Prayer For My Sick Child

prayer for my sick child

How do you feel when your little child is struck with sickness? Do you feel happy when your precious child is down with a sickness? Especially, when it seems he or she is not responding to all treatment that has been administered by medical practitioners. That is the best time to take it to the Lord in prayers.

Children are the heritage of God, the Bible says as an arrow is in the hands of a warrior so are little children in the hands of God. The scripture says my children are for signs and wonders and not for sickness. As a parent, how often do you speak the word (Scripture) into the life of your children? you need not wait until they are down with sickness before you raise an altar of prayer for them.

Meanwhile, whether or not you have been praying for them before, it is not too late to raise an altar of prayer for them now, especially now that he or she is on the sickbed. Say the following prayers for your sick child.


Heavenly Father, it is with a heavy heart that I speak to you this day, the child that you blessed me is down with a sickness. Your word says that by your stripe we are healed. Lord, I ask that your hands of healing are released upon my child. I ask that by your mercy every organ that needs to be touched, I ask that your hands beginning to touch them right now and give my child healings in Jesus name.

Lord God of heaven, for it, has been written that my children are for signs and wonders. Lord cause your wonder to happen concerning my child’s health. I ask that by your mercy, you give my child strong health, you are the God of all flesh, there is nothing impossible for you to do, I strongly believe in what you will do, Lord do not put me to shame. Lord God, I ask that your name will not be cursed and abused over my child, they know that I serve a living God, that everyone may know there is a God in Israel, that they may know that the Holy One of Israel has triumph to destroy the yoke of sickness, give my little child a sound health in Jesus name.

You word says that you will use the foolish things of the world to confound the wise, beyond the comprehension of medical staffs, beyond their analogy, cause your miracle to happen. Let your miracle happen, because only you are the real miracle worker, the perfect healer, I ask that you will cause your miracle to happen concerning my child. Lord you are the powerful healer, I want you to arise and do that which only you can do. Things that will amaze every professional, that they may know that it can only be God, I ask that you will cause your miracle to happen concerning my child’s health in Jesus name.

Heavenly Father, I beg that you will give wisdom to the Doctors in charge of my child’s treatment. The Bible makes us understand that every good idea comes from you Lord, I ask that you will teach them beyond their professional scope, I ask that you will help them beyond every working tool that they rely on, and you will safely bring my child to his feet again. Earthly Doctors can only but try, you are the only one that heals completely, as the Doctors will be doing all they can within their powers, I ask that you will help them and the end result will be a success in Jesus name.

Heavenly Lord, I seek for your Holy Spirit and power that they will breathe life into my child again. Every bones, tissues, vein and every organ in his body will receive the breath of life again. I want to hear the voice of my child playfully calling me Mummy/Daddy, I have missed his/her cheerfulness. Lord please in your infinite Mercy, breathe life into his ailing body again. My heart is troubled, my happiness has declined following my child’s derailing health condition, Lord restores him/her to his feet again in Jesus name. For it has been written that we shall not die but live to declare the works of the Lord in the land of the living, let my child live so that he can declare your works.

Father Lord, the joy of every parent is to watch their little child grow. Lord every parent derives so much joy in watching their little children grow, but my own happiness is about to be disrupted by my child’s ailing condition. Lord, I want my child to be healthy again. The Bible says He sent forth His words and it heals their diseases, Lord I ask that you will speak your word of healing into my child. The Bible also made me understand that in the beginning was the word and the word was with God and God was the word. With the word, everything was made and without it, there was nothing that was made. Lord, I ask that you will your word of strength, your word of healings into the life of my child and you will make him grow in wisdom and in the strength of your word.

Father Lord, I ask that you will give me strength not to be weary in this trying time. I ask that you will rekindle your fire in me that I may not go in search of help where there is none. I seek for the grace to always trust and hope in your word, even when it seems nothing is working, when it seems the battle is about to be lost, I seek for that Grace to remain steadfast and always hope in you, that you will always wrath your wonders even at the dying minute. I don’t want my child’s sickness to turn me into an old Christian, I don’t want to be a once upon a time believer, I ask that my child’s health condition will not cause me to backslide in Jesus name.

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