Powerful Prayers For My Son To Stop Smoking


Today we will be dealing with prayers for my son to stop smoking. One of the most terrible attacks on the male child by the devil is exposure to the use of drugs. Many destinies have been destroyed on the altar of smoking. Despite the health institution warning that smokers are expected to die young, it is still a thing of amazement to me that many young men are still caught in the book of smoking. But today, God has promised to deliver everyone who has been addicted to smoking, the hands of God will come upon you and it will change everything about you.

As a spiritual leader, I have counseled and prayed with so many parents whose sons are a heavy smoker of cigarettes, marijuana, cannabis, and all sought of hard drugs. What I have noticed is that many of those male children that indulged in smoking started doing it all of a sudden. Also, most of them had great potentials for life before they started smoking. However, when they started indulging in the act, they began to lose every consciousness of life and they get to drift away by the euphoria of smoking. I pray that today, God will deliver your son from smoking.

You will wonder if those boys that have turned themselves into a non-entity in the community due to smoking were created by God that way. No, God created everyone special and for a purpose. That is why it is important for parents to pray for their children especially when they are still little and vulnerable. It is the doing or undoing of a parent if their children should become something negative to God and society.


But I pray that by the mercies of the most high, every dead destiny will be revived in the name of Jesus. I decree by the authority of heaven, your son is a gift from God, he is a blessing, God made him a source of joy not for sorrow. Every power that has continued to make you cry over that son of yours, I destroy such powers by the blood of the lamb. I pray for a total deliverance today, may that son have an unforgettable encounter with Jehovah today, an encounter that he would not recover from in a flash, such an encounter that is capable of changing an entire being, I pray for the type of encounter that Saul had with God on his way to Damascus which changed his name and life for good. I pray that your son will have such an encounter in the name of Jesus.

As you begin to use this prayer guide which has been titled powerful prayers for my son to stop smoking, I pray that help shall locate your son and he shall be delivered by the saving right hand of God in the name of Jesus.

Prayer Points:

Lord Jesus, I come before you today concerning my son, I’m rapidly losing him to the devil. The enemy has possessed his being and we are gradually losing him to smoking. I come before you this day because I know that there is nothing you can not repair, I pray that by your mercies, you will repair my son in the name of Jesus. For you are the God of possibilities and there is nothing impossible for you to do, I pray that by your power you will change my son in the name of Jesus.

I come against every power that wastes people’s destinies. Every power that has vowed to destroy the good destiny that you have created son with, I pray that such power is destroyed in the name of Jesus. Lord God, for you, have not created the demon that you can not control, I pray that you will chase out the demon of smoking out of my son in the name of Jesus.

Father in Heaven, I pray that you will have an encounter with my son today. A life-changing encounter, the encounter that will change his entire being, I pray that you have it with him today. Lord, I want you to show my son yourself, I want him to have a revelation of your today in the name of Jesus. The revelation that will change his perception about smoking, the revelation that will change his thoughts toward smoking, I pray that you will show it to him today in the name of Jesus.

Father Lord, you said in your word that children are the heritage of God, Lord I pray that you will rescue my son from the demon of smoking in the name of Jesus. I pray for a divine separation between him and all the peers that the devil has positioned his way. The friends that corrupt him absolutely, I pray that you will separate them today in the name of Jesus. Lord, the type of separation that happened between Abraham and Lot, I pray that type of separation happens between him and all his bad friends in the name of Jesus.

Lord Jesus, I pray that by your mercy, you will cause marijuana, cigarettes, weed, and any form of drugs into poison to my son. I pray that you will change his tongue and you will invest your spirit into him today. Your spirit that will guide and nurture him, the spirit of the living God that will give him victory over the temptation of smoking, I pray that spirit come upon him today in the name of Jesus.

Father Lord, I pray that you will help my son out of this sorry situation. Just like the scripture says that the spirit is willing but the flesh is weak. I pray that you will help his mortal body resist the urge to smoke in the name of Jesus. I pray that you will strengthen him from today, you will grant him the strength to resist the devil when the temptation comes again in the name of Jesus.
In the same vein, I pray for every boy out on the street whose life has been disrupted by smoking, I pray that you will help them out of that condition in the name of Jesus.


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