30 Prayer Points For Business Ideas


Deuteronomy 8:18 But thou shalt remember the LORD thy God: for it is he that giveth thee power to get wealth, that he may establish his covenant which he sware unto thy fathers, as it is this day.

We serve a God of wisdom. He is the source of Unending wisdom and boundless knowledge. There is nothing we desire from Him that he cannot make available unto us. Today prayer points are prayer points for business ideas. Nothing changes the world like an inspired idea. When God inspires an idea in your heart, your success becomes inevitable. Jacobs life was transformed when God showed him an idea in a dream. ( See Genesis 31:10), Isaac became great when He sowed in the land of Gerer, (Genesis 26:1-14), Joseph became very great in ancient Egypt, when he shared his God inspired ideas to Pharaoh, (See Genesis 41). You too can become great with a God inspired idea.

As Christians, one of the major advantage we have is that we can ask the Lord in prayers for an inspired business idea. We can pray to God to open our eyes or direct our steps to a great and life transforming business idea. An idea that we can start small and grow to become financial giants in the near future. That is why i have carefully prepare this prayer points for us today. This prayer points for business ideas are purely business prayer points. As you engage them in faith, God will open your eyes to a business idea that will announce you to your world. A business idea that will make you a blessing to your generation at large. Child of God, your days of trial and error are over, your days of idleness are over, pray this business prayer points with faith today and see God transform your life.


Finally, when God gives you an idea, start it immediately, only those who run with the vision, see it come to pass. You must not play with the business idea or just sit on it. There is no future for any lazy person, even a Christian. Therefore as you recieve the idea from God, start working on it, start small and watch God change your life dramatically in Jesus name.This prayer points for business ideas is for you indeed in Jesus name. See you at the top.

Prayer Points

1. Father, I thank you for your greatest wish for me is all round prosperity in Jesus name

2. Father, thank you for not allowing my mistakes destroy my businesses in Jesus name

3. Father, I enter into your throne of grace to receive mercies and grace to live and do right by my business in Jesus name.

4. Father, I ask for supernatural wisdom to know the right business to do in Jesus name

5. Father, give me great wisdom for strategy so as to succeed in my new business idea in Jesus name.

6. Father, connect me to the right people to help me succeed in business in Jesus name.

7. Father, lead me to the right environment where my business ideas shall flourish in Jesus name.

8. Father, open my eyes, to see the right business idea for me this year in Jesus name.

9. I declare that any business idea i act upon shall flourish after the order of Isaac in Jesus name.

10. I declare that no weapon fashioned against my business ideas shall prosper in Jesus name amen

11. I declare that through this business ideas, I shall loan to nations and not borrow from anyone in Jesus name.

12. I declare that through my business ideas, I shall be the envy to my world in Jesus name

13. I declare the utter destruction of every plan of witches and wizards to frustrate my business ideas in Jesus name
14. I declare null and void every evil utterances speaking against my life and destiny in Jesus

15. I declare the total destruction of every generational curses speaking against my life in Jesus name

16. I condemn every evil utterances speaking judgment over my life in Jesus name.

17. By the power in the name of Jesus, I disarm every strongman speaking against my success in Jesus name.

18. I cancel every evil pattern trying to repeat itself in my life in Jesus name

19. I separate myself from the sins of my father’s in Jesus name

20. I separate myself from every evil foundation in my father’s house in Jesus name.

21. I declare the permanent blindness of every monitoring demon monitoring my success in my business ideas in Jesus name.

22. I reject the spirit of poverty in Jesus name

23. I reject the spirit of lack and want in Jesus name.

24. I reject the spirit of ups and downs in Jesus name.

25. I reject the spirit of financial set backs in Jesus name

26. I reject the spirit of waste and liabilities in Jesus name.

27. I declare that I shall succeed in this business in Jesus name

28. Father, thank you for giving me supernatural victory in my business innjesus name.

29. I declare that through these businesses, the kingdom of God shall be greatly financed and expanded in Jesus name.

30. Thank you father for answering my prayers in Jesus name.




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