Prayer Points To Heal Heart Disease


Today we will be dealing with prayer points to heal heart disease.

Prayer is a necessity as a Christian. It’s one of the ways God used to talk to His children. When we pray, bondages are broken, chains are fallen, and sickness is healed. We are healed of our infirmities and disease. There is nothing too difficult for God to do, especially when it comes to healing and making us whole. Divine healing is what God can do for us without us stressing. As long as we call upon God’s name, He will hear us.

Our Heart is one of the most important parts of our body. Once our heart stops working, we cease to be alive. That’s why doctors advise us to take proper care of our hearts. Heart problems are very serious health issues, and if care is not taken, they might take away lives.

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Today we will be praying some prayer points that we have collected together for divine healing of our hearts and other heart-related problems. The heart is a very important organ of the body, as it pumps blood into veins. 

Prayer Points

  • In the name of Jesus, I cover my heart with the blood of Jesus.
  • I call upon the blood of Jesus to every heart problem in my life, in the name of Jesus.
  • I come against all heart problems I’m suffering from despite all the medicine I have used that has refused to heal in Jesus name.
  • I stand on the rock of ages and declare myself healed from every heart problem in Jesus name
  • I stand upon the word of God, and I declare that the heart receives its total healing in Jesus name.
  • By the power of the almighty, I declare that the stripes of Jesus heal me.
  • I bind and paralyze the activities of the strongman against my divine health in the name of Jesus.
  • Every power that is holding my healing and stopping it from happening, I destroy them in Jesus name.
  • Lord correct the doctor’s diagnosis concerning my heart in Jesus name
  • Lord, correct any disorder in my heart, in the name of Jesus.
  • Father, lay your hands on my body and heal me of every infirmity, in the name of Jesus.
  • Lord heal me completely in Jesus name
  • Lay your hands of healing upon my heart and grant me speedy recovery in Jesus name
  • I hand over my life to you Lord,heal me of every infirmities in Jesus name
  • Blood of Jesus flush out anything that I must have eaten that is causing me pain in my heart in Jesus name 
  • Father, any wicked person from my father’s house that wants me to die and is using my heart against me , save me from them in Jesus name and heal me with your power in Jesus name.
  • Lord Jesus, any food I may have been eating causing pressure on my heart, in the name of Jesus, let your power flush it away from my system in Jesus name.
  • Let the anointing of the Holy Ghost fall upon me for my speedy recovery and supernatural healing in the name of Jesus.
  • Lord Jesus let your anointing that can break evil yoke deliver me from the yoke of heart failure and untimely death in Jesus name.
  • I stand upon the rock of ages and deliver myself from slow and painful death in Jesus name
  • I command every organ of my body to be touched by God in Jesus name.
  • I say with the power of the holy ghost that I’m healed completely in Jesus name. 
  • I refuse every power that wants to confine me to a hospital bed in Jesus name.
  • I  reject every evil command of slow death, in Jesus name. 
  • I drink the blood of Jesus.
  • I soak myself with the blood of Jesus
  • Every power playing with my heart and every organ of my body has refused to stop. I command you in the name of Jesus that is above every other name to die by fire, in Jesus name.  
  • I’m healed of my heart disease, illness, injury and doctor’s diagnosis in Jesus name.
  • Please forgive me for my sins that have committed knowingly and unknowingly, 
  • Lord forgive me of my mistakes that is causing me pain in Jesus name
  • Every evil one that wants to make me suffer from these attacks that Is now causing me heart problems, Lord fight for me and heal me completely in Jesus name.
  • I ask in the name of the Lord that you perfect my heart healing in Jesus name
  • In the  Name Of Jesus Christ i release myself from high cholesterol that is affecting proper functioning of my heart in Jesus name
  • I free myself from high blood pressure, that is now causing me to be anxious and scared in Jesus name
  • I free myself from a weakened immune system that is rooted in a broken spirit or broken heart in Jesus name
  • I command these spirits of fear, anxiety, nervousness, that is raising my  blood pressure to get lost in Jesus name
  • I command my body system and organs to work well henceforth in the name of Jesus
  • I thank you Lord for the healing of my heart both physically and spiritually
  • I bless and glorify you Lord Jesus for the complete restoration of my life and concerning my heart 
  • I take dominion over my body now and I  want the arteries, veins, capillaries to be washed and renewed by the blood of Jesus
  • I want my blood pressure to go down in Jesus name.  
  • Heavenly father, I thank you for this perfect healing and speedy recovery.
  • I cast out any spirit of infirmity that came into my life through my mistakes and sins in the name of Jesus.
  • I cast out any spirit of infirmity that came into my life through evil people from my parents side or accidents in the name of Jesus.
  • Give me a sound heart, which is the life of my flesh
  • I prosper and walk in health even as my soul prospers (3 John 2).
  • Thank You for the Renewing of my Mind, that I am able to think on things that are True.

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