Prayers For Cleansing The Altar


The scripture says who can ascend into the hills of the Lord or who can stand in his holy place, he that has clean hands and a pure heart, he who lifted his soul not unto vanity nor sworn deceitfully. As explained in the article PRAYER FOR CLEANSING THE CHURCH that the altar of God has been polluted. Little wonder, there are so many beautiful and magnificent altars but the spirit of God does not dwell in them. The scripture says the eyes of God is too righteous to behold sin, the spirit of God cannot dwell in a place that has been marked with iniquity.

One of the most important places in the church that the devil always seeks to take possession of is the altar. The altar is the powerhouse of the church when the fire upon the altar dies, the church will go down the drain because the altar is the fuel flames that the church needs to keep running. Interestingly, the altar can not corrupt itself, it is men and women who corrupt the altar. That is why whenever the devil wants to wage war against the altar, the first he does is to gain the heart of altar servant, men, and women who have been initiated into the priesthood of Jesus Christ to serve in his holy place. Once the devil gets them, they will be the vehicle that will take sin unto the altar.

There are so many altars that have been stained with blood and every other filthy things by those who serve in them. In the days of the old, the efficacy of the rot of God will cause every high priest to fear God because if any priest with sin or iniquity should make sacrifice unto the altar of God without sanctifying himself first he will be struck dead by the angel of God on the altar. So, this alone becomes a parameter that brings the priest to consciousness. However, the death of Christ brought about the covenant of Grace, we no longer die by the law but we are saved by Grace. Unfortunately, Grace has been greatly abused in this millennials, people do all sort of unspeakable things and yet they serve at the altar of God.


The spirit of God has been caused to move away from many altars, all we see these days are palatial altar but doesn’t have the spirit of God anymore, the power of God Almighty no longer dwell in those altars.
Until men and women come to the consciousness of their wrong deeds, change from it, sanctify the altar and re-invite the spirit of God, nothing will happen. Funnily, it was during the era of the Levitical priesthood as seen in the book of Leviticus that the priest and altar are two separate entities. But now, the altar and the priest are inseparable, any alternation on oneself is an alternation on the altar. We are the new priest from the order of Melchizedek, which signifies Christ. In essence, for the altar to be sanctified, we ourselves must be sanctified.

A prayer for cleansing the altar is a prayer for our sanctification also. Let us build an altar of holiness, holy and acceptable to God by saying the following prayers;


• Lord Jesus, for so long we have stained the altar with our unrighteousness, we have angered the Holy one of Israel with our filthy thought and deeds. For too long have we abused the grace of Christ upon ourselves and by our hands, we have driven the spirit of God far away from the altar. We pray that you will forgive us all our iniquity in the name of Jesus.

• Lord God, we accept your supremacy over our life and ministry and upon the altar of God. We ask that you will sanctify the altar and make holy and acceptable before you in the name of Jesus. Break down the altar and rebuild it to the taste that suits you, destroy every blemish and dirt that is upon the altar in the name of Jesus.

• Lord Jesus, we pray that you will guide the altar with your spirit and make it impossible for any charlatans to have access to it in the name of Jesus. Lord, we plead by the reason of the blood that was shed on the cross of Calvary wash away all the filthy things that disgust you on the altar, and let it not be stained again in the name of Jesus.

• Lord God, we offer a sacrifice of praise and worship upon the altar and pray that by the virtue of our pray your departed spirit will dwell upon the altar again. We offer our lives to you as a living sacrifice and we pray that you will create in us a clean heart that knows no sin and iniquity and you will give us the spiritual alertness that will help us shun evil in the name of Jesus.

• Lord God, we seek your spirit that quickens the mortal body. The scripture says if that spirit that raised Christ from dead dwells in you, it will quicken your mortal body. Lord, we ask for your spirit that you will purge us with your spirit and bring us to the consciousness never to allow any unworthy things on the altar anymore in the name of Jesus.

• Lord Jesus, your death also brought about the birth of a new priesthood. We have since been taken out of the order of the Levitical priesthood and we have been made a joint-heirs of Christ in a priesthood according to the order of Melchizedek. Lord, we ask that you will help us rise and live the true creed of our office. Let not our altar be destroyed by sin, the light upon the altar must not go dim. We refuse to be the reason why many people will fail you. We ask that you will help us retrace our steps back to you in the name of Jesus

• Lord Jesus, we pray for every church that has missed it, which has caused your spirit to vacate their altars, we ask that by your mercy you will forgive them. The psalmist says cast me not away from your presence and take not your holy spirit away from me, restore unto the joy of thy salvation and uphold with this free spirit. Lord, we pray that you won’t let them miss it, we ask for the revival of holiness and righteousness upon every altar in the name of Jesus.



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