10 Vengeance Prayers Against The Enemy’s Attacks


Today we will be dealing with 10 vengeance prayers against the enemy’s attack. We pray always for God to fight on our behalf and fight for us. Remember how we always pray that God should avenge us. Even our God has promised that a thousand shall fall at our left side and tens of thousands at our right side but they shall now come near us. Despite King Saul’s attempt to kill David, God still have him victory over Saul.

Let’s read the bible verse below;

A Bible verse to pray for vengeance


Psalm 35vs 1-28 1 Oppose those who oppose me, Lord,and fight those who fight against me! Take your shield and armorand come to my rescue. Lift up your spear and war axagainst those who pursue me.Promise that you will save me. May those who try to kill mebe defeated and disgraced!May those who plot against mebe turned back and confused! May they be like straw blown by the windas the angel of the Lord pursues them! May their path be dark and slipperywhile the angel of the Lord strikes them down! Without any reason they laid a trap for meand dug a deep hole to catch me. But destruction will catch them before they know it;they will be caught in their own trapand fall to their destruction! Then I will be glad because of the Lord; I will be happy because he saved me. With all my heart I will say to the Lord,“There is no one like you.You protect the weak from the strong,the poor from the oppressor.” Evil people testify against meand accuse me of crimes I know nothing about. They pay me back evil for good, and I sink in despair. But when they were sick, I dressed in mourning;I deprived myself of food;I prayed with my head bowed low, as I would pray for a friend or a brother.I went around bent over in mourning, as one who mourns for his mother. But when I was in trouble, they were all gladand gathered around to make fun of me;strangers beat meand kept striking me. Like those who would mock a cripple,they glared at me with hate. How much longer, Lord, will you just look on?Rescue me from their attacks;save my life from these lions! Then I will thank you in the assembly of your people;I will praise you before them all. Don’t let my enemies, those liars,gloat over my defeat.Don’t let those who hate me for no reasonsmirk with delight over my sorrow. They do not speak in a friendly way;instead they invent all kinds of lies about peace-loving people. They accuse me, shouting,“We saw what you did!” But you, O Lord, have seen this.So don’t be silent, Lord; don’t keep yourself far away! Rouse yourself, O Lord, and defend me;rise up, my God, and plead my cause. You are righteous, O Lord, so declare me innocent;don’t let my enemies gloat over me. Don’t let them say to themselves,“We are rid of him!That’s just what we wanted!” May those who gloat over my sufferingbe completely defeated and confused;may those who claim to be better than I ambe covered with shame and disgrace. May those who want to see me acquittedshout for joy and say again and again,“How great is the Lord!He is pleased with the success of his servant.”Then I will proclaim your righteousness,and I will praise you all day long.

After taking the above scripture pray these prayers along with me.

Prayer Points

  • Lord God, I bless your holy name for the grace that you have given to me. I thank you for the blessings and the gift of life that you have made open to me, Lord, I exalt your holy name. Father in Jesus name, I bless you for another opportunity to Converse with you and talk to you as your heir, thank you for loving me too much.Father I return all the glory, honor and adoration unto your holy name, I bless you for so many things, for mercies as countless as the sea, I say thank you Lord. Everytime I see another breaking of the day I say thank you Lord , for my answered prayers I’m grateful, for so many things you’ve done ,what you’re about to do and what you’re still going to do.
  • Lord I bless your holy name because even before I start praying my matters has been settled for me.I glorify your name King of kings because you’ve started fighting for me even before I started praying.Oh Lord, I thank you for your mercies and loving kindness towards me, I thank you for another opportunity you’ve given me to ask in your name, blessed be your name Lord Jesus Christ.
  • Lord Jesus in any way I might have come short of your glory that might serve as hindrances between you and mt prayer ,Lord Jesus I ask that you forgive me , wash me away of my son’s, cleanse me Lord, as I go into this prayer I know not what to ask for but I ask for the guidance of the holy spirit, holy spirit lead me through, do not let me pray in vain.
  • Father, stretch forth your hands of vengeance upon those after my life and execute your great vengeance and judgement over them, in the mighty name of Jesus. Father, destroy every evil hand and voice fighting against my glorious destiny, in the mighty name of Jesus. Father, take over all the battles of my life and give me total victory over all those fighting me, in the name of 
  • Jesus. Father, set and release your arrows of death against all those after my life, in the name of Jesus. Father, I decree that all the activities of the evil ones be returned back to them in ten folds in Jesus name, release your fire upon all those fighting me and send your arrow of destruction upon them, in the mighty name of Jesus. Father, let every power assigned against my excellence and divine upliftment die by the arrow of God, in the name of Jesus.
  • Oh God of fire release your great fire upon every evil gathering and conspiracy that has been set by the devil to destroy me in Jesus name.
  • Every evil family members going extra length to destroy my destiny, to destroy my future ,Lord arise because of me and fight my battles, Father avenge me Lord, Father scatter the devilish plans of every evil person in my life, Lord Jesus you didn’t hand over King David’s lifenober to Saul, please do not give the enemy the chance to win over me , do not give my enemy the opportunity to destroy me instead release your hands of fire on them and destroy them completely in Jesus name.
  • Every Goliath from my parent’s side that is bent on destroying Me, Father destroy them just as you made Golaith powerless in front of David, Oh God avenge me Lord, Lord oppose those who opppose me, fight those who fight me Lord.
  • Lord Jesus, your word says whoever cursee shall be curse , those who curse me and waiting to see my downfall shall be the one to be destroyed in Jesus name. Do not give the enemies power over my life, I cancel every plans of the devil today in Jesus name .
  • Father, return by fire the mischief of the evil once upon them in Jesus name, fight those that are fighting me and send your arrow of death upon my enemies in the mighty name of Jesus. Father, let every power assigned against my excellence and divine upliftment die by the arrow of God, in the name of Jesus. 
  • Father, I cover myself with the blood of Jesus, by the blood of Jesus, arise and disappoints every plan and purpose of those after my life and purpose, in the name of Jesus. 
  • Father, arise in your mercy and power and avenge me of my adversaries who are after my glorious destiny, in the name of Jesus. Father protect me and do not let me for young in Jesus name. Let me live to declare the glory of God in Jesus name. Have mercy upon my life and set my paths before you in Jesus mighty name have prayed .Thank you Lord Jesus for the answered prayers in Jesus mighty precious name have prayed , AMEN.


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  1. i love your prayer power points I would like to purchase a book from you that has the prayer points and prayer in them please pray for me thank you and God bless


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