Importance of Praying With Water And Forty Prayer Points That Can Be Prayed With Water


Today we will be dealing with Importance of praying with water and Forty prayer points that can be prayed with water.

Water is the foundation of the earth. It was said in the book of Genesis chapter 1 that the spirit of God was hovering over the waters. Even when Jesus was on earth there were many times He performed miracle with water. His first miracle was turning water to wine. Jesus used water as a point of reference of healing people. To even show how important water is , when we first become christian we are baptized with water to wash us clean and purge us from our iniquities and old ways. Praying with water is very significant and it serves as a point of contact between us and God.

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In today’s topic we are going to tell us what we can do if we want to pray with water and give us prayer points to pray with. Water doesn’t have enemy. Everybody uses water. We know there are many uses of water such as for bathing, cooking, washing. Water is known as the foundation to the things that exist here on earth.

Scientifically it is said that water covers 75% of the earth surface. Praying with water is significant therefore in today’s topic we will be dealing with prayer points that can be prayed with water . Before retiring to bed at night, get a glass of clean water hold it in your hand and declare over it. (The declaration is below) after declaring keep it next to your bed on the floor and sleep.

In the morning before your daily routine, pray with glass of water, ask God for anything at all desire from Him and He will grant it unto you.After praying drink a bit and wash your face with the rest. It is important to note that we are to do this prophetic exercise with all seriousness and religiously. Let’s read the bible chapter below; EZEKIEL 36:25-38.

Prayer Points

  • Thank you Jesus for creating water as part of human existence because Water has no enemy. 
  • Thank Yahweh for You are the river of Living waters. 
  • Father Lord, I thank for Your power that resides in water. 
  • According to Your word in Ezekiel 36:25, I will sprinkle clean water on you, and you will be clean. I will cleanse you from all your filthiness, and from all your idols. 
  • O Lord, sprinkle Your living water upon my life. 
  • I declare upon this water to be charged with the power and bodily presence of the Holy Spirit. 
  • Let this water become the water for revival. 
  • I sanctify this water in the name of the Father, the Son and of the Holy Spirit. 
  • Holy Ghost fire, overshadow this body of water and convert it to divine creative water and healing water in the name of Jesus. 
  • Water is an essential of life. Father as I use this water, let it become great blessings to me and my household. 
  • The Bible says, let the living water flow over my soul. Father, let your living water flow through every department of my life and destiny. 
  • Father let Your spirit penetrate into this water and convert it to the Blood of Yeshua. As I drink this water, let it flush out my system from every evil food deposits, in the name of Yeshua. 
  • Water improves the body system. Father, as I drink this blessed water, let it kill every moving object arresting my good health, in the name of Yeshua. 
  • O God, arise and use this water to purge weakness out of my life, in the name of Yeshua. 
  • Lord Jesus, use this water to pursue all my stubborn pursuers, in the name of Yeshua. 
  • O God arise and use this water to proclaim my victory, in Yeshua name. 
  • Holy Ghost fire, let this water be electrocuted with your divine fire, in the name of Jesus. 
  • My God, my Lord, touch this water to cast out every unclean spirit hiding in my body and my environment, in the name of Yeshua. 
  • Water cleanses, purifies and work perfectly with our body system. Holy Spirit, use this water to cleanse away all my sins, reproach and shame. 
  • Father, as this water touches my body, let it locate the part where there is a trace of infirmity, Afflictions and evil marks, in Yeshua name. 
  • O Lord, let this water arrest every demonic powers in my environment, in the name of Yeshua. 
  • As I am praying on this water, let it bring deliverance, restoration and open doors to me, in Yeshua name. 
  • By the power of God that rested on waters, every arrow of untimely death, affliction, infirmity, frustration and poverty fired against me to backfire now in the name of Yeshua.
  • Father, let this water serves as a divine cleansing agent against afflictions, an antibiotic against sicknesses and diseases, and Your restoration power ti restore all have lost to the enemies, in the name of Yeshua. 
  • Yeshua my Lord, lay Your hands upon this water for deliverance healing. Anointing of the Great Physician locate this water for greater testimony, in Yeshua name. 
  • O Lord, empower this water for signs, wonders and miracles, in the name Yeshua 
  • Holy Spirit, flow through this water now, in the name of Yeshua. Let this water arrest every unclean material in my body, in the name of Yeshua 
  • By the power of God in water, let my dream life be restored in the name of Yeshua.
  • As from today, my water of destiny shall not go bitter, in the name of Yeshua. 
  • Evil strangers in my body, be arrested by fire, in the name of Yeshua. 
  • Any curse upon my life be washed away by the blood of Yeshua. 
  • Every part of my body begin to function properly as you come in contact with this water in the name of Yeshua. 
  • Holy Ghost, breathe on this water, in the name of Yeshua.Every foreign spirit working against my joy, be dissolved by the fire of the Holy Ghost, in the name of Yeshua. 
  • Blood of Jesus speak deliverance, healing, breakthrough and restoration into every part of my body and organs, my head, my heart, my brain, my legs, my hands, my eyes, my liver, my kidney, my bladder, my womb, etc, in the name. 
  • My destiny reject physical and spiritual sickness, in the name of Yeshua. My heard reject bad dreams, in Jesus name. 
  • Father, let Your Blood flushes out every power holding my organs ransome, in the name of Yeshua. The oil of favour given to me by God shall not run dry, in the name of Yeshua. 
  • Father, when the enemy come in like a flood to attack, by Your decree, raise a standard against them, in the name of Yeshua. 
  • The power of God upon water, liberate, heal and restore me today, in the name of Yeshua. 
  • O God arise and let there be shower of rain of healing, protection, preservation, joy, shalom, prosperity, abundance and favour upon my life, in the name of Yeshua Hamashiach. 
  • Lord Jesus heal me of every iniquities and infirmities as I take these prayers in Jesus name
  • Thank you Jesus.


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  1. Thank you for this prayer points against bedweting, am 40 years married with two children , still living in this shame , and l believe that after praying these prayer my God will destroy the demon behind it. Please do pray for me as well.


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