Things You Should Know About Hell (Eternal Death)



Today we will be dealing with 5 things you should know about hell (eternal death). The word eternal death is the direct opposite of eternal life. And everything that happens in eternal life the directly opposite happens in eternal death. The scripture said in the book of John 3:16 For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten son, that whoever believes in Him would not perish but have everlasting life. Perish here means eternal death.

While the concept of eternal death has been misconstrued, we are here to correct the narrative. We will teach the 5 things you should know about hell (eternal death). This will help your understanding to know about eternal death and why you should do everything to avoid it.


Things You Should Know About Hell (Eternal Death)

Eternal Death Means Eternal Pain and Suffering

The word death may amuse many people. Eternal death doesn’t entirely mean death. It is not like the physical death where you go into a state of nonexistence. Eternal death is everlasting pain and suffering. It happens in hellfire where the devil and his angels’ reign. At this time, even the last enemy of man (Death) has been defeated, so man will no longer die.

Can you imagine pain and suffering that won’t go away? Only then will one understand that even death is a blessing in disguise. At least death will put an end to the pain and suffering. But what to do when death doesn’t have power over you anymore? that means the pain and suffering will continue. Let’s draw a reference from the scripture to know what type of pain is it we are talking about.

Revelation 14:9-11 There we read: “And another angel, a third, followed them, saying with a loud voice, ‘If anyone worships the beast and its image and receives a mark on his forehead or his hand, he also will drink the wine of God’s wrath, poured full strength into the cup of his anger, and he will be tormented with fire and sulfur in the presence of the holy angels and in the presence of the Lamb. And the smoke of their torment goes up forever and ever, and they have no rest, day or night, these worshipers of the beast and its image, and whoever receives the mark of its name.”

Imagine going through this type of pain day and night forever? This is definitely not what you would wish anyone.

The Name of Jesus Would Not Hold Weight

The scripture says we have been given a name that is above all other names. At the mention of the name Jesus, every knee must bow and every tongue must confess that He is God. The scripture explained the potency in the name of Jesus. However, there is a certain place that the name of Jesus would not carry weight. That place is hell.

Even when you scream at the top of your voice, nothing will happen. Many people will try to cast and bind the devil by shouting the name of Jesus. Unfortunately, this name will have no power to save you. Because you have entered into the territory of damnation. Even Christ Jesus can’t save you. And there is no escape from the torment of hell.

That’s why it is wise to do everything possible to avoid that place. It is never the plan of God for His children to suffer the torment of hell. That’s why He gave us Jesus Christ that whoever believes in Him will not perish but have life everlasting.

Eternal Death Is Not A Cooked Up Story To Scare You

When you hear about the torment of hell which is the second death, it is not a story cooked up to get you scared. It is genuine. Revelation 20:10 And the devil who deceived them was thrown into the lake of fire and sulfur, where the beast and the false prophet are too, and they will be tormented there day and night forever and ever.

The story of hell is not a fantasy, neither is it an urban legend. It is real. The scripture made us understand that even the devil, the perpetrator of every evil thing will be judged. He and his angels will be bound and thrown into the lake of fire where they will burn forever. In life, there is good and bad, the same applies to the afterlife too. If there is a paradise where God receives his people, there is also hell where the devil along with his angels will be.

You must pick where you want to spend eternity whether it is in heaven or hell. Eternal death is real and sadly it will be highly regrettable not to believe in its existence until you find yourself there.

You Can Make Amends Before Death

Isaiah 1:18 “Come now, let us reason together, says the LORD: though your sins are like scarlet, they shall be as white as snow; though they are red like crimson, they shall become like wool.

No matter how big your sins are, God is faithful to forgive them. He said he takes no delight in the death of a sinner, what He wants is his repentance through Christ Jesus. Do not lose your life to the riches of life and the pleasure therein. Everything you see now will pass and none of it will be taken to the afterlife.

Eternal death means eternal damnation and condemnation. It means eternal pain, suffering, and agony. But you can make amends while you are still here on earth. Jesus is the way the truth and life. No one goes to the Father except through Christ Jesus.

Conclusively, how sweet will it be if you and I escape the pain of eternal death by registering our name in the book of life through Christ Jesus? How pleasant will it be if we all make it to paradise where Christ reigns in glory.

Hell is a place of unending agonizing torture. Jesus has promised us a better place where the Father has prepared for us. Let’s do what we can to make it there.


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