Prayers For Power And Anointing


Acts 1:8 But ye shall receive power, after that the Holy Ghost is come upon you: and ye shall be witnesses unto me both in Jerusalem, and in all Judaea, and in Samaria, and unto the uttermost part of the earth.

The difference between Christianity and other religion is Power. The difference between the word of God and motivational speaking is power. Our God is a living God and Jesus Christ is alive, when He arose from the dead, He sent us the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit is the custodian of Power and Anointing. The Holy Spirit is not power, He is the source of power, He is not the anointing, He carries the anointing. The Spirit of God is the source of all powers. Jesus Christ did a lot of mighty works in His earthly ministry because He was empowered by the Holy Spirit, Acts 10:38. The good news is this, if you are born again, that same Holy Spirit is in you, that means the source of power is in your inside. Today we shall be engaging in prayers for power and anointing. But before we go into the prayers proper, let us see what power and anointing is.

What Is Power And Anointing?

Power is the capacity of God at work in a man and through a man. Anointing is the enduement of that power.When you are endued with the power of God, it means that you now carry the power of God inside your spirit. Every born again child of God have been endued with power. Every child of God is anointed with the power of God.As a Christian, you have the power of God on your inside and you can manifest it on the outside. However, having the power of God inside you and manifesting that same power outside you are not the same thing. It takes spiritual understanding to know what to do to manifest the power of God inside of you. A lot of christians today are victims in life because they know not what to do to manifest power in there lives. The question now is this, how do i manifest the power of God on my inside?


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How To Manifest The Power Of God In You.

The most effective way to manifest power as a believer is through Prayer and Fasting. This is without prejudice to the studying of the word of God. The word of God keeps you spiritually informed at all times, but prayers and fastings keeps you spiritually alert and sensitive, it also activates the power of God in you to make things happen in your life. There is no short cut to power, Those believers that will see power in their lives are those believers that will be given to continuous fastings and prayers.

It is important to note that, prayers and fastings do not give you power, you recieved power when you believed, but prayers and fasting enables you to activate the already existing power of God inside you. Also prayer and fasting should not be seen as a price we pay for power, no, Power was given to us by grace through our faith in Christ Jesus, rather prayer and fastings is we creating an enabling environment to connect to the power of God on our inside. Its just like having a generator filled with fuel in your house, that is power, but until you put on the generator, there will be no light or power in your life. When we pray and fast, we are putting on that generator and we are powering every area of our lives. Prayer and fasting makes our spiritman sensitive at all times to pick spiritual signals from heaven. Jesus when preparing for His earthly ministry, fasted for 40 days, Matthew 4:2. This is to let us know how important fasting and praying is. While we may not fast 40 days like Jesus Christ, we must live a fasted life and a prayerful life in order to be on fire for Jesus.

If we want to see things change in our lives, if we want to see our mountains move at our command, if we want to constantly command signs and wonders, then we must be given to regular prayers and fastings, this is a major way to be in constant command of power and the anointing. These prayers for power and anointing will guide you as you undertake your journey to the manifestation of power and anointing. As you engage them in faith today, your life will never remain the same in Jesus name.

Prayer Points

1. Father, I thank You for my salvation today in the name of Jesus

2. Father I thank You for the gift of the Holy Spirit in the name of Jesus Christ

3. I lose myself now from every grip of the devil upon my life in the name of Jesus Christ

4. Holy Ghost fire, destroy every garment of reproach in my life in the name of Jesus Christ

5. Oh Lord, let every stubborn enemy fighting against my calling be destroyed now in the name of Jesus

6. Father, Let your fire in me begin to burn endlessly in the name of Jesus

7. Father baptise me afresh with unquenchable fire in the name of Jesus

8. Father empower me by the Holy Spirit to be an agent of signs and wonders in the name of Jesus.
9. Father, by your mighty hand upon my life, cause me to do great miracles that will shut the mouths of my mockers in Jesus name

10. Father, make me a battle axe in your hands in Jesus name.

11. Just as the grave could not hold Jesus, no grave can hold me in the name of Jesus

12. I receive fire to quench all satanic oppositions in the name of Jesus

13. Oh Lord give me fire that destroys death in the name of Jesus

14. Father, anoint my tongue with the coal of fire, in the name of Jesus

15. Oh Lord, let the lust of the flesh in my life be destroyed now in the name of Jesus Christ

16. Oh Lord, purge my life by your fire now in the name of Jesus

17. Father, lay your hands on me and quench every spirit of rebellion in my life in the name of Jesus

18. Holy Ghost fire, burn away all that is not Holy in my Life in the name of Jesus Christ.

19. Oh Lord, let Your fire generate power in my life in the name of Jesus

20. Every plan of failure fashioned against my destiny, die now in the name of Jesus Christ

21. Every plan of witchcraft against my calling be destroyed now in the name of Jesus Christ

22. Every arrow of poverty, go back to the sender in the name of Jesus Christ

23. Every serpent and scorpion working against my destiny, i trample over you now in the name of Jesus Christ.

24. I cast out the Spirit of snail out of my finances in the name of Jesus

25. I nullify every evil word spoken against my finances in the name of Jesus Christ.

26. I challenge and destroy every satanic opposition standing before me in the name of Jesus

27. Every power blocking me from the will of God, fall down and die in the name of Jesus Christ

28. I pull down every stubborn strogholds protecting my enemies in the name of Jesus Christ.

29. I arrest every spirit of confusion and failure by fire in the name of Jesus Christ

30. I declare that from this day, i shall manifest the power of God, in my spirit man in the name of Jesus Christ.

Thank You Jesus.



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