Prayers Against Jealousy And Envy

Prayers Against Jealousy And Envy

In today’s article we shall be engaging in prayers against jealousy and envy. Jealousy and envy are two spirits of the devil. Just like the children of light exhibit the fruits of the spirit, so also, the children of darkness manifest their gifts. However, this doesn’t literally mean that everyone who gets jealous or envies others is demonically possessed. At times, it might be some signs of evil manipulations in the life of a Christian.

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One of the numerous disadvantages of jealousy and envy is that it hinders those who are possessed by it not to move forward in life. This is simply because they will always run by the time and achievements of another person. Meanwhile, the destiny of every man differs, so also is our time of manifestation is never the same. A person who is envious of another person’s success or gift will eventually get frustrated trying to be like the person they envy and when it is obvious that they will never become like that person, anger and hatred sets in.


At this stage, it is no longer normal because the anger and hatred can cause an individual to do something really evil to another person. Jealousy and envy is not something that one should take with levity. Another dangerous effect of jealousy is that it will stop an individual from finding an expression of God’s purpose for their lives because they are busy monitoring other people’s life. Such an individual will have no time to pursue their dreams and achieve their goals in life.

While such a person might think envy and jealousy will simply disappear when they have achieved all that the person they are envying has achieved, only then will they discover that the spirit is insatiable. Even if they own the entire world, they will still envy someone who is still struggling with little. The spirit of envy and jealousy is a bad spirit that needs to be taken very seriously.

It was Jealousy that made Cain kill Abel, and that brought about God laying a curse on Cain and all of his seed. It was Jealousy and envy that made Joseph’s brother sold him into slavery. They were jealous because their father loved Joseph better than the rest of them, they envy him because if his dream of greatness, bitterness, anger, and hatred made them sold him into slavery. The end of their story became a sorrowful one because they eventually bowed to him without knowing that it was their brother Joseph.

You can see the spirit of Jealousy and envy limits the manifestations of God in the life of a person. If Jacob becomes envious of Esau because Esau was the first to be successful despite Jacob stealing their father’s blessings from Esau. It is possible that Jacob might be too busy monitoring the life of Esau that he will forget that there is a problem in his own life that needs the encounter of God.

God detest jealousy because when we are jealous of other people’s blessing or gift, is like we are telling God that He has not done any good thing for us. Meanwhile, we would have lose focus on the numerous things that God has blessed us with while we are busy chasing the shadow of the little thing we are yet to get.

Whenever you experience a type of feeling that connotes jealousy and envy, it is best you attack it with prayer before it escalates into a bigger demon. Below are powerful prayers against jealousy and envy.

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Lord God, I come before you today to let you know of the pain that I have been nursing for sometimes now. I feel extremely bitter when I see other people succeeding more than I do, I’m envy when others are laughing. And I clearly know that this is against your word in the book of Romans 12:15 that we should rejoice with those who rejoice. The jealousy in my heart burns so much that I suddenly develop hatred towards anyone succeeding. Father, I pray that you will help me take away the heart of jealousy and envy in the name of Jesus.

Lord Jesus, you preached that we should love one another just like our heavenly father has loved us. You understood that love is the cure to all the illnesses in the world. Father, I ask that instead of envy and jealousy you will create a loving heart within me in the name of Jesus.

Father in heaven, it has been written that every tree that my father did not plant shall be uprooted. Lord God, I know you never planted jealousy and envy in me, the enemy did. I give you full access to my life and being, that you will destroy the works of the devil in my life in the name of Jesus.

Father Lord, I pray that you will give me a heart of gratitude that will make me bask in my contentment. Lord Jesus, I pray that you will give me the grace to be satisfied with the good things that you have done for me, and hope for the greater things that you will still do. Lord, I beg for your forgiveness for my jealousy and envy because it makes it look like you have not done any good thing for me. Lord, I seek for your forgiveness, Lord forgives me, by the precious blood that you shed on the cross of Calvary wash away my sin in the name of Jesus.

Lord Jesus, I pray that you will give me the grace to find expression through you in the name of Jesus. I know that I have the best gifts from you, I know that I have the best of all blessings from you, Lord Jesus. Give me the grace not to wish that I’m someone else, I know that I’m the best version of myself, grant me the grace to always take pride in this in the name of Jesus.

I come against every spirit of bitterness and anger that I always experience whenever I see someone progressing, I destroy such spirits in the name of Jesus. Henceforth, I begin to exhibit all the fruit of the spirit in the name of Jesus.


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  1. These prayers are wrong.Often those who are struggling or not succeeding is because others are jealous of their qualities and them lay obstacles in your way.They are jealous.
    Joseph was in the pit but he was the one being envied because his was real and the brothers were fake and envious.


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