Prayer For Husband To Stop Smoking


Today we will be dealing with a prayer for the husband to stop smoking. God is about to do something great through this prayer guide, God wants to deliver your husband from the demon of smoking. A man that smokes can not be a good father to his children and cannot be a good husband to his son. That is why this prayer guide is very important to your family if your husband smokes. There is a demon in cigarettes, marijuana, weed and all that people, little wonder, they are bond to misbehave after smoking. Check most men that hit their woman, they are either smokers or takers of alcohol. The devil uses something like that to change a man towards their family.

Forever will a man be the head of the Family, that is the way God has designed it to be and it remains that way. Being the head of a family requires no laxity from an individual in that position, a man or husband must keep his head up because any laxity from him can death a heavy blow on the family by the devil. However, if the man should show some laxity in his position as head of the family, it is in the hands of the woman to stand in the gap in prayers for the man of the house. I decree by the authority of heaven that as you begin to use this prayer guide, God will deliver your husband from smoking in the name of Jesus.

Your husband can not do the Will of God if he’s a chain smoker. There is no way a man can fulfill the Will of God for his life if he is a smoker. For it has been written in the scripture that our body is the temple of the living God, hence, nothing must defile it. Smoking is a habit that God great frowns at, aside from the fact that it destroys some vital organs in the body, it also reduces the spiritual consciousness of anyone who indulges in it. How then can a man whose spiritual consciousness has been disrupted by the smoke of cigarettes or marijuana be able to do the Will of God? Such a man would not even understand when God speaks, he would even see God. And what is the essence of living if a man can not fulfill the purpose of his existence? I decree by the mercy of the most high that smoking will not let your husband miss the purpose of God for his life in the name of Jesus.

When a man is high on smoke, he becomes vulnerable to inhumane activities that have been orchestrated by the devil. This means that the man could be very violent in the house and when a man is violent in the house, the house becomes very uncomfortable for every other. I’m sure you don’t want to experience hell in your matrimonial home, that is why it is important that you study the prayer guide effectively. And I pray as an oracle of the most high God, as you begin to study this prayer guide, may God answer all your prayers in the name of Jesus. I decree by the power in the name of Jesus that your husband becomes a new creature in the name of Jesus. I prophesy that your husband and smoking are separated in the name of Jesus.
Check below for some powerful prayer points for your husband to stop smoking.

Prayer Points:

Lord God, I come before you today because of my husband, he is a heavy smoker and I’m beginning to fear for his life knowing the deadly effect of smoking on the health of an individual. Father Lord, I do not want to lose him yet. I pray that you will help change him in the name of Jesus. The scripture says that God has the heart of man and kings and He directs it like the flow of waters. Lord Jesus, I pray that you will touch the heart of my husband and you will cause him to change his decision on smoking.

Father Lord, I pray for that you will create enmity between my husband and smoking, I decree that separation comes between them today in the name of Jesus. Lord Jesus, you are the great deliverer, I pray that you will deliver my husband from the spirit of smoking in the name of Jesus. I come against that demon in his life by the blood of the lamb. I pray that by your mercies you will take away the pleasure that my husband gets from smoking weeds, marijuana, or cigarettes in the name of Jesus

Lord Jesus, my children are growing already and I do not want to grow and know a smoker as a father. Lord Jesus, I believe so much in the miracle that you can do, I strongly believe in the saving strength of your right hand, I pray that you will change my husband in the name of Jesus. Just like you turn the situation of Jabez around, I pray that you will change the story of my husband in the name of Jesus.

Father Lord, I pray for divine help for my husband to stop smoking. He has tried several times but all to no avail. But I believe when help comes for him, he will be able to overcome the temptation. I pray Lord Jesus, that you will send him help. I pray that you will help him in his moment of weakness, I pray that you will break him down and remold him to your taste. I pray Lord Jesus, that you will have mercy on his soul and you will save him from the demon that has been tormenting him in the name of Jesus.

Lord Jesus, this struggle is not mine alone anymore, I can no longer fight this alone, I pray that you will help me, I pray that at the end, I will have reason to thank the Lord over the life of my husband. All of these I ask in the name of Jesus.


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