20 Warfare Prayer Points For The Church


Matthew 16:18: 18 And I say also unto thee, That thou art Peter, and upon this rock I will build my church; and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it.

The Church of Jesus Christ is the body of born again believers, and it is the pillar of truth. The increase of the church automatically leads to the massive depopulation of hell. From the beginning of the birth of the Church, the gates of hell have always fought to oppose the church. The devil knows that only the church can frustrate his plans for humanity, he knows that only the church can save the world. He also know that the solution of all the crisis in the world today is in the church. The devil will stop at nothing to attempt to bring the church down,but the good news is this,he cannot. Today we are going to be engaging 20 warfare prayer points for the church. The church of Christ is too powerful for the devil to handle, the church is marching forward and the gates of hell cannot stand against it.

Every church that want to continually dominate the forces of hell must be giving to fervent prayers, in the early church, prayer was one of the two things that the Apostles focused on, Acts 6:4. A praying church is a living and victorious church, and when the church stops praying, the church starts dying. In this end times, only churches that are prayerful will continue to overcome the devil. The devil is out to humiliate the church, everyday we hear of all manner of scandals and false allegations against the church and pastors, all this is the strategy of the devil to discredit the church and make a lot of people subscribe to atheism, child of God, we are at war, we must rise up and wage spiritual warfare, we must engage in warfare prayer points for the church. The church needs to intensify her prayers this end times. We must pray for our pastors, for God to continue to increase His fire upon their lives, we must also pray for their families, for protection and guidance, we must ask God to protect them from satanic temptations and evil scandals.


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We must pray that the word of God have free course in every nation, let the word of Christ prevail over sin and satanic doctrines in every nation and every city, we must pray for revivals and revolutions of the Gospel of Christ in every nation, we must pray that the church continue to increase in prosperity, so as to enable her move the Gospel to the ends of the earth. We must pray that God remove the stony hearts of humans and give them a receptive heart to hear the gospel and receive it with humility. We must pray for more and more souls to continually flock to our various assemblies every sunday services.

The list of all this warfare prayer points for the church cannot be exhausted, if we must dominate the devil, we must be prayerful. I see God taking the church to the place of dominion in Jesus name.

Prayer Points

1. Every curse of untimely death operating in the lives of God’s ministers, especially in this country; be destroyed , in the name of Jesus.

2. Father, your divine agenda for the church this end time will not be aborted,the church must fulfill her calling, in the name of Jesus.

3. Every curse of the devil fighting against the progress of the church,, I break and destroy you by fire, in Jesus’ name.

4. Any power of the grave, trying to bury the church of Christ in this nation, be scattered by fire in jesus name.

5. Father, publicly humiliate every enemy of the church in Jesus name

6. Oh God arise and scatter all those who are mocking the church in Jesus name

7. Father, silence the mouths of all satanic false propagandist against the church

8. Father, make the church a solution center in this nation

9. Father, give the church a voice that cannot be silenced for ever in Jesus name

10. Father, let there be revivals and revolutions of the gospel as you draw millions upon millions of souls to the church in Jesus name

11. Father dethrone and e!iminate every enemies of the church in the government in Jesus name.

12. Oh God in these last days, raise end time ministers that will take this world by storm for Jesus name

13. Father, let your fire burn continually in the heart of your ministers in Jesus name

14. Father, increase your church financially and cause us to dominate our world in Jesus name

15. Father silence the mouth of any evil journalist speaking against the church in Jesus name

16. Father, Be a wall of fire, round and about the church in Jesus name

17. Father, continue to send your fresh word from all our churches worldwide, thereby leading to innumerable crowds of saved souls in Jesus name.

18. Father stop anyone that attempts to stop the church

19. I decree that whosoever blesses the church is blessed,and whosoever curses the church is cursed

20. Father, I thank you for humiliating the enemies of the church in Jesus name




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