Prayers Against Lustful Thoughts

Prayers Against Lustful Thoughts

Today we shall be engaging in prayers against lustful thoughts.  Different people all over the world have risen to the unfortunate prevalence of rapists around the world. Just a few days ago, ugly news saturated the media about the University of Benin, Nigeria, West Africa. A Student only identified as Miss Uwa Omozuwa. She was raped on the altar of a church where we had gone to read and was gruesomely murdered by her assailants.  She was just a 22-year-old lady aspiring to become better in life. However, that dream was put death by some demonic young men with lustful thoughts.

You must be wondering why we started a prayer against Lustful Thoughts with the news of a 22-year-old lady that was raped and murdered, that is because it has a connection with this topic. One of the biggest reason why men rape women or why women rape men are because of the lustful thoughts in the heart. Satan is a clever bastard, he knows the best way to manipulate the heart of men and make them beast unto others.

When we entertain Lustful thoughts in our hearts, it will hinder the thinking of the spirit, the spirit of God will not be able to find expression through us. Another great catastrophe that is caused by Lustful thoughts is that it makes the presence of God far away from the man. Meanwhile, when the presence of God is far away from man, another presence overshadows the life of a man.

King David entertained a lustful thought in his heart when he was at the Clive of his house looking at the wife of his servant Uriah while she baths. King David had no control of his lust has the feeling overcame his spiritual consciousness to stay holy, he went in with Bathsheba and conceived an unholy fruit. God detests anything unholy and that is why when a man is harboring lustful thoughts in heart, the spirit of God is always far from there because the scripture says the face of God is too holy to behold sin.

Lustful thoughts will lead a man to sin against God by doing all sorts of abominable things. Also, lustful thoughts precede sexual immoralities. You need spiritual cleansing through prayers when you start harboring lustful thoughts. We have compiled a list of prayers against Lustful thoughts to help you get out its shackles.


  • Lord God, I pray that by your mercy you will sanctify my heart. I pray that you will take over my entire being that every I will entertain in my heart will be Godly. I come against every spirit and power that may want to pollute my thoughts with immoralities, I pray that they are subdued in the name of Jesus. Father in heaven, I pray for your spiritual strength that will always bring me to consciousness that the devil is lurking around my thoughts. I pray that you will give me the spiritual alertness that will always ignite my spirit man to be conscious of the thoughts that go through my heart, I pray that you will give me this strength in the name of Jesus.
  • Lord Jesus, I come before you this day that you will guide my heart and take possession of my thoughts. I pray that my mind will be guided with spiritual diligence so that I will not fall into temptation. Lord God, I pray that you will help me defeat this enemy that has decided to ruin and contaminate every thought that go through my heart. Lord Jesus, I recognize that I’m weak and that is why I’m seeking for your strength to resist lustful thoughts in my heart. Lord Jesus, I pray that you will fly me your spirit in the name of Jesus.
  • Lord Jesus, I confess my victory in the name of Jesus. The scripture says and they overcame him by the blood of the lamb and the by the words of their testimonies. Lord, I testify that I’m free from the bondage of lustful thoughts in the name of Jesus. I come against every power and principalities that may want to bring lustful thoughts to my heart. I cover my heart with the blood of the lamb, and I sanctify each of my thoughts with your precious power in the name of Jesus.
  • In the name of Jesus, I forbid every power and the spiritual demon that may want to destroy my godly temple with lustful thoughts and feelings of immoralities. I destroy such powers by the blood of the lamb. Lord, I refuse to be a victim of lustful thoughts in the name of Jesus. Lord Jesus, I confess my sins before you so that you will change me. The bible says the sacrifices of the Lord are a broken spirit and contrite heart, a broken and contrite will God not despise. Lord, I feel sorry for the type of thoughts I have been entertaining in my hearts for while, Lord Jesus, forgive me for my sins and iniquities. Lord I pray that you will create in me a clean heart, a heart that will abstain from every lustful , I pray that you will create your kind of heart inside me in the name of Jesus.
  • Lord God, I surrender my body and spirit to your superiority. I pray that you will guide and nurture me. I pray that you will decide the thoughts and feelings that will go through my hearts. Lord Jesus, I pray that your spirit will possess my entire being and you will become the controller. From now, I cease to be controlled by the devil, I announce that my life and entire being now belongs to Jesus and He will direct and guide me in the right part in the name of Jesus.
  • Father Lord, I pray for every man and woman who are secretly battling this demon of lustful thoughts, I pray that you will rescue them from it in the name of Jesus. I pray that you will give them the grace and strength to resist in the name of Jesus.






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