Miracle Prayer That Work Immediately


Today we will be dealing with miracle Prayer that works immediately. If you are a regular reader of our prayer guide, you might have noticed that we are quite keen on miracle prayers in recent times; this is because God has promised to perform his wonders in the life of people. I see people moving from point zero to point hero. God has promised to elevate people, that challenging situation that you think will end your life, God is coming through, and his spirit will wrath the wonders you never imagine. That is why God has directed us to write multiple prayer guide on a miracle because this is the era for a miracle to happen.
What is that situation that you have almost given up hope on thinking nothing can save you from this approaching calamity? God is every ready to save you.

The saving strength of his right hand is very much at work. I see God turning situations around. I decree that among the people that will share testimony though this prayer guider, you shall be one of them in the name of Jesus.
In this prayer guide, we will be using more of the word of God. The scripture made us understand that heaven and earth will pass, but none of God’s word will go without fulfilling the purpose for which it has been sent. It is wise to use God’s word when we are praying for a miracle to happen now. When we use the word of God, we push God to work via his word.

The scripture made us understand that God honors his word even more than his name. Have you forgotten the scriptural verse that says he is not a man to lie neither is he the son of man to repent? God promised us good health. The scripture says for Christ has bare upon himself all of our infirmities, and he has healed all our diseases. So whenever you are sick, and you want a miracle, the best thing to use is the word of God. I pray that as you begin to use this prayer guide to learn how to pray for an immediate miracle, I decree that your life will not be short of a miracle in the name of Jesus.


Prayer Points:

Miracle Prayer That Work Immediately For Healing

For the scripture says in the book of Jeremiah 3:22 My wayward children,” says the Lord, “come back to me, and I will heal your wayward hearts.
Lord, according to the word of this scripture, I have come back to you for healings, yes, sin has taken a heavy turn on me, but your mercy abounds still. You said I should return to you, and you will heal me. Father Lord, I decree your healings upon me in the name of Jesus. The scripture made me understand that Christ was pierced for our transgressions; he was crushed for our iniquities; the punishment that brought us peace was on him, and by his wounds, we are healed. Lord Jesus, by your wounds, I decree an instant healing upon myself in the name of Jesus.

Miracle Prayer That Work Immediately For Curse Lifting

For it has been written that Christ has been made a curse for us because cursed is he that is hanged on the tree. Father Lord, I break every yoke of curse over my life. I stand on the potency of your word that says you have been a curse for us. That means you have been cursed so that I can be free from the curse. Because of your word, I free myself from the curse in the name of Jesus. Lord God, you are the great monarch if Isreal, you are the God that keeps your covenant. You made a new covenant for us through the blood of Christ. I key into the new covenant brought by the blood of Jesus, and by virtue of that blood, I free myself from every generational curse in the name of Jesus. By the anointing, every yoke shall be destroyed. Every curse that has refused to let me go, I decree that by the anointing of Christ, such shackles is destroyed in the name of Jesus.

Miracle Prayer That Work Immediately For financial breakthrough

Deuteronomy 28:11–12 
“And the Lord shall make thee plenteous in goods, in the fruit of thy body, and in the fruit of thy cattle, and in the fruit of thy ground, in the land which the Lord swore unto thy fathers to give thee.” Lord, you have promised to make me plenteous in goods, I decree that you open the gate of riches for me in the name of Jesus. Father, concerning my work, I destroy every form of devourer and cankerworm eating up my profits, I call the fire of God upon them in the name of Jesus. Your word promised that you will bless the land concerning me, and you will cause it to yield out fruits for me. Father Lord, I decree that from henceforth, everything I lay my hand on shall prosper in the name of Jesus.

Miracle Prayer That Work Immediately For Safe delivery

Exodus 23:26 There shall nothing cast their young, nor be barren, in thy land: the number of thy days I will fulfill. Father Lord, I stand on the utterance of your word and promise that there shall not be barren in the land. I pray that you will cause my wife/sister to give birth without stress in the name of Jesus. I call on the archangels of the Lord that are in charge of childbirth to take charge concerning my wife/sister, wherever the enemy has tied the fruit of her womb to cause us to mourn, I decree that the fire of God Almighty go and set her free in the name of Jesus. I decree that right now, she receives her deliverance in the name of Jesus.

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  1. Put this on the altar please. Father God I love you and thank you that your grace is sufficient in my weaknesses. Your word says the battle belongs to you not me lord. You know all things and you know I have been waiting and trusting in your word. You know lord my frame is dust , you know my heart. Your word says you have great love for me and when I am faithless you are still faithful.
    Be faithful to me lord because I acknowledge your name and is a covenant daughter. You say your word you honor over your name Jesus. Change my story for good lord so I can testify of how you did it for me and my family. Show yourself mighty in my life. Thank you Lord
    In Jesus name love you lord..

  2. I love theser prayer points it is strengthing me day by day.Thankyou from the writers. Johnsonga Songwe Mulenga. From zambia

  3. Can i pray to be long(175cm tall)….and long face and be beautiful i know God can do this i pray many time but it doesn’t work why????

  4. Panie proszę Cię pomóż mi przetrwać to wszystko. Niech moja rodzina będzie w komplecie przez całe życie.

  5. Panie blogoslaw mnie i.mym.dziecia,aby wyszły z nałogów, mnie daj łaskę uzdrowienia,i wyjścia z długów, dobrą pracę blogoslaw Jezu Amen

  6. Panie pomóż bym wyszła z długów i moje dzieci z nałogów, żebym miała prace i szczęśliwa rodzinę Amen

  7. Jesus please.protect my.self please.for.all this evils and i have some.of wishes can.be true for all.dear jesus please help.me.with all.to.stop.the evils.by the way please can you help me.one time.with.that dear jesus please in.which way come.my.wishes true.dear jesus please to have the positive bindinf of my.cousine …und all.the.protetction and all.beauty like my.girlfriend ….please.when you make.this i am.so.happy.at all.please with the same.familiy.members.and.all.dear jesus pleasw.protect my.self.pleas.
    And.want.to.leave by the familyi …please dear.jeuss do.not.stop.my.wishes please please help.me.one time.to.come.true please dear.jesus please

  8. Hello jesus please help me i am in the binding of the enemies ony.familiy the negative binding evil like this dear jesus please change it by the way of my prayers please help me andy mum please for all the bad binding things dear jesusy.life come more terrible the enemies are to much for me what they done with me all.dear jesus please have you got a prophetie dear jesus at all please dear jesus for me please help me all.of all dear jesus i know all why this binding is there and why is it there dear jesus the binding is to strong of the reason you know dear father jesus of all the enemies please dear jesus i know the reason and i become ill please dear jesus give me your answer please how must i pray.fot.the reason at all.dear jesus please how must i pray for.the reason please the binding is to.strong for all dear jesus please and it.comes.to.me.to binding me.it is unfair and.i do.not.wat.to.treated.loke.this any more.it is unfair.dear.jesus please help.me.out of.all.with all dear.jesue please what is there to.strong please and.bow.must i pray for.this please.i need some.of.medium.prayer.to.pray.with me.dear jesus i want.to.work and.want to be in.ylur.happy please.give me.a prophetie dear.jesus i cry.everyday please.help me.dear jesus please.helpe.out.of.all.dear.jesus please helpe.out.of.all.dear jesus protect me.and and.help.me.out please.dear jeuss for.all.of enemies.please.stop there protect me.please.dear.jesus please.and one time.give me.a.prophetie please desr jesus one.time.please.is.there anybody who can.give me.

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    One timey wishes come.true cause of all.what the damaged please dear jesus please i am a person too and orthers we need alway to leave how…but then we alway be stopped by the way of the enemies.hownwe can be happy for jesus nothing dear jesus please help me.out of all.dear jesus please helpe.out f all please desr jesus protec me.and help.me.pne time.make all.m prayers.come true.in.which way dear jesus please.help me.out.to.find.the way how this bad binding satanic spell.come.out of.me.and orthers please dear jesus help.me.and m…please i am.alone of all.this problems.please dear jesus please help me.out of all

  10. Jesus please help me with all this satanic spells on me the lies all the things please tell me dear jesus of all can you telle more about all the enemies whst they do . With me at all dear jesus a lot of years please dear jesus all about my life come bad dear jesus please the bad satanic spells closed all the doors for freedom at all dear jesus inside of me and outside cause of the jalous of this o . Person dear jesus please she hexed make bad things and i d not k ow all abouz that dear jesus please why o ly with me dear jesus please help me out of all dear jesus please for all this pro lems bi dinf of satanic spell binding inside of me dear jesus please i see the person iny familiy you know.this person.she is very jalous withe and want ….this with me and closed all the doors till she has got thisnor the another person dear jesus please helpe all of that dear jesus i am not a play ball of satanic spell like this or that orther people want to play with me dear jesus how they want dear jesus please i want that you can help me all of that dear jesus for all at all dear jesus please is there a way dear jesus to come out of all this satanic spell i side outside binding dear jesus please this person you know which person make it on me she makes me or this person makes me ill by the way dear jesus please please dear jesus can i l know more about this person please this binding please and what you can make for.that cause.they bi ding me so many years and the bad bi ding of all my familiy please dear jesus i want to be yours only yours please take me.out of all this or that people tp leave in a church and i wamt that ypu take all this bad binding satanic spells on me.please dear jesus please i love you so much dear jesus but i wamt to know more about this bad satanic binding why my familoy make.this dear jesus protect me and my mum.please why this person make.it on me and on.my familily

  11. Jesus my jesus i need help of yours please dear jesus why this person is binding me with all this satanic binding spell please protec me my mum and eachorther i have nor body else and then they make a lot of things like this dear jesus they damaged me a lot of years for unfairness dear jesus a lot of years dear jesus please the problem is the persons who make it on me the satanic spell for jalous like this or what i do not know dear jesus please i see the bad people and their satanic spell binding on me dear jesus but what about them who have it on themself must they suffer the whole life must they become ill or orther bad things dear jesus please please help me dear jesus of all why is on me it is u fair at all dear jesus please protecr me by the way of bad people dear jesus please protec me and my mum please and eachtorther please dear jesus please i want to be free of all these bindinf problems or like sklave you know what i mean dear jesus please dear jesus please help me out of all dear jesus please help me out of all dear jesus when some person make this on me i know whi h person make it but im which way you can stop that jesus and how must my prayer be dear jesus please tell me how must I pray for all the enemies in my familiy please dear Jesus protect me an my mum please for all their bad spells and is not there a way dear Jesus to stop that all on me

  12. Jesus I love you so much but why my life must be stopped by the way and a friend fro me do. Not have all these things problems she is in every level I. Successful life have a good job good husband and she is a doctor like this she alway says I do never have the pro lem. Like.ylu I am. Happy then I heard. This but why orthers has bot got all the problems and I have one problem. Then after the. My father goenes and all the big problems. In.y.familiy stopped me. This isy. Question why orthers do not have the spells or orthers things and I have this all Jesus are you forget me or what?
    Some times I. Aksed this question dear Jesus
    And I am. Amrgy with everybody but why I must suffer with all these bad bid ing and one if my. Friend nothing. Dear Jesus I do not understand that please help me. To understand that M Jesus I loves you one time. I want to have the same. Binding in. Ervry way successful happy and no problems Jesus please do. Not. Forget me please why I have these family all the bad thing and my friends are happy in every directions

  13. Jesus ich bitte dich hilf mir Jesus ich will Schutz vor jede blöde Menschen die mir sowas antuen Jesus jede Bindung die mich gefangen hält ich will mein Recht zurück und deshalb brauche ich die Hilfe eines Mediums bitte Jesus Medium damit meine ich ein Helfer der einem. Hilft die Gefühle wieder im Einklang zu bringen Jesus aber ich stehe unter einem Fluch gefangen manchmal verstehe ich Jesus nicht wsrum lasst er bei einem sowas zu und bei anderen nicht Jesus ich fange langsam Menschen zu hassen Jesus weil die das selber nicht verstehen aber lachen koennen die genau Jesus ich will das du auf meine Gebete eingejst ich brauche Schutz vor bösen Menschen Jesus ganz boesen Menschen Jesus alles was sie mir antuen oder angetan haben Jesus ich hasse meine familie alle ich hasse wie sie einem. Quellen lassen usw Jesus ich fange langsam echt an diese menschen zu hassen alle Jesus das sie mit einem. So spielen wie waer ees wenn man mit denen allen so spielt Jesus was ist damit u d die so quellt wie waer ess dann mit der selben Bindung Jesus mit dem. Selben Verlust mit der selben kra kheit und alles andere die. Verwuenschen warum tuen die das Jesus andere lachen wissen die ernst der Lage nicht wo andere alles bekommen haben erreicht haben mussten andere wie ich so gequellt werden Jesus ist das OK woher kommt das alles und warum das alles ich will alles wissen. Jesus bitte und wie geht es weiter mit mir Jesus es ist alles nur krank einfach nur Kranlk das man menschen die in einer familie sind schlechtes wuenscht bindet macht tut nie redet Jesus ist das eine familie Jesus tut mit Leid Ber ich muss mit dir reden darüber Jesus man kann. Nie die Freiheit spüren Jesus wer bindet wie bindet man haben die spass daran Jesus OK ich war lange genug nett das wars mal hoffe Jesus du kannst es verstehen die habe mich jahrelang gebunden wozu ich sehe da kein Grund darin Jesus wie waere es wenn man es mit denen macht ich sehe da kein Grund darin Jesus bitte Jesus hilf mir damit so viele menschen haben die unschuldig leiden lassen. Jesus ich brauche dringend hilfe bitte. Jesus bitte um. Eine. Prophetie Jesus ich finde es ungerecht Jesus mein. Jesus

  14. Jesus ich hatte ein Traum ich bin befangen durch die Feinde die wären…. Und… seit Jahren dann tuen die mir so viel Leid an und. Quellen mich OK wenn Sie damit meinen zu profitieren um mein Leid zu sehen rauben mir meine. Geschwister und…. weg was soll das Jesus Andere machen doch auch Fehler die ich habe noch nie gesehen das sie sowas erleben wie ich noch nie aber ich musste so einen weg gehen dank den Feinden Jesus was sagst du zu dem. Ganzen schau her sie haben mich durch einen. Satanischen packt verbunden Jesus dadurch bringen sie Gefühle gedanken im Ungleichgewicht sie werden hellhörig usw. Jesus ich Lebe schon seit jahren so in mir. Ist so. Ein. Satanischen packt ausser man hat mir meine geschwister weg genommen und… Jesus es ist echt zu viel man hindert mir mein Leben meine. Ziele ich habe Alpträume usw Jesus was ich nicht verstehe Jesus durch diesen. Satanischen packt in mir. Leide ich unter Verlust Ängsten panikken es kommt was hch was mich hindert usw die Feinde… Und…. Machen. Es so. Schlau das es denen. Dadurch gut geht Jesus bitte verhindere denen jedes erfreuen es sind 30.jahre jetz drehe es um Jesus und mach bringe alles wieder im Einklang um. Mach. Mich die nächsten 30.jahre glücklich das. Ich. Nicht s. Mehr habe an. Satanischen. Packt. Oder. Sowas. In. Mir. Jesus oder. Ausser. Mir. Jesus bitte Jesus sie bringen mein Leben in Gefahr damit meine lieben Geschwister leben nicht mehr wegen denen Jesus also langsam ist es echt zu viel was sie machen OK wie waere es wenn man das auf sie machen wuerde und man vergnügt sich damit wozu das alles total unnötig wie kann man bewusst jemanden sowas antuen ich verstehe sowas nicht Jesus ich bin unter den irren gelandet mei e Geschwister haben mich immer raus geholt mir Sicherheit gegeben bitte Jesus das darf nicht so weiter gehen wie waer es für die wenn ich das selbe mit denen machen wuerde den selben Packt Jesus Satanischen Packt und man hindert die es kommt immer was teuflische hoch undas tuen sie mir eine Frau die niemand e wegen denen mehr hat an warum erleben sie dann nicht selber wie das ist wenn was hochkommt und die so ei geschrankt hält das wuerde mich mal interessen die die es auf mich gemacht haben das will ich mal. Wissen ich bestehe drauf alles nachzuholen und mein. Glücklich sein auch denn jetz bin ich dran Jesus soll die doch sowas haben un ich nicht schämen sollen die sich jemand e unnötig das Leben so. Kaputt zu machen wozu OK ihr habt es mit mir getan all. Die jahre Jesus ich bin echt enttäuscht darüber was sie mir antuen damit Jesus ich will nicht mehr gehindert werden jetz bin. Ich dran Jesus Schütze. Mich und… Jesus. Lass sowas nicht mehr. Durch 30 jahre haben sie mir. Es angetan bitte sag was Dazu Jesus ich. Finde es. Nicht OK schoen haben sie daran profitieren koennen OK dann mache ich es auch so warum sollen die mein leben so kaputt machen dürfen mich hindern sollen. Die doch selber gehindert werden mich mit dem. Satanischen packt binden. Sollen. Die doch selber wissen wie das ist mal angenommen man wuerde e mit Dene. Machen Satanischen packt die. Alles. Liegt in der Hand von dieser Person was. Ist das Jesus das ist suende was die machen. Jesus OK. Dann macht man es auch satanischen packt und. Die. Kommen kein Schritt. Weiter man ist hellhörig und so das sie wenn sie raus gehen was hochkommt. Usw was sind es für Menschen Jesus bitte Jesus. Ich bestehe drauf davon frei zu werden was muss man tuen. Ohne. Leid weil. Das wollen die das man. Leidet drehe den. Spiess um. JESUS mach. Mich glücklich so das sie. Es nicht mehr schaffen nach dem. Was sie mir. angetan haben Jesus bitte lass es nicht so durchgehen was soll ich dafür tuen gibt es Beter die wissen. Wie man. Für sowas Beter diese. Feinde. Rauben einem. DEN. Frieden das ist Suende und alles. Andere als. GÖTTLICH Jesus die freuen sich so lange solange sie Macht haben über mich Jesus sie wollen mich kaputt machen warum. Tuen. Sie. Es. JESUS ist mir. Egal. Was die wollen ich will. Dann mein Recht auch warum. Immer die auf jeden Fall. War. Es das mit. Denen
    Jesus ich be steh. Drauf. Diesen. Satanischen. Packt loszu werden. Innerlich ausserlich und jeder Schaden soll ersetzt werden Jesus die freuen. Sich. Nicht mehr. Um mein. Leid sondern um. Meine. Freude werden sie. Alle. Leiden. Binde Die. Genau so Jesus wie. Die mich gebunden haben ich besreh. Auf freiheit diesen. Satanischen packtes von…. Und…… Jesus wenn sie. Wollen. Sollen die es. Doch sober spüren wie das ist warum. Immer bei mir. Öde r… Jesus mich loslassen und.. Wir brauchen. Sowas. Nicht Jesus. Bitte sag was. Dazu was ist deine. Meinung dazu. Rechne. Bitte alles. Zusammen wie die mich verhext haben oder. Diese. Satanischen packt gemacht haben. Dann spürt es. Doch. Selber wie. Das ist

  15. Jesus ich wuensche mir das du mir die richtige Wortwahl gibst des Gebetes Jesus wie soll ich für das ganze Beten was auch hilft Jesus Jesus bitte lege mir jeden Tag die richtige Worte in den Mund wie ich beten soll bitte was wirkt und nicht zurückgeht wieder Jesus bitte hilf mir

  16. Mein Jesus ich will dich nur dich du siehst die feinde bitte Schütze mama. Und mich. Jesus auch untereinander Jesus bitte mach das alle. Feinde zu Schande. Kommen die unsere Freiheit missbrauchen und unsere Gefühle. Und alles. Andere Jesus bitte erhore Gebet und ersetze die Jahre. Und. Mach das alle. Feinde zur Schande. Kommen die mir mein. Leben trachten. Durch Eifersucht. Mich. Zur. Sünde. Usw führen. Jesus bitte. Binde mich Jesus mit. Der. Bindung. Des. Lebens und. Lass. Alles. Andere. Fallen Jesus bitte kein. Schreit. Missbrauch oder sowas. Schutte mich vor allen boesen. Sachen. Wie. Krankheit oder. OP. Oder. Anderen. Schlimmen. Sachen. Die. Mich. Zerstören sollen. Mach. Meine. Gedanken. Und. Gefühle. Und. Bitten. Nicht. Hellhörig. Jesus. Das die. FEINDE. Davon. Was. Mitbekommen Jesus bitte. Gib mir. Alles zurück. Was. Sie. Mir. Weg genommen haben. Jesus bitte. Nimm. Mir. Die. Feinde. Weg Jesus die mir mein Leben auf. Boese Art und. Weise binden. Jesus. Bitte um. Eine. Prophetie. Und. Mach die Feinde. Unter. Schutz. Jesus. Zu. Dir. Du weisst wenn. Ich meine. Jesus. Das. Sie jede Kraft verlieren gegen mich und mein Leben Jesus mach es. Endlich so wie ich. Es. Sage. Jesus denn. Jeder Tag der vergeht. Verliere ich. Kan. Kraft Jesus und. Vervollständige mich. Jesus. Bitte. Sei so gut. Jesus. Bitte. Jesus. Schenke mir. Eine. Prophetie. Bitte. Binde die Feinde von mir die mein. Leben. Ruinieren. Wie. Ziel. Einklang usw. Jesus. Alles. Was. In mir. Ist. Was. Diemfeinde.machen.nimm.es.raus.und.schutze mich. So dass. Ich. Nicht mehr so leben muss. Jesus bitte sei. So. Gut. Ich. Halte. Es nicht mehr aus ersetze. Jeden. Schaden. Binde mich und. Mama. Los. Von dieser. Art. Feinde. Packt. Mach es. Jesus. Bitte ich. Will dich wie soll. Ich zu dir kommen wenn. Man. Mich. Immer. Festhält. Jesus wie soll das gehen Jesus. Was passiert. Mit den Feinden Jesus. Das. Wuerde ich einmal. Wissen. Wollen. Genau mit denen. Die es. Auf mich gemacht. Haben. Bitte lege mir deine. Worte und. Erhore Gebet durch mm. Wo.kann.ich… Jesus wenn die Feinde. Binden. Koennen Warum. Dann ich nicht unter. Schutz. Desgleichen Jesus. Warum. Die immer. Und. Nicht. Ich. Jesus. Ich. Bitte Jesu erhore. Gebetnund. Binde mich los. Jesus. Mach. Mich frei wer mich gebunden hat. Der. Soll. Auch von mir. Gebunden. Werden. Jesus. Warum.durfen.die.und.ich.nicht Jesus ich erbitte das. Diemfeindenjeussn

  17. Jesus ich bitte dich so sehr liebe pastoren alle in dieser welt Gemeinde es muss doch jemand e. Geben bitte der mir helfen kann Jesus meine Angehörige habe mein leben kaputt gemacht geschadet usw jedes Recht weg genommen jeuss egal wer mir helfen kann in dieser Lage bitte dringend medium Beter oder sowas der aber erfolg hat und diesen angehrougen stoppen kann unter Schutz zu mir Mama bitte auch sie frei machen. Sie ist komisch und andere Jesus bitte dem möchte ich all die Erbe Gutscheinen mein Leben ist wegen dieser Angehörigen. In Gefahr ich erldeide so viel bitte meiN.Fall ernst nehmem.jesus bitte jeden. Tag Weine ich Jesus wegen Dene Jesus bitte kein Tag vergeht wo. Ich nicht weine. Wegen diesen. Angehörigen Jesus jedem. Tag seit 30 Jahren bitte nimm. Ich bei Wort jeuss die wollen mir nichts Gutes bitte Schütze mich wer mir. Errettet bitte ich verspreche dem. Übergebe ich mein hab und gut bitt mein Glücklcih sein würde mir weg genommen bitte dringend um EIN medium der mir hilft oder Beter sowas bitte entgegen gesetz bitte Jesus nicht Warten bitte bring mich gross raus jeuss positive mit Schutz alles die haben immer über mich gewonnen gesiegt ich und mein Frieden missbraucht alles Jesus die wollen gebunden unglücklich sehen bitte lass es nicht zu arbeite dagegen jeuss bitte Schütze mich vor allen Feinden bitte dass sie mir nicht mehr weg nehmen könne die. Haben mir viel geschadet jeuss bitte jemandder professionell ist Jesus bitte ich will das hab u d gut demjenigen schenken bitte beeile dich Jesus bitte warte nicht all. Zu lange die Feinde habe mich seit Jahren Jesus heiliger Geist bitte jetz hat mal Jesus Macht Jesus habe duacht bitte Jesus bitte sehe auch wie die mir geschadet haben und schaden bitte ich nehme mir jetz alles zurück das ist mir egal Jesus ich warum soll ich nicht all. Das machen koennen was andere machen JESUS NEIN das geht nicht total die Lüge ihre Bindungen sollen auf die zurück fallen allen die mir gemacht haben dann fidne ich auch jemanden der es auf die. Macht Hauptsache die lassen. Mich mit. Jesus… Jesus so geht es nicht bitte mach was dagegen binde diese Menschen. Angehörige bitte und hilf mir durch dein. Geist die sind so gemein mit. Mir. Das kann ich immer noch nicht fassen wie gemein die. Sind. JESUS KANN MAN SO GEMEIN SEIN. jesus bitte hilf mir. Jesus bitte stop die bitte warum. Hindert. Du die. Nicht das sie mir. Nicht mehr machen. Keonem das verstehe ich nicht Jesus ich will mein. Recht zuruck bitte Schütze much jeuss und drehe den. Spiess doch einfach mal. Um ich kann auch vor Augen lachen

  18. Jesus bitte hilf mir Jesus alles was die Feinde Angehörige gemacht haben bitte mch es zurück auf die warum immer soll ich so leben wozu bitte hilf mir durch jemanden oder Gebet Jesus bitte hilf mir Jesus bitte lass wissen wer mir helfen kann Jesus bitte sei so gut und lass wissen wer mir helfen kann bitte ich bin bereit was zu geben muss aber schnell sein Jesus so das sie jedes Vorhaben der Feinde stoppen koennen bitte Jesus sei so gut liebe Jesus bitte keine Verbindung mehr mit mir oder mama ei. Gehen Jesus bitte ihren Hass und boese Sachen koennen sie auf sich selber übertragen nicht mehr auf mich Jesus bitte sei. So gut Jesus ich brauche Schutz und wenn die was machen dann mach es mit denen so da side mich I. Frieden lassen bitte Jesus

  19. Jesus ich will nur frei sein von deren boese Bindung wie kann man.auf jemanden. Der ein. Familienmitglied ist so gemein. Sein. Das verstehe ich. Nicht. Jesus
    Was sagst du dazu Jesus ist es nicht gemein. Sowas?

  20. Jesus bitte hilf mir ich bin verflucht bitte jeuss alles leidet drunter Geist Seele Psyche usw Jesus bitte ich brauche hilfe der das ganze stoppt Jesus bitte ich will frei leben. Jetz bekommen die auch die Strafe alle. Die mich bestraft haben Jesus bitte binde diesen… Bitte nicht mehr auf mich Jesus ich verlange Respekt und alles. Andere ab jetz verlange ich Respekt. Bitte schicke mir ein. Starkes. Medium. Jetz der mir. Hilft. Bitte. Jesus Jesus ich. Lasse mir. Nichts mehr gefallen nur weil die mich verflucht haben komme. Ich. Nicht weiter ich. Bitte. Um. Hilfe. Jesus bitte schicken it. Die Hilfe. Jesus sei so. Gut bitte. Jesus

  21. Hallo Jesus ich brauche deine Hilfe Jesus Kürze Zusammenfassung ich stehe unter einer Bindung Vertrag ungerechterweise gefangen also kurz mein Onkel ist eine Ehe eingegangen mit einer Frau mit ihr hat er ein Vertrag er hat da nie geäußert wenn ich sie heirate dann habe alle Angehörigen von mir uns zu dienen usw hat er nicht er steht in der Verantwortung mit ihr aber die hat es so gemacht das sie mit mir ebenfalls ein Vertrag ungerechter weise eingegangen ist und meint zu tun was sie will uns angst zu machen zu verhexen all. Sowas darauf hin habe ich meine Geschwister verloren un… Jesus ich finde es nicht OK auch der vertrag mit einem. Aus ihrer Familie ist nicht richtig stattgefunden da wir uns vorher nie kannten also. Alles ein Unfug sie alle. Haben das recht bekommen mit mir. Und… Jahrelang zu spielen u gerecht zu behandeln lebensenergien zu missbrauchen usw so das ich und meine Geschwister krank geworden. Sind da es um. Erbe usw ging ich habe ebenfalls….. Und…. Verloren was ich ebenfalls ungerecht finde Jesus Kämpfe du fuer mich bite das diese Vertrag unterbrochen wird zwischen mir und dieser Frau und ihre Familie. Alles was sie mir. Angetan. Haben u gerecht meinetwegen. Schütze auch meine Arme. Kranke Mama. Die alt ist auch sie soll. Nicht leiden ich auch nicht und alles. Was sie mir angetan haben bitte ich zurück zu machen sie sollen gehindert werden warum ich sie ist ein vertrag mit. Meinem. Onkel eingegangen nicht mit mir sie haben alle. Auch. Nicht in. Dem. Haus meines Vaters zu suchen. Das schenke. Ich einem. Armen Menschen gut herzigen Menschen deshalb Jesus warte nicht lange damit. All. Ihre Flüche die ungerechtfertigt sind haben. Sie. Alle. Zu. Treffen nicht mich bitte Jesus hilf mir. Diese Ungerechtigkeit aufzugeben es ist nicht meine Baustelle deshalb ich kann jemand helfen ja aber dass muss im vertrag stehen Jesus bitte ale. Menschen. Die. Mich. Gebunden haben das die anderen mich. Kaputt machen. Wegen Neid. Usw binde diesen. Vertrag auf diese Frau unter Schutz. Zu mir und meiner Familie. Darunter… Binde es bitte zuruck. Zu ihr und alle. Die. Mit. Gemacht. Haben da es ungerechtig ist das ist. Nicht. Göttlich oder sonstwie nein. Jesus das geht. Nicht ich soll. Ein leben lang so leben krank. Obwohl. Ich kein Vertrag mit. Denen habe das ist. So. Wie. Ein. Beispiel jemand der nicht. Angenommen jemand hat nicht geklaut und man behauptet er hätte es und bindet ihn mit krankheit und allen boesen Sachen das ist nicht rechtens oder er Verliert alles und muss u gerechterweise ein weg gehen der eigentlich nicht sein weg ist so u Gefahr ist es auch bei mir Jesus ich sehe es nicht ein und bitte um dass du das es weg bindet von mir diesen Vertrag der u gerechtfertigt ist zwischen mir und… Wie gesagt das ist u gerechtfertigt I d fuer die jahre wo sie mit Leid kra kehir unsw zugesprochen hat das was hochkommt stabdig wenn ich irgendwo sitze oder bin das alles bitte keinen ahnung nicht mehr auf mich bitte auch um Schutz ich will unter diesen vertragen nicht haften oder leiden müssen nehme mama und Andere auch in Schutz jeuss bitte hilf mir durch ein pastor Beter das dieser Vertrag ebenfalls in der u sichbaren sichtbaren Welt unterbrochen wird

  22. Jesus es soll ebenfalls keine weiteren Beschwerden an mir haften bleiben weil du so sagst dann bekommst du so das alles ist Rache und alles andere unterbrechen alles Jeuss das es keine Nachfolgen mehr hat schliesse diese Türen alle das diese Wesen nie mehr durchkommen Jesus der Vertrag besteht nicht zwischen mir und denen sondern zwischen mein Onkel und seiner Frau.
    Alles was da kommt bitte unterbrechen die haben mir so viel Leid angetan ich verlange fuer alles Schadensersatz fuer alles auch das sie mir meine Geschwister und… Und…. Und… Weg genommen haben so viel Schaden. Müssen. Die selber mal. Bekommen dannwissen sie wie das sist sowas zu haben Jesus bitte nimm. Ich Ernst

  23. hello jesus i need your help jesus in brief summary i am under a bond contract unfairly imprisoned so in short my uncle entered into a marriage with a woman he has a contract with her he never said if i marry her then all of my relatives have us He doesn’t have to serve, etc. He is responsible to her, but she did it in such a way that she also entered into an unfair contract with me and thinks to do what she wants to scare us to bewitch everyone. Something like that, I lost my siblings and… Jesus, I don’t think it’s OK, even the contract with one. From her family didn’t really happen because we never knew each other before. All nonsense they all. Got it right with me. And… to play and treat fairly for years, to abuse life energies, etc., so that I and my siblings became ill. Are there around. Inheritance, etc. I also went….. And…. lost which I also find unfair Jesus please fight for me that this contract is broken between me and this woman and her family. everything you give me Done. Do u fair for my sake. Protect my arms too. sick mom. The old is also she should. I don’t suffer either and everything. What you have done to me I ask you to do back They should be prevented why I you is a contract with. My. Uncle didn’t come in with me they all have. Also. Not to look in my father’s house. That give. I one. poor people good hearted people therefore Jesus don’t wait long with it. Alles. Have your curses that are unjustified. She. All. To. Don’t hit me please Jesus help me. to give up this injustice it’s not my job so I can help someone yes but that has to be in the contract Jesus please ale. People. The. Me. The others tied me. Break something. Because of envy. Etc bind this one. Contract on this woman under protection. to me and my family. Underneath… Please tie it back. To her and everyone. The. With. Did. Have since it is unfair that is. Not. Divine or otherwise no. Jesus that goes. I shouldn’t. A life long so live sick. Even though. I no contract with. Whom did that is. As well as. A. example someone who doesn’t.assuming someone hasn’t stolen and you claim he has it and binds him with illness and all the nasty things that’s not legal or he loses everything and has to go a way that isn’t actually his way, so u danger it’s also with me Jesus it does not make sense to meand ask that you bind it away from me this contract that is justified between me and u… .As I said, that’s justified. I’d for the years in which she said with sorrow, kra kehir us, what comes up constantly when I’m sitting somewhere or am I all please don’t know anymore about me, please also ask for protection, I don’t want to be liable under these contracts or have to sufferalso protect mama and others jeuss please help me through a pastor prayer that this contract will also be broken in the invisible visible world

  24. Jesus in the name of Jesus powerful prayer please I suffer cause of my real father gone to God by the way of enemies in my family life binding blac magic please dear jeuss in the ne. Of jesus my grandmother my grandfather please in the name. Of. Jesus my. Lovly person. In. My. Life please jesus by the way of God bless all the church and pastor please God bless you all by the way of God please helps me what done the enemies with me in my. Family and my real sister and. Brother why they done it with me dear jesus please protect me and my Lovly mum all health money emotional life please helps us please the enemies of my family takes my. Freedom. Out my life out of me. Dear Jesus in. The name. Of. Jesus and now. I am. Alone and. They closed with the help of blac magic my life in every direction please protect me protec my. Life please jeuss pleas eprotecr my mother no evils no blac magic any more please they suffer me by the way dear jesus and. Nobody can. Not help me. Really is that right dear jesus I want my freedom. My. Harmonie my. Life back. Dear Jesus please my. Life. Is on. Your hand not in. The hand of…. Jesus please protect us all. Please dear jesus please help me out of. All. Please dear Jesus please is there anybody to help. Me. Out of all dear. Jesus I do. Not want. To. Have this or that.. Things please of them. And. Their things on. Me. Please help me. Out Jesus. Help. Us out what the enemies done. With. Us dear jeuss I. Need help. Of all. Dear Jesus. I. Want to. Come. With you in.y.harmonie and. Without all these blac. Magic things please. Dear Jesus. Help me. Out. Of. All. Dear. Jesus. Please help me. Out of. All. Dear Jesus please help. Me. Out of all.
    This is unfair please. Help. Me. Out of all. Dear Jesus pleasw. Protec us

  25. Dear pastor dear church of all the world God bless you all please my. Problem is I do no see it by another person it is so terrible I am. No happy for whole of my. Life cause of all. The blac magic it is if someone takes my freedom out and y life every thing dear Jesus in. The name. Of jesus behappy then you have no famlily like. Me. Then you Ar enot in the same. Situation that your familiy members closed all. Your life in. Every directions emotional ald. All this so terrible and. Say for whole of your life. You will be leave in. This way this. Is a damaged of all dear Jesus. A damaged of all. Dear jeuss on. Me. Please help. Me out of all. Dear Jesus please be happy then you do. Not have this like me. Be happy then. Your are happy you can work you have father mother your are in a Harmonie at all. Be happy then. Your are not in the I fluence like. Me. Who nobody understand you. Enough dear Jesus please why I am. In. This world then I have a lot. Of. Enemies to stop. My. Life in every directions please dear Jesus be happy at all then you no want to want cause you are not in. The influence of anybody blac magic notnloke me thank everytime. God l then you have no a life like me since more then 30 year you are in. This binding thank God every time for that I am. Happy then I see people you are not iny. Situation I say to. Them. Thanks God every time that you have no. The same. Problem like. Me thanks a lot I. Can. Not. Be with jesus cause I am. Not. Free I not be happy cause all. The enemies stop me. And manipulated me thanks God that you are not in the same. Situation like me. Thanks a lot. Dear Jesu dear pastor I love so much but thank jeuss a lot then your are not in. The same. Situation like me. Dear. Jesus thank you a lot dear Jesus please I do. Not. Knwo. How. My. Life go on dear Jesus you know my wishes but what the enemies to done make. My. Life destroy please protect my. Mum. And me. And. My. Life. People dear but what is the problem. Of all. The. Problem. Is. They are bad and. Want. To. Make me. Unhappy. This is. The problem dear Jesus
    Help me. Father Jesus. Please this. Person family. Make my. Life cause she want. To see me. Unhappy. To. Manipulated my. Life how she want please. Dear. Father Jesus. Help me. Thank God. Then your are not in the same. Situation like me. Dear Jesus. Please help me. Out of all amen

  26. Jesus please I love you so much by the way of God of pastor you know. All. The enmies who done. It with me. What they want. Is to see me. And my life unhappy but please enemies let me go please I have no Powe for all these things. You person you know my life to. Break. It up since I am. Yo. Young I want to. Study. And want to make my. Life good but ours blac magic binding me. With trauma with bad things but why only on me. I do. Not understand that I have now not sister brother and father is that right what you do. With me is that right it the manipulated things at all. I do. Not. Understand ist I know the problem. But this is no a. Problem to. Do. This on. Me. IA am a women and my. Power. Is enough for all. These bad evils things dear jesus please. One time. Heard me and my. Voice and no. This is unfair please very unfair. To. Play with me my. Life with my job or. Money or love or every thing dear Jesus please not. Only. With me. Please dear jeuss make. Something send me. The real. Prayer or. Somoen. Who take this binding. Out of me. Ease dear Jesus. Please not with me. That they see is my. Unhappiness and they do. Every thing to. See that please dear Jesus help. Me.

  27. Jesus please give my life back and make me. Happy changed everything please so. Stop. The enemies please. Changed it. So. That IA am. So. Happy please to. Stop. The enemies by the way what they do. Not see please Jesus. In. This world. I want. To. Become doctor. And. You know. Changed it. By the way of these enemies please. Protect me. And. My. Mum. With the help. Of.. Jeuss please. 30.year more. Than they take. My. Life. Out please help me. Out of all. Dear jesus. I wish from. Heard that you make. My. Wish. Come. True dear jesus. They d a aged e by the way why I. Do. Not. Come. True. My. Wishes stop them. Dear jesus stop. Them. Do. Not. Done with me. Any more. Please dear Jesus please help me out why they. Make. It. To. Me. Why dear jesus. Please. Make. My. Wish. Come. True. Without this enemies cause. It. Is. My. Right please. To. Make. My. Life in. My. Directions please. Please. Dear god we are not play ball. Like. This. We are people. Human there.is.himan right where God. Help me. Please have you. Bad drams. Have you. Be blocked and. Stop. I want. That the years. Compensation. By the. Way. Of my. Wishes please this. Is. My. Right please not. With me. Any more. Not. With my love not with my. Real.husband or. Mum or. Please.

  28. Jesus I need your help of all my father I am. Being catch by the way of this people in my familiy members you know which person is there…. And…… And….. Dear father of God they missuueded me and my familiy for them self and want to see me sad so that’s why they sende negative enrgy blac magic bi dings for all that I alway tired and ill and do not come forward they revenge at all so that a why they take my sister brother out and play with me like I am play ball I am alone they know that but they play and they say we can do every thing that your life Co. E upstairs in every direction we have the power to do that to you see when take your brother sister out of you and so you become alone please Jesus father it is so please let me k ow your Powe to all of them who take my enrgy out of me dear Father I need a person who help me out without taken my money a lot or orthers please when I have a give them every thing but now it must be stop this all manipulated thing all of this emotion life enrgy they stopy life since I am 16 you know how long it is why do you do not stop them by the way that I become my enrgy life back dear father Jesus in this year is suffer so much why they do not suffer by the same way I do not understand it all please dear father help me out I want to study like this but for their stopping things I become. I’ll like this ever day I have this and their laugh I can not do nothing something I think what is then they all who done it with me become the same things to them. All dear father I am women and power it is not thr same. Like a man dear Jesus please help me out of all dear Jesus please help me out of all please they make my life so dangerous so bad for all the blac magic things dear Jesus please
    Help me out why they make it on. Me to become the power to take my life out of all to missuded me in every directions is that right dear father I love Jesus and my father so much and help everybody who I can but not so this is a negative binding to make some one life missuded to used for them self OK what is then. I make the same to them. All what’s is that they laugh habe a good time whay I have this all thing a lot of years and their not OK then understand me too in how Situation I am so many years and this is not enough their take my sister brother out of me their are… Not there is this from. Jesus father I ask you thru are people. Who do. Ot want to that your are happy and binding you with bad things I leave with that a lot of years they stop my way my directions please this is my question for all of the damaged I will make the same with. Them. All then they know how the terrible feeling is are
    In the protection to me my mum and my life people no everybody come forward and they stop me cause they want it no no tnot with me. Why o ly with me cause they thing I a m. A women or what jesus helpe out for this terrible people they do not have God in the heard they are bad but I hope to. All. Of. Them. They have the same. Binding wahr they done to me or orthers they know. That how terrible is it then they are in my. Situation please not only with me please this is terrible they make it on. Me. Since I am. 16byear to long do not. Take. It out of me dear father now it is the turned of them. All. Not with me. Make. Me so. Happy so free make all. My wishes come. True ans now. It isy turned to do. With them. All. The same. By the same. Way they revenge they make bad things oh no not. With me. They take my sister out of me. This so enough father this is enough they can missuded and other but not me. For all this depressing things please dear father but Dr that they done with me I catch me life back in the same way dear father this so not fair what they done with me dear father please I suffer every day Ever year when they done it to be please help me out of all dear father and bring me my smile again my life again myhowninwant dear father for all the damaged what they done I know what iss the plan. But not with me. Any more my life again dear father please help me father help me father helpe. Father protection me my mum. But. For. Unfairness that ehy suffer other people or make their karma to them this is not by the way of God and they make it to me. Please father let you know your power at all dear father please let. Your Power for this unfairness please help me out of all dear father please help. Me out of all dear father please give me a Prophetie like this dear Fathernplease my life is my life and I do not know what is good Ort not please they do not manipulated but them. Self please dear father help me out of all the unfairnessnwhat they done to me every Time dear father for their blac magic for all is that all by the way of God no it is not good tell me. Your Power is stronger dear Jesus please send me. Some e please to. Help me out of all. These. Things please I am iam fory self they do not manipulate me by the way of all dear father please they take my. Brother sister out of me. Dear father and bring me. In. This terrible situation dear father inside out side missuded what is your. Plan with all. Of them. Let me. Know dear father please let me know dear father please every thing for this all. This is not a reason to done. It. Soany years dear father please this si. Not. A reason father they play with me play with them. They binding me. Binding them. By the same. Way they missuded me I side out. Side missuueded me. Till they understand. That this all. Is. Not. God plan they want. To see me u. Happy see them. U ahappy and make me happy at all dear. Father please they take. My. Brother sister out make. Them. To. Them. Too then. They know how is the same. Way to. Leave in. This situation and this ain’t he plan. Of the bad things not. For. God dear father Jesus please help me out of all please dear. Jesus please open. My doors they are closed take all the blac magic things out what they are done let me. Come. In.y.harmonie clean life with you dear father and not manipulate me. In. This or. That direction I do. Not. Have inside. Outside blacagic they done done with them. The same. Dear father Tipp. They know. How is it are to. Leave with. This things so.any years what you are not your your lebae in. A different energy by all dear father this is not right to done. With them. All. Dear father the y stop my. Plan or life make it to. Them. All. Why only with me. Every time. With me I do. Not understand it dear father please help. Me. Out

  29. Jesus I need a. Prophetie please I want to. Know if it. Will be or. Not. Jesus. Please. Help. Me. Out of. All I. Want to. Know. Everything dear Jesus

  30. Jesus please the problem is that inside of me is the life energy and this life enrgy is breaking out of some of members to used it to profit for. Themself Jesus so the profit is to manipulated me in the soul and this to stop that Jesus by the way why this is bad people and what is their wish to damaged someone for. Profit dear Jesus is that right Jesus I want. To study they stop that by the way of binding I want to make. My. Life better. In Jesus name. They stop that this is not. Good jeuss I. Need currently help. Of all please not. To stop. Me. Stop them. All. Please. By the protection to mey. Mum. And my
    … Please. Jesus Till.now.thr bad people wins about me or. Orhter to. Heard how terrible is my life they are happy then so. They make. Is by the way of binding terrible one. Time my question is how is then orthers make. Them. The same. This is so. Crazy but in. Familiy must be the love not the bad thing together dear jesus the question how can. I.see.thisnperson. Unhappy or. Like. This or. Stop. Their life. In. Every direction dear Jesus before it becomes more terrible. Please help. Me. I have no Power. Enough dear Jesus this is. For. Me. A. Horroful life. What. The. Enemies done. Withe. But.y.question. Is what happened with. Them. All. Why they. Done with with.e.or.their binding me only. Dear Jesus please. Help me. Out of all my. Jesus I need your. Help. Currently dear Jesus
    Please. Not. Stop me. Please. I’m. Their direction I. Come. In. My. Freedom please

  31. Jesus please I tell you my situation first first protection for me andy mum please the enemies in my familiy members who know who are they I do not know why they make it but for me it is to hard to leave with more enrgy inside of me to stop my life in every direction first dear Jesus please the problem. Is I think that they see me u happy very u happy so thats why they make this binding on me dear Jesus and they know every time we win about this or that people so we can make this binding to this or that people an we win. About. Them. All so what they done the treadet me u fair und not good for all of the time dear Jesus I want to study they stop my life and the y make so many bad things in the protection toe. Andy mum. Dear Jesus what you thi k. About this people first they know that I do not win they win this situation but WHT you say it is fair WHT they done my question is when. They make it on me why they do not have the same binding I side of them too or outside then. They know how terrible is them. Cause for me it is no reason to do that for a women who want to study and. The enemies stop it and all. Of. Them. I need your pier Jesus that what you say all about. This famliy members and what is your reason for all. Of that dear Jesus mthey stop me dear jeuss open all the doors who are stop me and give me all that WHT I want tagainst all the enemies who want to see me u happy make me so happy they binding me. Binding them dear Jesus why cause they make it on me. And do not let me go what is the problem. Alway with me I do. Not understand that all dear Jesus can I know that all dear jesus please what is the problem. With me all it is no enough what they done with us dear Jesus please help me out with all this people and they think that they are the winner jeuss where is the winner please let me know not with me and my life people mum. And other please not with my life any more please dear jesus please please Jesus make. All the opposite of them. What they want. To see make me happy make that this binding come. Out of me and I come. Iny. Freedom and their thing never co. E. Back and make me so. Happy so happy that they become….. Dear Jesus please this isy. Wish can you make. This wish come. True dear Jesus please protect me and my mum. Please dear Jesus please help me out of all dear jeuss that all the enemies in. My. Familiy members has no chance to. Do. Negative things with me dear Jesus please never with me dear jeuss first they must come. In my. Situation and then we can talk and then please dear jeuss do not stop me please. Make. Me. So happy before all the years please make. It against to my enemies please no. Chance to. Them. All. Please Jesus do. Not wiat give me. The right to do it dear jesus

  32. Jesus please help me out of all the enemies make a. Lot of bad things please jeuss make me so happy before and protect me and my mum. And make she happy too that the enemies has n. Got chance changed the situation please make. Me. So. Happy make. Me happy binding and protected me. For. All dear Jesus for all. The year. Jesus not. Only. With me dear Jesus please help. Me. Please make. Me. Happy for all. Dear jesus please. I. Need positive binding for be happy for all dear Jesus please Jesus help me out please dear Jesus please dear Jesus help me. Out please dear jesus please dear Jesus make the opposite of all. What they want to see with me then. They see my. Unsuccessful make. Me. Successful like this dear Jesus the strong thing dear jeuss not with me. Or. My. Mum. Dear. Jesus please make us happy for all. Of your life do. Not. Make. All. The negative Manipulation in me. Dear jeuss please for all. Please help me. Jesus please help me Jesus please help. Me Jesus please help me. Jesus please help me. Jesus please help me. Jesus for all. Please

  33. Modlite sa za pokoj v mojom dome aby vsetko zlo zmizlo aby som mala pokoj lasku vieru a nadej za zdravie mna manzela amojich deti acelu moju rodinu za pokoj lasku stastie a porozumenie abi sme sa. Z mojov rodinov tak milovaly ako nas miluje nas pan jezis kristus Amen


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