Aggressive Prayer Points To Destroy Evil Cauldrons (Pots).


Isaiah 54:15 Behold, they shall surely gather together, but not by me: whosoever shall gather together against thee shall fall for thy sake.

Prayers are offensive armour in the hands of a Christian. The Christian race is a warfare adventure and it takes a prayer giant to overcome the forces of darkness on a daily basis. Jesus said in Luke 18:1, “He said men ought always to pray and not faint or give up. As long as we are on our knees, the devil and his agents will forever be defenseless before us.

Today we shall be looking at aggressive prayer points to destroy evil cauldrons (pots). Before we go into this aggressive prayer points, lets try to understand what an evil cauldron is, because it takes understanding of a thing to be outstanding in it.


What Is An Evil Cauldron?

First of all, a cauldron is a pot or a big bowl. An evil cauldron is a pot or a big bowl used in the witchcraft coven to monitor, track,summon and afflict their victims. This evil cauldrons also functions as evil mirrors in the demonic kingdom.

Have you ever wondered, how evil people monitor your progress?, have you ever wondered how witch doctors know more about you than you do yourself?,have you also wondered how people are still afflicted by witches, even though they are far from home? This are all done through the evil cauldrons.

Evil cauldrons are used for 3 major reasons, they are:
A. To summon: This is done by calling the names of their victims and commanding them to show up in the cauldrons. These can be done through demonic powers, these witches enchants the soul of the individual into the cauldron and call the person by name. If the person is a weak and prayerless Christian or is not a Christian at all, he or she will appear in the cauldron.

B.To monitor: Witches monitor there victims through cauldrons, they can know your every move, they know when things are working for you and when things are not, the can see your life through their evil cauldrons.

C. To Afflict: Since they can summon you through their cauldron, monitor your progress through it, they can equally afflict you through this satanic evil pots. All they need to do is to project your soul into it and the go straight ahead to afflict you. But I have goodnews for you, if you are a prayerful and faithful Christian, no evil cauldron can harm you. Now lets see how to overcome this evil cauldrons.

How To Overcome This Evil Cauldrons

Faith and aggressive prayers is the only way to overcome this witches and their evil cauldrons. Matthew 17:20, tells us that we have power over the enemy and nothing can harm us by any means, Luke 10:19 tells us the same. We must believe in our authority in Christ and exert that authority on the altar of prayer.

This aggressive prayer points to destroy evil cauldrons will empower us to exert our authorities over the devil. As the gather against you, your prayers will scatter them, as they try to monitor your progress, they will all go blind,any time the dare to summon you, your destroying Angels will show up and destroy them and their covens. This and many more shall be your experience as you commit to the word of God and prayers. By the direction of the Holy Spirit, this prayers have been carefully selected, pray them in faith and see your miracles today in Jesus name.

Prayer Points

1. Father, I thank You because at the mention of Your Name, every knee must bow, including that of witches and wizards in Jesus Christ Name.

2. Father, I come to your throne of Grace now, and I receive mercy and grace to prevail in this prayers in Jesus Name

3. I command every evil pot cooking my affairs to be destroyed now in Jesus name

4. I command every witchcraft pot working against my progress to be destroyed now in Jesus name

5. I separate my life and destiny now from every evil cauldron in Jesus name.

6. I command every monitoring Spirit monitoring my life through evil cauldrons, to go blind now!!! In the name of Jesus Christ.

7. Every Pot of darkness working against my life, I scatter you now in the name of Jesus Christ

8. Every evil pot of stagnation working against my life, I scatter you by fire now in Jesus name

9. Every evil pot working against my health, I scatter you now in the name of Jesus Christ

10. Every evil power calling my name in any evil pot, be destroyed now in the name of Jesus

11. Every evil voice speaking against me in any evil cauldron, be silenced forever in Jesus name

12. Every evil Power, cooking my progress from any evil cauldron, be destroyed now in the name of Jesus Christ.

13. I scatter every witchcraft gathering against my life in Jesus name

14. I scatter every witchcraft plans against my life in Jesus name.


15. I return back to the sender every witchcraft arrow targeted at me in the name of Jesus Christ

16. I release the unquenchable and all consuming fire of God, to destroy every witchcraft coven working against my progress in Jesus name.

17. I break every witch craft pot over my life in Jesus name.

18. I break every witchcraft pot over my family in the name of Jesus Christ.

19. Let every demonic counsel over my life be destroyed now in the name of Jesus.

20. Let the counsel of God over my life prevail in the name of Jesus Christ.

21.  I cover myself with the blood of Jesus Christ.

22. I cover my entire household with the blood of Jesus Christ.

23. I draw the bloodline of protection over me and my household in Jesus name.

24. No weapon of witchcraft shall prevail over us again in the name of Jesus Christ.

25. No evil cauldron shall cook up evil in my life again in Jesus name.

27. No counsel of witchcraft shall prevail in my life again in Jesus Name.

28. I declare from today, every evil pot shall begin to hunt down their owners in Jesus name.

29. I declare that I have total victory over witches and wizards in my life in Jesus name.

30. From this day forward, no evil man or woman shall prevail over me in Jesus name.

Thank you Jesus for answering my prayers.



  1. Thank you and I will soon take them on. Praise be to GOD for YOU. You really grow us, the explanation is very real, we do not need to be afflicted when we have GOD of the Universe as our GOD.

  2. Thank you for your honest and truth teaching. A lot of people or lost and have no idea of what is going on around them. Because of being a luke warm Christian and does not have any knowledge or wisdom. The scriptures say my people will perish due to lack of knowledge. Today people go to church to feel good not to hear the truth. Satan is real and no one wants to talk about it. In in the meantime he is destroying families and lives and so much more. Thank you for your powerful prayers.

  3. In the process of waiting an evil cauldron planted by my grandmother. May God help us. Thank you for the prayer points. I hope we get this done with.


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