Ten Things To Pray About In 2021


Today, we will be teaching ourselves the ten things to pray about in 2021. As we begin a new year, there is this synergy that builds up within us, which sometimes leads to anxiety. Amid the anxiety attached to entering a new year, we leave some important things aside and focus on the unimportant. It’s not enough to be optimistic, but optimism without works is futile, just as faith without works is dead(James 2:26).

Prayer is one of the major things to hold in high esteem as we start the year’s journey. To some, prayer is just uttering mere words, thus not seen as important. To others, a prayer is a form of request offered in the time of need. Beyond this, Prayer is a means of communicating and interacting with God. The essence of prayers can not be overemphasized because Jesus, our master also prayed(Mark 1:35).

A prayer is a tool in the hands of every believer. It is also used as a weapon in times of warfare and could be used interchangeably as need be. Prayer is a supernatural engagement as it involves man and God. Prayer is a means of uttering spoken words to God. Prayer births encounters and manifestations in the physical realm. Prayer is more than just uttering words. It involves engaging your body,spirit, and soul. God sees beyond the words you mutter or utters as He is all-knowing.


As much as prayer is important, knowing the right prayer to offer is more important so as not to pray amiss(James 4:3). God is the origin of prayer; therefore, every prayer must be centered around Him. We can see the model prayer in Mat 6:5-15. Our prayers must be centered around the will of God not on our selfish desires. Are you overwhelmed with the new year feeling and you don’t know what to pray about?.

Here are 10 things you should pray about this year

Prayer for the will of God

The will of God is what God wants for us. Prayer for the will of God means expressing the heart of the Father here on earth. We need to know God’s will for us this year so as not to go outside of God’s jurisdiction.

God is in spirit so He needs physical beings (you and I) to help carry His will on earth(Mat 6:10)Prayer for the will of God means subjecting yourself under the tutelage of God to do with you what He pleases for His kingdom sake.

Prayer for the grace to put God first

The new year can come with alot of challenges, difficulties and uncertainties, which is expected as Said in the book of Isaiah 43:2.

Putting God first means putting Him ahead of every plans, decision or tasks irregardless of how small. It means allowing Him take the wheel while we come behind.

The benefits that comes with putting God first is numerous some of which are, you will never be disappointed, additional blessing, joy in abundance etc

Prayer for God’s mercy and favour

Favour and mercy from God works hand in hand. These two are essential in the journey of a man. Even the Bible records that Jesus found favour in sight of God and man(Luke 2;52) Without God’s favour and mercy a man’s journey can be frustrated. God’s mercy is not according to our works but He said ‘I will have mercy on whom I will have mercy on’ (Romans 9:15).

God’s favour distinguishes a person among others and His mercy speaks over judgement(James 2:13).Prayer for God’s mercy and favour in all spheres of your life is necessary prayer this year.

Prayer for God’s protection

Protection means keeping something/someone safe. God’s protection covers both spiritual and physical realm. Spiritual protection against enemies attacks, terrors that fly by night, arrows that fly by day, spiritual battles etc. The bible confirms the need for spiritual protection from God in the book of Ephesians 6:12.

Physical protection against major/minor accident, diseases,injury, crimes, stray bullet e.t.c. God’s protection is sure and so are His promises for protection.Psalms 91:7-14 He protected Daniel in the Lion’s den, He protected the three Hebrews in the hot fiecery furnace,He protected baby Moses from drowning, He can definitely protect you.

Prayer for the State and Nation.

Pray for the peace of Jerusalem, they shall prosper that love thee(Psalms 122:6). The good of our state and country lies in our hands, it is our responsibility to pray for our state and country, for the leaders and rulers of the state and Nation.

Presently, the second phase of Covid-19 in the country has led to the lives of many, it is our duty to pray for protection upon our country just as read above. Prayer for good governance, divine intervention etc should be offered for the country’s sake daily as a good citizen.

Prayer for God’s provision

One of the things to pray for this 2021 is for God’s provision. He provided Manna from heaven for the Israelites Exo 16 He also provided food for the five thousand in Mat 14:13-21 from 5loaves of bread and 2 fishes. He provides for the birds in the air, and fishes in the water definitely He can provide for your needs either monetary wise, health wise or spiritual need.

Prayer for Good health.

Good health is one of the necessary tools in carrying out the work of God most especially envangelism. As we are all aware of the second phase of Covid-19 and how it kills almost immediately it is necessary to ask God for good health to fight against this deadly disease and other deadly sickness and diseases.

Praying for good health is as important as following all the safety measures.

Prayer for the orphans, widows and needy

The greatest commandment in the bible is Love. Mat 22:37 The bible says “love your neighbor as you love yourself” Mark 12:31 Prayer for the orphans, widow and needy is a pray born our of love and it is also a command from Jesus for us to do so (1Tim 5:3)

Payer of Intercession

Intercession means intervening or mediating between two people. Prayer of Intercession means pleading for people in the place of prayer. Looking around you, in the church, school office etc you’ll notice some people are in an unpalatable situation, praying on their behalf is something you should do as a believer James 5;16 most cases without them knowing.

Prayer for fruitfulness

The bible says be fruitful and multiply, Gen 1:28 If you are experiencing unfruitfulness it is not a good thing, this year if you desire fruitfulness in all ramifications of your life, then you should offer this prayer.


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