Covenant Prayers Against Garments of Wrong Identity


Today, we will be dealing with covenant prayers against garments of wrong identity. The garment of wrong identity will have you seen as another person totally different from who you are. There is a garment on every man. This garment is more spiritual than its physical. To a large extent, it depicts the type of person an individual is. For instance, when you see a king, you can identify a king by his robe. When you see a slave, you can identify a slave by their garment too.

When Joseph was about to be sold into slavery by his half brothers, the first thing they did was to change the beautiful garment that was given to him by his father. They knew no one would be buoyant enough to buy Joseph if seen in that beautiful robe. It will be seen as though someone is trying to sell the son of a king. However, when they pulled his garment, they gave him another tattered one to depict slavery and rejection. With this, they are able to sell him off to slavery.

As our heavenly father, God cloth many of us in a beautiful garment. But sin and enemy has taken the garment off many people. There are so many people in the world today that they go about with a garment of false identity. People see them for who they are not. They struggle to change the wrong perception people have had about them due to how they are seen. A garment is not just to beautify the body; it also commands respect and honour.

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In the time of the Levitical Priesthood, there was a pattern of garment they adorn. When men are seen in such a garment, they are automatically accorded the respect that befits a priest. Also, a man will be treated as a slave due to the type of garment that is on him. The enemy has changed the garment of so many people. He has taken the garment of Sonship and Kingship away from many people and gave them the garment of shame and slavery. Now people go about with the garment that is not theirs. They are being taken for who they are not and treated less.

Today, God will take away every garment of wrong identity in the name of Jesus. Every demonic garment on you that stops people from seeing the king is you; the fire of the Holy Ghost destroys such garment.

Prayer Points: 

  • Father, I thank you for your Grace. I magnify you for your protection over my life. May your name be highly exalted in the name of Jesus. 
  • Lord, the scripture says we can’t continue to live in sin and ask grace to abound. I seek the forgiveness of my sins. In any way that I have sinned and fall short of your glory, I pray that you forgive me today in the name of Jesus. 
  • I pray for mercy. In every way, sin has made me fail the purpose of my existence; I pray that you have mercy upon me today in the name of Jesus. 
  • Lord, every evil garment of shame and reproach that has been put on me, I remove them today by the authority of heaven. Every garment that makes me experience shame where I’m supposed to be celebrated, I pray that the power of God will remove such garment from my life today in the name of Jesus. 
  • Father, every garment of barrenness in my life, catch fire today in the name of Jesus. Every demonic garment that has made it difficult for me to conceive good things, I pull it off today in the mighty name of Jesus. 
  • Father, every garment of hindrance, stopping me from meeting destiny helper, I pull you off today in the name of Jesus. I decree every garment that has changed my identity in my helper’s sight catch fire today in the name of Jesus. 
  • Lord, every satanic agent that has been sent from the pit of hell to clothe me with the garment of wrong identity, I rebuke them today by the power in the name of Jesus. 
  • Lord, I pray for restoration. The good garment that has been taken away, I pray that the hands of God restore them to me in the name of Jesus. 
  • Lord, every garment of success, every garment of kingship that has been replaced with the garment of slavery, I decree that the hands of God restore my garment of royalty in the name of Jesus. 
  • Lord, every garment of slavery catch fire today. For it has been written, it is for freedom that Christ has set us free. I decree my freedom today in the name of Jesus. I speak my freedom into reality today in the name of Jesus. 
  • Father, I pray that you shall surround me with a pillar of fire. Every agent of darkness trying to come in my dream to steal my beautiful garment, I pray that the fire of God will burn them to ashes in the name of Jesus. 
  • Lord, every garment of pain and sorrow, I destroy them today in the name of Jesus. Christ has gone through pain so that I won’t. He has been ridiculed, beaten, and disgrace so that I can be free. Every demonic garment of the enemy to shield my joy catch fire today in the name of Jesus. 
  • Lord, just as you changed the story of Jabez and made him prosperous more than his brothers. I pray that you shall turn my story around today in the name of Jesus. 
  • Lord, I pray for a supernatural turnaround of the event in my life today. In all areas of life that I need change, I pray that you shall cause it to happen in the name of Jesus.
  • Lord, every garment of sickness on my body catch fire today in the name of Jesus. Lord, I make my body uncomfortable for every evil garment in the name of Jesus.
  • Father, every garment of badluck, failure and disappointment, I set you ablaze today in the name of Jesus. 


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  2. Thank you for your prayer daily. It helps alot. Please continue and I pray for you and your famly for health, prosperity, long life, joy and peace in Jesus Mighty Name, AMEN


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