Prayer For Debt Cancellation and Financial Breakthrough


Today we will be dealing with prayer for debt cancellation and financial breakthrough. These two factors are the reason behind many people’s setbacks in this modern world. Some so many people are in debt because they have not experienced a financial breakthrough. They have a problem with having a stable means of income, and that is why they can not afford things by themselves unless they get into debt. Meanwhile, it is not the plan of God for people to be in indebt, it is never part of God’s plan that people should experience financial failure.

It is the plan for God that we all live a comfortable life. Although it is not possible that everyone will become rich equally, God still wants us to live a very comfortable life where we can afford to buy things by ourselves, a life where we will work and reap the reward of our labor bountifully. That is why the scripture says in the book Psalm 37:21, The wicked borrows but does not pay back, but the righteous is generous and gives. It is only the wicked that borrows intending never to pay back, but it is the will of God for the righteous to be generous and give to people instead of borrowing.

However, the enemy many times wait at the corridor of financial breakthrough to hinder people from enjoying the plans of God for their lives. The enemy takes away from a man’s financial liberty hence throwing the man into debt. God wants to restore financial liberty to people, and he wants to help people settle their debts. That is why the spirit of God has led us to dish out the prayer for debt cancellation and financial breakthrough.

Whether or not you feel you need these prayers, endeavor to take your time in studying it, feel free to share with the people you love and care so much about their financial breakthrough.

Prayer Points:

Lord Jesus, the scripture says the rich rules over the poor, and the borrower is a slave of the lender. I refuse to be a slave, Lord God. I decree that I’m free from debts in the name of Jesus. Father God, it is never your will for my life to be ruled or be a subject; you have ordained me kings among men, I can not be a slave unto another. On this note, do I pray Lord God that you will settle all my debts in the name of Jesus.

Father Lord, You said in the word that as you are so we are, and I know for your sure that you were not indebted to any man. Lord God, I pray that by the authority of heaven, you will free me from the slavery of debts in the name of Jesus. Jesus Christ of Nazareth, I pray that by your mercy, you will cancel all my debts by your holy name. Every that I owe in the physical realm and every debt I owe in the realms of the spirit, I pray that you will cancel them in the name of Jesus.

Father Lord, how can I be free from debt when I don’t have financial independence. I pray Lord Jesus that you will teach me how to make money. The scripture made me understand that every good idea comes from you God, I pray that you will give to me the idea that I need to utilize to make immeasurable wealth in the name of Jesus.

Father Lord, I have come to understand that we don’t become wealthy by the amount of money we earn. We don’t gain financial dominance by how huge our income is. We get a financial breakthrough by the amount of grace we get from God. Lord, I pray that your grace will be upon my life from now on in the name of Jesus.

Every power and principalities that have chained by breakthrough to a stake, I call the fire of God Almighty upon you right, begin to burn to ashes in the name of Jesus. I decree in the name that is above every other that you lose your power over my life in the name of Jesus.

For it has been written, he that the son has set free is free indeed, I announce by freedom from the spirit of financial poverty, every power that frustrates the effort of people with failure, every power that rubbishes people’s effort to make wealth, I destroy such spirits in the name of Jesus.

The scripture says, and they overcame him by the blood of the lamb, and by the words of their testimonies, I testify that I’m free from financial decadence. I announce my liberty from financial problems, and I decree that in the name of Jesus, I become free from financial troubles in the name of Jesus.

Every power that may want to throw me into debt every power that has vowed that I will not be financially free, every power that has vowed that I will never experience a financial breakthrough, I decree that you lose your powers in the name of Jesus. All you generational powers and principalities, every demonic and ancestral being that has been assigned to render all my efforts useless, every power that has been assigned to me to make me work like an elephant and reap like an ant, I come against you in the name of Jesus.

I raise a standard against all you Marine powers, all you ancestral beings and all you terrestrial powers that go about destroying people’s life and destiny by debt and financial calamity, I set you ablaze by the fire of the Holy Ghost in the name of Jesus.

I pray for every man and woman that needs a financial breakthrough. I pray that help will come for them in the name of Jesus. They will find help where they least expected. Financial assistance will rise for them in places that they do not expect, and you will crown their efforts will bountiful success in the name of Jesus.


  1. Father I thank you so such, I pray that this prayer will help me also in my business and financial breakthroughs in Jesus name we pray Amen.

  2. Je suis au bord du suicide avec toutes les dettes que j’ai, en ce moment j’ai besoin que Dieu intervienne comme un père, car toutes ses dettes je les ai contractés pour subvenir aux besoins de ma famille, je ne sais même pas comment je suis arrivée là, non père est décédé et nous nous sommes retrouvés seuls sans soutient, étant que fille aînée de la famille, je me bats du mieux que je peux , mais là j’ai besoin que Dieu intervienne , je suis au bout, je ne peux plus, et je crois que cette prière Dieu l’entendra . Je suis épuisée, fatiguée 😞😞Priez aussi pout moi,peut être Dieu vous entendra plus que moi.

    • Maryam ne te suicide pas ma belle… garde espoir du haut de sa demeure il attend les prières moi j’ai un trous de 68000$ , la prison est proche mais je m’accroche encore tout en espérant et croyant que Seul l’intervention du ciel peux m’aider je ne sais même pas comment je suis en arrivée là , le busness est tombé avec l’argent des gens, je suis orpheline 100% mais notre Père est aux cieux, prend courage Que Dieu écoute et exauce ta prière, qu’il ouvre le ciel pour toi au nom de Jesus Christ

    • Myriam,
      J’ai bcp de peine à lire ton message.
      Je t’assure que Dieu va t’aider. Il faut que tu restes confiante. Je vais t’élèveras dans ma prière. Moi aussi je souffre de dettes financières, mais je suis certaine du plan de Dieu..
      N’oublie pas de témoigner qnd tu seras soulagée et délivrée.
      Sois forte,le Seigneur Jésus t’aime.
      Amen 🙏


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