Miracle Prayer That Work Immediately


Today we will be dealing with miracle Prayer that works immediately. If you are a regular reader of our prayer guide, you might have noticed that we are quite keen on miracle prayers in recent times; this is because God has promised to perform his wonders in the life of people. I see people moving from point zero to point hero. God has promised to elevate people, that challenging situation that you think will end your life, God is coming through, and his spirit will wrath the wonders you never imagine. That is why God has directed us to write multiple prayer guide on a miracle because this is the era for a miracle to happen.
What is that situation that you have almost given up hope on thinking nothing can save you from this approaching calamity? God is every ready to save you.

The saving strength of his right hand is very much at work. I see God turning situations around. I decree that among the people that will share testimony though this prayer guider, you shall be one of them in the name of Jesus.
In this prayer guide, we will be using more of the word of God. The scripture made us understand that heaven and earth will pass, but none of God’s word will go without fulfilling the purpose for which it has been sent. It is wise to use God’s word when we are praying for a miracle to happen now. When we use the word of God, we push God to work via his word.

The scripture made us understand that God honors his word even more than his name. Have you forgotten the scriptural verse that says he is not a man to lie neither is he the son of man to repent? God promised us good health. The scripture says for Christ has bare upon himself all of our infirmities, and he has healed all our diseases. So whenever you are sick, and you want a miracle, the best thing to use is the word of God. I pray that as you begin to use this prayer guide to learn how to pray for an immediate miracle, I decree that your life will not be short of a miracle in the name of Jesus.

Prayer Points:

Miracle Prayer That Work Immediately For Healing

For the scripture says in the book of Jeremiah 3:22 My wayward children,” says the Lord, “come back to me, and I will heal your wayward hearts.
Lord, according to the word of this scripture, I have come back to you for healings, yes, sin has taken a heavy turn on me, but your mercy abounds still. You said I should return to you, and you will heal me. Father Lord, I decree your healings upon me in the name of Jesus. The scripture made me understand that Christ was pierced for our transgressions; he was crushed for our iniquities; the punishment that brought us peace was on him, and by his wounds, we are healed. Lord Jesus, by your wounds, I decree an instant healing upon myself in the name of Jesus.

Miracle Prayer That Work Immediately For Curse Lifting

For it has been written that Christ has been made a curse for us because cursed is he that is hanged on the tree. Father Lord, I break every yoke of curse over my life. I stand on the potency of your word that says you have been a curse for us. That means you have been cursed so that I can be free from the curse. Because of your word, I free myself from the curse in the name of Jesus. Lord God, you are the great monarch if Isreal, you are the God that keeps your covenant. You made a new covenant for us through the blood of Christ. I key into the new covenant brought by the blood of Jesus, and by virtue of that blood, I free myself from every generational curse in the name of Jesus. By the anointing, every yoke shall be destroyed. Every curse that has refused to let me go, I decree that by the anointing of Christ, such shackles is destroyed in the name of Jesus.

Miracle Prayer That Work Immediately For financial breakthrough

Deuteronomy 28:11–12 
“And the Lord shall make thee plenteous in goods, in the fruit of thy body, and in the fruit of thy cattle, and in the fruit of thy ground, in the land which the Lord swore unto thy fathers to give thee.” Lord, you have promised to make me plenteous in goods, I decree that you open the gate of riches for me in the name of Jesus. Father, concerning my work, I destroy every form of devourer and cankerworm eating up my profits, I call the fire of God upon them in the name of Jesus. Your word promised that you will bless the land concerning me, and you will cause it to yield out fruits for me. Father Lord, I decree that from henceforth, everything I lay my hand on shall prosper in the name of Jesus.

Miracle Prayer That Work Immediately For Safe delivery

Exodus 23:26 There shall nothing cast their young, nor be barren, in thy land: the number of thy days I will fulfill. Father Lord, I stand on the utterance of your word and promise that there shall not be barren in the land. I pray that you will cause my wife/sister to give birth without stress in the name of Jesus. I call on the archangels of the Lord that are in charge of childbirth to take charge concerning my wife/sister, wherever the enemy has tied the fruit of her womb to cause us to mourn, I decree that the fire of God Almighty go and set her free in the name of Jesus. I decree that right now, she receives her deliverance in the name of Jesus.



  1. Put this on the altar please. Father God I love you and thank you that your grace is sufficient in my weaknesses. Your word says the battle belongs to you not me lord. You know all things and you know I have been waiting and trusting in your word. You know lord my frame is dust , you know my heart. Your word says you have great love for me and when I am faithless you are still faithful.
    Be faithful to me lord because I acknowledge your name and is a covenant daughter. You say your word you honor over your name Jesus. Change my story for good lord so I can testify of how you did it for me and my family. Show yourself mighty in my life. Thank you Lord
    In Jesus name love you lord..

  2. I love theser prayer points it is strengthing me day by day.Thankyou from the writers. Johnsonga Songwe Mulenga. From zambia

  3. Can i pray to be long(175cm tall)….and long face and be beautiful i know God can do this i pray many time but it doesn’t work why????

  4. Panie proszę Cię pomóż mi przetrwać to wszystko. Niech moja rodzina będzie w komplecie przez całe życie.


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