Thanksgiving Prayers For Healing

Thanksgiving Prayers For Healing

Today, we shall be engaging in thanksgiving prayers for healing. Have you ever being healed from any diseases, infirmities, or weakness? you will surely know how to give thanks. Many times, the reason why some people never experience breakthroughs is that they don’t know how to give thanks for what they have received and the ones they have not received yet.

Thanksgiving time is a period to gather families together to give thanks to God for the great things that He has done. As a believer, we must learn how to give thanks to God. Recall the Bible says we should be a worry for nothing but in everything through prayers supplication and thanksgiving, we should make our request known unto God.

Even when we pray and have not received yet, we must still endeavor to thank God. Thanksgiving moves God to compassion for Him to arise for our help. Healing is something that many of us pray for. There are so many of us who have been healed from different diseases and infirmities. If you have been healed from one disease or the other, you must endeavor to give thanks to God.

Thanksgiving Prayer For Life

Lord God, I looked around me and I discover that it is by your mercy that I’m still standing. If it were left to the will of my enemies I would have been long forgotten, I magnify you because you have been the protector of my Goshen, you have been my shield and buckler. Lord, I appreciate your majesty for the wonderful gift of life that you have bestowed unto me, I thank you because you have not let my enemies sing a song of victory over my life, I appreciate you because you are God. I appreciate you because you kept to the promises of your word, your word says no evil shall befall me or any danger come to my dwelling place. I appreciate you because you have kept your promises, Lord I say to let you name be exalted in the name of Jesus.

Thanksgiving Prayer for Healing of Cancer

Lord Jesus, I thank you because you are the great healer. When I was first diagnosed with cancer, I had lost hope, with the excruciating pain and exhaustion from different chemotherapy I thought my end has come. But I appreciate you for your kindness. Although it always seems to be like you will not come to my aid until you did. I thank you because you have put the devil to shame over my Heth challenges. I magnify you because you made a way when it seemed to be no, I appreciate you because you took away all my reactions and evacuate all my pain from that fiery ailment.

I thank you for the Supernatural hands of healings that you extended unto me, Lord I exalt your holy name.

Thanksgiving Prayers For Healing of Malaria

Only those who have lost their lives to this biggest killer of men in Africa can know what it takes to survive it. Lord, I thank you for seeing me through my moment of terrible sickness with Malaria. Lord, I thank you because you didn’t let me add up the cases of who people died as a result of Malaria. I thank you, Lord, for facilitating my being and recovering process.

Your word says, that you have taken upon yourself all our infirmities and you have healed all our diseases. I thank you because you have made the clarity of this word manifest in my life. I appreciate my health status now, I thank you for all your loving-kindness over my, let your name be exalted.

Thanksgiving Prayer for Healing of Kidney Problem

Lord Jesus, I appreciate you for this loving-kindness. Men may truly not understand how much I mean to you, but I appreciate you for never leaving me in my moment of great needs. The fear of living with kidney disease is more tormenting and kills faster than the disease itself. Lord, I thank you because you have me strength in my terrible moment of weakness.

Thank you for giving me the strength never to lose hope even as my recovery process seemed slow, I thank you for giving your strength to never lose my faith in you. Yeah, because I know that when you finally arise for my help, it will be nothing short of a miracle. Thank you, Lord, for giving me the grace to exhibit character even as I wait upon you. Lord Jesus, I thank you for helping the doctors and nurses who were attending to me, I appreciate you for not forsaking me when I needed you most, Lord I appreciate your holy name.

Thanksgiving Prayer For Good Health

In our moment of terrible sickness that is when we truly appreciate your loving-kindness for the good health that you have given to us. Lord, we thank you because you didn’t let our faith be tested with a terrible sickness. We thank you for taking care of all our health needs and giving us sound health.

Lord Jesus, we thank you for loving us so much that you didn’t let anyone of my family and friends fall victim to an untreatable disease or ailment.  Lord, I thank you for being the protector of our Goshen, I magnify you for being God over our lives, Lord let your holy name be exalted in the name of Jesus.

Thanksgiving Prayer for anticipated healing

Lord God, your word says that we should be a worry for nothing; but in everything, through supplication, prayers, and Thanksgiving we should make out request known unto you. Lord, I thank you because you will perfect my healings. I thank you because you have been helping my health situation from scratch and I thank you because you never leave your work undone, I’m thanking you in anticipation for total healing. I understand that we cannot be condemned on something that we have given thanks for and this is why I’m thanking you for healing, let your name be exalted in the name of Jesus.

I thank you because all my pain is gone, my fever is healed, and all my infirmities have been taken away, Lord I magnify your name, may your name be praised forever and ever.




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