance is, however, we might not be able to carry on without an external force that serves as a means of strength. Jesus Christ could have turned back at the wee hour he was about to be taken by the enemy, he prayed that God if it will please you to make this cup run over me, however, he was swift to tap from the strength of the Father, he said but not my Will but let your Will be done. And the scripture made it known that the angels of the Lord came and ministered unto him, their ministration serve a soothing comfort to his spirit.

Often in our lives too we need that same strength to keep moving until we get to Calvary, we need the comforter that will give us hope that all will be well even when it seems nothing is working. Uneasy lies the head that wears the crown, most importantly, when a man is in a storm, we are always blinded by the power of the storm that we don’t see that there is a God in the storm with us. If Job had not gotten the strength never to deny God, he might have failed the great test that God was making him go through to as proof of his faith. In the world filled with so many battles from economic depression, to ancestral problems in the family to environmental problems, it is important we seek the strength of God.

Also, anyone who has lost anything or someone so precious to them would understand that nothing takes away the pain of losing something or someone precious except the spirit of God. Only God can take away the unseen pain that kill men slowly. And this is a piece of good news to us all, Christ knew for sure that we will be faced with lots of pains, so he promised to send us a comforter in the person of the Holy Spirit. The spirit of God will take away our pain and agony replacing it with the love of God.

Whenever we deem fit that we need to pray for strength and comfort, these are the following prayers to say.


• Lord Jesus, my soul is sick and weary, I can’t seem to find my strength anymore. Every effort to renew my strength has proved abortive, I need your strength. For it has been written that the joy of the Lord is my strength, I ask that you restore your joy into my hearts in the name of Jesus.

• Lord God, oftentimes the pressure of life’s storm drains all my energy rendering me helpless and hopeless, I’m beginning to lose my faith, I’m gradually becoming a shadow of myself. Jesus, I seek your strength to keep moving forward and never lose my faith in your word that you have conquered the world. Lord God, I pray that you will endow me your strength in the name of Jesus.

• Father Lord, with my present predicament I’m vulnerable to temptations from the devil. Lord, I ask for your strength never to surrender to the devil, that my soul will not be lost. Lord, I ask for the strength to always look at the cross where my deliverance and salvation are imbedded, fly me your strength Lord Jesus that I will not deny the conviction that you are my personal Lord and savior. Lord, I wait upon you to renew my strength. For it has been written that those that wait upon the Lord, their strength shall be renewed, I pray that you renew my strength in the name of Jesus.

• Lord Jesus, the scripture says I will up my heads to the hills from where my help will come, my help. will come from God the maker of heaven and Earth. Lord Jesus, my heart is battered, my pain and anguish are becoming unbearable, I pray that you will make strong. Father Lord, before I begin to lose my faith and hope I ask that you comfort spirit in the name of Jesus.

• Father Lord, just like you comforted King David, like you compensated Job, as you exonerated yourself in the life of Abraham by giving him the promised child. I ask for that encouragement to keep me moving until I get to the cross in the name Jesus.

• Lord Jesus, I have no idea when this storm will end, I have no idea when I will reach the finish line of this race. I have gone too deep to back out now, I have come this far with you to turn back. I ask that you will comfort my spirit and fly me your strength not to stop trying to defeat my pain but grant me the grace and power to run with an enduring spirit until the race is over, the power to walk with endurance until the storm is silent, Lord God this I seek in the name of Jesus.

• Father Lord, I ask that you arise and comfort every man and woman that needs to be comforted, by the reason of this prayer Lord Jesus, you will arise and give strength to your people.



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