20 Points For Second Half of The Year


Today we will be dealing with 20 points for second half of the year.

It’s the second half of the year already. Hallelujah!. It didn’t feel so long when we were so happy about the start of the new year, now it’s the second half of the year and God has kept us alive and happy and healthy. We welcome us to the second half of the year, we bless God our almighty savior and helper for keeping us safe and sound and overjoyed. The journey has not been easy, we have experienced the happy days, sad days, and the fruitful days and the unproductive days for the past first half of the year and we are so happy to welcome us and congratulate us for overcoming all the challenges so far. If we are reading this now it means we are alive and we bless God on our behalf.

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God has faithfully kept and preserved us till the second half of the year, we have every reasons to be grateful and thankful. There has been many bad news since the year has started, kidnapping, accidents, ritual victims, illness, evil arrows and all ways the devil has tried to defeat us God’s children but God’s favour kept us and His steadfast love for us has never wavered. The bible says the days are evil but we redeem the day with prayers and help from the holy spirit. We have gathered some prayer points in today’s topic that we can pray with and ask God to continue to show us His mercy and kindness till the ending of the year.

I pray the holy spirit will guide us and fill our mouth with the holy spirit guidance and help in Jesus name. Amen

Prayer Points

  • Thank you Lord Jesus for how far you’ve come with us and how wonderful you have made life to be for us ever since the beginning of this year and how far you’ve been there with us. Thanks so much Jesus
  • Your steadfast love for us has never cease, your presence has always been evident in our lives, we bless you Lord for everything you have done so far be exalted in Jesus name
  • Lord we ask for forgiveness of sins, in any way we might have sinned so far that must have served as hindrances to our prayers that are yet to be answered we pray that you forgive us in your infinite mercy and give ears to our prayers in Jesus name
  • Lord Jesus forgive us and hide your face from our iniquities so that we may be forgiven and favoured in Jesus name
  • Lord we pray that you forgive us of our trespasses and guide us in the right path in Jesus name
  • Lord we pray that you grant us all our heart desires that are yet to be fulfilled for the past first half of the year and are still pending, we pray you fulfill them in Jesus name
  • Lord we pray that you order our footsteps, protect us from evil in Jesus name.
  • Any harm that might want to happen to us we pray that you protect us in Jesus name
  • We come against all evil arrows that might be thrown at us to cause us harm to be rendered useless and powerless in Jesus name
  • Lord we want to continue to walk with you and forever follow your guidelines and commandments so that our days will be filled with your happiness and love
  • Lord protect us from any unforeseen circumstances that might cause evil to befall us and make us useless to you and people around us in Jesus name
  • Lord do not let us fall sick in Jesus name
  • My Father, any sickness that might take my life, Lord I cancel it by the blood of Jesus
  • I plead the blood of Jesus on every of my daily activities in Jesus name
  • Lord Jesus you’re the one who sees my tears in secret , you said in your word that I should Call upon your name and you will answer me , Lord Jesus please answer every of my secret prayers and give me my testimonies for the remaining months of the year
  • Every of my unanswered prayers , God I know you can do all things and nothing is to hard for you Jesus to do, so answer my prayers Lord and make me have every reasons to glorify you by the time this year comes to an end in Jesus name
  • Oh Lord, I rebuke every evil curses and words that’s is going against my prayers to be answered in Jesus name
  • I cover my family,my friends, myself,my relatives,my children, and everyone around me with the blood of Jesus. None of us shall die untimely this year and shall be favoured by God that we will have fullest cause to be grateful and happy by the end of this year in Jesus name 
  • I command every generational curses that has refused to leave should be burnt and destroyed by the fire of the holy ghost in Jesus name. Lord Jesus free me from generational curses that do not allow people in my family to move forward in Jesus name
  • Lord for this second half of the year my blessings are certain and confirmed by His in Jesus name
  • My name has been changed from curses to blessings, from looser to conqueror, from zero to hero, from backward to forward 
  • I shall wine and fine with kings and highly favoured people in Jesus name
  • Henceforth the devil has nothing on me in Jesus name for I am a child of God and have been called and named VICTORIOUS in Jesus Mighty precious name
  • Lord most high thanks for the answered prayers and for the promises that you will see me through for the rest of the year with my prepared testimonies
  • Thanks Lord Jesus that no weapon fashioned against me or my family shall prosper in Jesus name
  • Bless you Lord Jesus and the creator of Heaven and Earth that me and my household shall not die but live to declare the glory and wonders of God at the end of this year in Jesus might most precious name we have prayed . Amen

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  1. I thank you for prayers thàt have changed my life. I thank your staff for supporting you. I believe in God’s word, and I thank Him for His mercy and grace and for your channel.

  2. Please pray for my family. For healing and deliverance from all evil forces blocking our progress. For restoration in our health relationships and finances and protection from all evil men and women.

  3. Lord I thank that God touched Pastor Chinedum heart and leading by the Holy Spirit, Lord give grant him his heart ❤️ desires and keep him covered in the precious Blood of Jesus Christ, We pray that his stays in The Almighty God’s will and way, We thank you Heavenly Father for him being a Blessing to us and touching everyone’s heart with your Holy Word all over the world, we thank you 🙏🏾 and Praise you God, I declare an Open Heaven over this ministry, me, my family and everyone who prays these prays and everyone who is touching and agreeing with me in prayer, I ask you to Bless them all one hundred fold In Jesus Christ Name Amen 🙏🏾 Praise God


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